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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    CS:GO – there we have a worthy successor of the classic game “Counter-Strike”. Join a massive e-sport community. Play in one of two game modes (Classic Casual or Classic Competitive) or more dynamic – Demolition and Arms Race. Amazing graphics, great sound effects and an incredible realism (no weapon zoom, recoil, bullets physics). And then, 167 achievements providing a variety to the gameplay.
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will please both old Counter-Strike fans and the new players. The time and money invested into this game are definitely return in the form of an excellent gameplay.

    Newest players from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (in total 23745 users are playing)

    Lisandro557 avatar santiago_poustis avatar Straqker avatar alejandro_aguilar_cobo avatar johann_alvarado_cano avatar camilo_hormazabal avatar Bruno64691 avatar Lucas08rew avatar garcia_bldmr avatar Alonso100 avatar juaan_canttu_vazquez avatar Theoad avatar anthony_amenazzy_sanchez avatar Pachu2 avatar diego_armando15 avatar bulli_robledo avatar dayana avatar noecg avatar sakeador avatar botaspotedes avatar rodricks14 avatar angel_gael_gaytan avatar toño_najera avatar oscar_avelar avatar angel_escobar avatar erick_castillo1 avatar Aless07 avatar cesar_johan_barco_almendra avatar victorhernandez1 avatar Xgavier avatar Jhony avatar ELPROXD12 avatar Joselopez0217 avatar will_herrera avatar kuhva avatar edgar_lizarraga avatar

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    Comments for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (70) -

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    1 october 2017 09:59

    a lot of cheaters na toxic people in this game

    1 october 2017 10:45

    good game...about to die

    14 october 2017 06:06

    CS:GO is a lightweight, inexpensive game and offers the opportunity to recover the amount paid in it if you invest in the skins.

    22 october 2017 14:25


    22 october 2017 14:26


    26 october 2017 23:50

    Great game

    30 october 2017 14:19

    I Do enjey it a lot! One of my favorite games!

    4 november 2017 21:36

    go to classic-drop.com
    and enter promo code RvXfvVRnio, u get 7$ and boost for random case

    5 november 2017 10:30

    my name is jeff

    10 november 2017 17:50

    csgo is a pretty good game, you should definately buy it


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