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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Best pistol to use with an awp.

    I was just curious about what pistol to use with the AWP as I never found a perfect match for me so I thought maybe something that worked for you guys might work for me.

    25 august 2020 12:27 808

    I would personally choose the p250 but most players prefer the deagle because it's usually used from players in short range especially when they can't aim properly with the awp and it does huge damage

    25 august 2020 14:38 808

    scorpion is a very good man and I have ethical problems with the best known and AIMBOT.

    25 august 2020 20:01 808

    deagle is the best option provided u hv proper control. If on ct side i wud stick to usps as it has little recoil and 1 hit ko head shot. otherwise p250 is obvious choice

    26 august 2020 00:41 808

    i would like to buy usp, because it's cheap and you can save more money to buy awp again

    29 august 2020 03:04 808

    i would say deagle or five seven/p250 also up to how you feel that game

    29 august 2020 07:38 808

    desert deagle

    29 august 2020 13:31 808

    Deagle ofc

    30 august 2020 01:46 808

    I would recommend the tec-9 because of its fast firing rate and high magazine capacity

    30 august 2020 05:49 808

    cz for close range if youre good with awp at medium range which you should be

    30 august 2020 06:00 808

    hmmm deagle

    30 august 2020 07:43 808

    I have about 2000 hrs of CSGO on both my main account and in my smurf account so from what I can say is that if you're using a sniper rifle and if you want a proper pistol then I can only suggest 3 weapons

    1) The P250 is the best secondary weapon if you combine it with any sniper rifle because it's damage is enough to give the finishing blow to a person which you tagged with an AWP or with a Scout.
    It's able to spam its bullets quite fast and it doesn't have a lot of recoil so it does the job quickly, so overall the P250 is the most versatile pistol as it's cheap, it's powerful and it is more likely to tilt an opponent.

    2) This may sound weird but I honestly think that the CZ75 is quite underrated because it's an Automatic pistol with a fire rate of 600, I personally love the CZ75 even after all it's nerfs because if you learn how to burst fire or tap with this weapon then I assure you that you will be able to use this pistol as a small M4 in your pocket as it's quite useful against opponents who are rushing a site. and some people might hate the CZ75 for its ammo capacity, but if you have good positioning and proper crosshair placement then this weapon will definitely be a deadly sidearm if you combine it with any sniper rifle.
    (the draw rate and reload speed might scare many people away but when you're playing as a sniper for your team, you should probably hold a long angle and if you tag or miss a person then you can just go back in cover and use the CZ75 but if you're on the Terrorist side then just use the Tec-9)

    3) My least favorite suggestion is the Desert Eagle.
    The Deagle may be one of the strongest pistols ever but I personally don't see them as a proper pistol for a sniper as the Desert Eagle have high recoil for every shot you take and it is a weapon which relies a lot on counter strafing movement to be able to hit it shots properly as it seems to be more accurate when you're counter strafing than when you're standing and this is something which I find quite intriguing but if you can master its obnoxious recoil with the proper aim or counter-strafing then I assure you that the Deagle can be a strong sidearm for an AWP or a Scout

    I'm not mentioning the Tec-9 and FiveSeveN in here as both weapons are only T-side and CT-side exclusive pistols and also because the FiveSeveN is basically a Glock with better armor penetration and the Tec-9 is way more useful when you're rushing as it's first shot accuracy while running is quite deadly (but it is still a viable option for the T side, I just don't see that it's necessary to buy it as you can easily buy the P250 to close the distance between an enemy which is tagged)
    (The USP-S and the P2000 is not included in this list because these two weapons are quite similar to the P250 so I didn't even try to mention these weapons as these 2 are only given to the CT side and the same thing goes with the Glock 18)

    31 august 2020 06:53 808

    Depends on you style of playing with pistols

    31 august 2020 07:25 808

    l like p250

    31 august 2020 20:51 808

    p250 is good

    1 september 2020 18:29 808

    USP Is the best one

    4 september 2020 22:55 808

    cz 75 because awp is bolt action and you need something for rapid fire

    4 september 2020 23:54 808

    cz 75 is by far the best choice to use with awp

    5 september 2020 00:00 808

    Id say deagle

    6 september 2020 02:19 808

    cz or p250 for awping

    6 september 2020 05:46 808

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