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    Suggest games you want to see added as tasks here!

    There's been countless of threads proposing for X game to be added. Instead of creating a thread for every game you want to see added, just...

    Comment below which games you would like to see tasks created for!

    The most liked comments will be proposed to the Gamehag Team to be added, so cast your votes in the comments below!

    Any comment that isn't a game will be removed. Please check if the game has already been suggested before commenting to avoid duplicates!

    4 june 2020 19:03 8369

    I'll just list out some of the games that have been suggested before, beginning with...
    - Brawlhalla

    4 june 2020 19:12 8369

    Thanks for your suggestion! However, please try to keep it to one game per comment. If need be, you can make multiple comments as long as it hasn't been suggested here before.

    5 june 2020 11:29 8369

    Minecraft, I think that we can say that basically everyone loves it, you could add missions for specific advancements for example.

    5 june 2020 12:39 8369

    Gamehag will create one or more rooms for us to play, we would have to play for thirty minutes to get the daily reward, therefore gamehag will start a timer for each player when entering. The rewards will be daily and on the 6th and 7th day there will be a bonus

    From day 1 to day 5: 15 Soul gems for playing thirty minutes in the gamehag room
    Day 6: 25 Soul gems
    Day 7: 75/100 Soul gems

    This idea is not mine, i saw it in another page like gamehag and i found it interesting

    27 june 2020 17:35 8369

    Trove as minimum, as it is quite well-spread...
    And seeing Gwent here is my little naive dream :)

    Having something with 'three-in-a-row' thematics would be good as well, as it is quite it is colorful enough and relaxing, too. And it will be much more interesting if it have even few SG as rewards!

    As for the rest, seeing here any among the old mini-games (that have already been here but got removed somewhy) would be nice, too.

    28 june 2020 09:07 8369

    Upd: I remember there was a Sorcerer mini-game... It seems missing nowadays, or maybe currently it has region restrictions... But it would be good to see it again.

    And, what about Misty Adventures, a mobile app \ game, which is still available for Android, it would be so nice to see it alive, rewardable and 'legal' again!

    28 june 2020 10:34 8369

    I have quite a few suggestions. First I'll start with

    Skullgirls Mobile

    The game is free so a lot of users won't have to worry about paying.
    The game has an active community following the game so players won't worry about playing a dead game or get confused on what to do.
    The progression system is consistent with other games that have already been put out with tasks.
    It's a mobile game so much more people will be likely to access it.

    6 july 2020 15:49 8369

    My second suggestion is

    Heroes of the Storm

    It's published by Blizzard Entertainment, a company that has a specific currency for their estore that was previously available here at gamehag.
    It's a moba. Debatable but a the moba genre is still lively and would definitely appeal to a lot of people.
    It has low spec and low space (Estimated 14-18gb) requirements compared to other mobas so even users with lower end devices can run the game.

    6 july 2020 15:55 8369

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
    They have been teaming up with several big franchised before, such as "Amazon Prime" and "King of Fighters", so a collaboration would definitely be possible.

    8 july 2020 20:25 8369

    I hope to have more browser games as some PC are non-compatible with the downloaded games. Please look this into further consideration.

    9 july 2020 14:30 8369

    I decided to came back to this list in order to add some more games.

    1). There are lots of kids on Gamehag, so maybe it would be good to add some kid-related browser games for them, just anything popular nowadays or listed on games forum here. I would even agree if some of such games might have even lower rewards, but more easy to get it, which might be a kind of a guarantee for both sides - I mean, users would have more chance to earn SG, and Gamehag would have more active gamers on it.

    2). There has been a mentioning about Minecraft already; I won't repeat it, there's just maybe a small addition of mine about maybe integrating a separate Gamehag server in order to spectate players to perform the tasks for Gamehag with following the rules of such server. Just an option.

    3). I'd love to see some old-but-gold classic games with rewards here, but I don't know whether it is possible. Anything on Gamehag's choice like PacMan or SuperMario or something lookalike.

    4)Also there are quite popular Doodle games (oe Alchemy games which has a lot in common with them). That would be supercool to see them here! Or, at least, some word-games instead of it. Well, in brief, anything casual-related, as you may understand me :)

    P.S. A user named as AnimationPr0 copied my very first comment here, which is unfair. I am a little afraid that someone may report both his comment and mine and I lose my XP. I love this forum very much, sad that some users still come here with their spamming and copypasting actions.

    11 july 2020 16:29 8369

    > A user named as AnimationPr0 copied my very first comment here, which is unfair. I am a little afraid that someone may report both his comment and mine and I lose my XP. I love this forum very much, sad that some users still come here with their spamming and copypasting actions.

    Don't worry about it. I've deleted his comment and issued a 3 day forum ban.

    Just a general update for the users who have commented in this thread so far. All of your game suggestions have been sent to the Gamehag Team for consideration. Thank you for leaving your vote here!

    11 july 2020 21:01 8369

    Naruto online, brawlhalla

    13 july 2020 23:24 8369


    14 july 2020 01:24 8369

    I think world of tanks and world of airplanes haven't been mentioned yet, it isn't different but it would be likely that it is easy to implement. (world of warships has already been implemented for example)
    (also basically every wargaming.net game would be cool to have tasks)

    16 july 2020 14:13 8369

    Idk how Gamehag will able to impliment tasks for games such as Minecraft since they would need to agree with them and stuff and that game is avaliable on all platforms, but I agree, Minecraft (Bedrock and Java) would be a good fit.

    17 july 2020 16:42 8369

    My second choice would be a steam game such as TF2 since its free to play for everyone.

    17 july 2020 16:43 8369

    And my third choice (can't decide lol) would be Terraria since that's also a really fun steam game that everyone can enjoy.

    17 july 2020 16:43 8369

    My choice is a mobile game named Mobile Legends. I really want to see some tasks related to Mobile Legends.

    18 july 2020 00:13 8369

    I want Burnout Paradise remastered. Make earning licenses or earning a certain car tasks please

    18 july 2020 01:42 8369

    I'd also like Trackmania Nations Forever and Trackmania Nations 2020. I'd like completing every 5 tracks or the track sets like White, Green, Blue etc to be the tasks

    18 july 2020 02:00 8369

    I think we should focus only of free to play games since we are here to earn points to get $$$ or games and not spend $$$ to earn $$$ or games, thus i propose that you add more free MMO´s and FPS´s like:

    Call of Duty Warzone
    Quake Champions

    Well for MMO´s there is tons of them but to mention couple of classic ones and few recent:

    Allods Online
    Cabal Online
    DK Online
    Drakensang Online
    Echo of Sould

    19 july 2020 19:20 8369

    Dead Maze. It's a 2D free to play mmorpg zombie survival game. It is not a mobile game. It's a really fun game where you can kill thousands and thousands of zombies with whatever weapons you can find from looting maps.

    20 july 2020 14:12 8369

    Shadow Fight 2

    21 july 2020 11:14 8369

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