FAQ - Questions and Answers

Can I collaborate with Gamehag?

If you're an YouTuber, a blogger, a streamer or an influencer of another kind, we'll be glad to work on a common affiliate program. We do love players and all manifestations of creativity. Don't dillydally and write to us now!

Why can't I log in?

A prior registration is required in order to be able to log in. If after a correctly completed registration, you can't log on your profile, please verify carefully the correctness of given credentials. If the problem still persists, use the password reminder or write to our technical department: [email protected]

How to obtain rewards?

You can pick them through a rewards list presented on our website. Each reward has in its description a number of Soul Gems you have to spend for its realization. Collect the Soul Gems by completing specific tasks and then exchange them for attractive in-game bonuses, completely free of charge.

Can the Soul Gems become void?

The gems are not bananas. They can't rot. Check it out in the geological museum, if you can't believe ;)

What's the ranking?

The ranking specifies your position among other website users. After all, we all love games, and what would be a game without a little bit of competition?

How to remove the account?

We're sad you want to leave us and we hope you'll come back. Your account can be deactivated by sending a message to us on the email: [email protected] Please, think carefully about removing your account, as it can't be undone.

I have an issue with a game, what to do?

In order to resolve your issue as quickly and effectively as possible, you'll need some suitable specialists. Our witch, Misty, can help you if possible, but a contact with the support of the game is causing trouble, is far more effective than reading tea leaves. You can also benefit from the experience of some more experienced players and find an answer on our forums.

Why my screenshot has been refused?

Your screenshot could be refused because: 1) The registration has not been made by our website, so that we could verify if your account is new, as we focus on equal chances, 2) The screenshot did not reflect a properly completed quest, 3) We have detected that you have more than one account on our website, 4) There was an attempt of fraud, eg. by uploading a fake screenshot. Please, verify carefully, which of these reasons occurred, then try to complete your quest once again.

Why a game's link isn't working?

Turn off your AdBlock and check one more time, if the issue persists, send us a message with a screenshot of the error and game's title.

When my screenshot/reward/article will be accepted?

In general, your screenshots are accepted within 48h and the rewards within 72h. The articles, however, are often numerous and we have to read them carefully. As soon as it will be done, you'll certainly receive a notification on your profile.

My screenshot is too big, what to do?

Try to reduce its weight by decreasing its quality. Saving a screenshot in the .JPG format with a quality lowered by ~70% shouldn't affect its readability and will likely eliminate the size issue. Most of graphic softwares give you this possibility while saving. You can also use some compressing websites by writing "Image compressor" in Google.

48 hours have passed and I still haven't received any confirmation link, what to do?

Write us a message at [email protected] from the email address you've used to create your account on Gamehag. Please, remember to describe your issue. We'll solve your problem as quickly as we can.

Why am I not receiving any Soul Gems for my contrats?

Sadly, in this case, the Soul Gems are given independently and we do not have any influence on their attribution - it is a completely automatic process. If you have not received your points, please verify carefully that you have completed your task by clicking the button next to the contract and used the link that has been generated after that. Then wait 24 hours. If you still have not received any Soul Gems after this time, please try again.

What's Gamehag?

Gamehag, is a website dedicated to a wide players community, offering you a quick access to Free-To-Play games and free rewards in exchange for carrying out specific tasks.

How to sign up?

Please, use the form on the homepage, to join our community. The information you'll give will be used to verify your identity in the future, so do not share them to third parties. Remember, that gamehag.com will never ask you for your games passwords. If someone is asking for them on our behalf, do not show them and let us know about it immediately.

What are Soul Gems and what are they for?

The Soul Gems were created to protect the hags from extinction. Created by the Coven Council, from the souls of ancestors, they are powerful protective amulets. What should interest you the most however, is the fact, that you receive the Soul Gems for completing quests. You can then exchange them for the rewards you're interested in.

I have an account in the game, can I use it to complete the quest?

Unfortunately not. We want everyone to have equal chances. In order to make everybody start from the same starting line, it is necessary to create a brand new, individual account and only then, complete the specific quest. For your own convenience, there is a button next to each game referring you to the registration.

How to use the forums?

There is a link to our forums in the menu. After you're redirected, choose a topic you're interested in and make use of the "Leave a comment" button. If a matter you're interested to have not yet been raised, create a new topic. Please remember, that everyone can have a bad day, but an offensive behavior toward other users won't tolerated by our moderators.

How to add/remove a friend?

To add a friend, find him by his nickname and make us by the button "Add as friend". You'll be able to remove him from the same place. Additionally, there is a contact to Misty in your friend list. You can't remove it, as you would make her very sad. And a sad witch often casts some very unpleasant charms... Believe us, it's for your own good.

I have an issue with my account, how can I contact you?

You may find on your friend list our clever witch named Misty. Write to her, so she'll conjure up an answer for you. If your issue concerns login issues and/or you can't contact our witch, write to our technical department: [email protected], sometimes they can make some pretty good magic as well. ;)

I haven't found an answer in the FAQ, what to do?

Write to us. The witch Misty will be happy to answer each of your questions. The self-reliance comes at a price, but everyone needs sometimes a small assistance. There is nothing to be ashamed of. ;)

Do I get Soul Gems by writing on the forums?

On the forums, you're obtaining the experience points (xp) needed to gain the next level and get a rank. For that you're receiving your Soul Gems. Their amount depends of the level you've reached. In order to avoid spam, there are only 10 posts per each 24 hours that count.

Will there be new games or a possibility to complete a quest once again?

New games and quests appear all the time and won't cease to appear. The player has the possibility to complete each quest an unlimited number of times until it's accepted by Gamehag.com as correctly made. However, the quest that has already been rewarded can't be completed once again.

I've ordered a reward, how will I receive it?

Your reward will appear in the notifications.

I haven't received any answer from the Support, what can I do?

We assure you that we do our best to answer your messages. Sometimes, however, there are too many of them, so you will have to wait a bit, especially that we try to approach each case individually. If the support didn't answer after 48h, it is possible that your message did never arrive to us. Please, try to send it one more time. The exception is a situation when the support does not answer, because your previous messages were offensive. In this case, the only thing you can do is to turn with shame into a frog and kindly apologize.

Is gamehag.com available on mobile devices?

Yes! We've created the first app of this kind especially for you, to help you earn points by playing games. Our mobile app is not only a pioneer in its category, it also is well designed and very intuitive. In addition, our site has been developed in such a way that you can use it on your phone our tablet too. So you won't lose contact with your friends from our forums while at work, school or on vacation.