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    Is League dead?

    I have been playing it since 2013. and I feel that game has less and less active players, any reasons for this?

    11 march 2021 19:43 77

    i don't think so , league has been one of the popular pc games worldwide , but if u r saying that its popularity has gone down then it could be due to new games like pubg , cod and all

    1 april 2021 03:38 77

    nah ig

    7 april 2021 22:38 77

    no it's still one of the most popular game.

    12 april 2021 11:15 77

    Nope. Can't say it's dead.

    Even me myself, thought nah the game will die in 2018-2019, gave away my account, and just move on.

    But I am just starting to come back from playing League of Legends, still popular in Asia on our place at least that I start to play again.

    The game is always random scenarios that I love.

    It could be a ez dub big W pulled out of nowhere.

    Or my team malding on who did the wrong thing and me basically carrying or them carrying me on all of my mistakes.

    Yeah, it maybe a looping game, sometimes toxic or such, but still fun and popular.

    5 may 2021 15:15 77

    League will never die.. Legends never die so it says.

    11 july 2021 08:03 77

    No, not dead

    11 july 2021 12:57 77

    IDK...its still top1 in Korea

    31 july 2021 04:39 77

    i think so because i didnt play it again

    31 july 2021 07:01 77

    not dying but its more of declining

    31 july 2021 07:13 77

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