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    World of Tanks

    Description of the forum World of Tanks

    Forum of the game World of Tanks will allow you to exchange comments and opinions on the popular MMO game dedicated to major armed conflicts.

    In the free game World of Tanks, co-operation with other crew members is extremely important. As befits a multiplayer game, cooperation is an important factor affecting the winnings.

    World of Tanks is not just a typical shooter with tanks, the strategic elements force the player to demonstrate tactical sense, and the knowledge of our tank is crucial.

    Thanks to polished graphics and spectacular visual effects, the player will quickly move to the war world and feel like on the real battlefield.

    Talk to other World of Tanks fans about the possibilities of upgrading your equipment, conquering the province and conquering new areas in the game. Learn how to improve your stats or help other players. Meet other fans of wars with tanks and get new friends at the World of Tanks forum.