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    You can purchase same premium tank Twice?

    I already have the Patriot Heavy tank I bought awhile back. Just to see what would happen I clicked on the tank today and it took me to the online page where I can purchase it. I backed out at the payment method screen but it appears you can have more than one copy of a premium tank in your garage? I am surprised that WOT doesn't have a wall to prevent you from buying the same tank twice.

    16 december 2017 23:06 1

    I know this has been brought up before, but I want to request that premium tanks purchased on one server like the US server be also made available in the Asian server if the user has an account on each. I have two accounts and I play on the both with different people in different parts of the world, after all we live in an age where your friends can be anywhere in the world. I don't think it's right that we should have to purchase the same tanks twice. It's like it's a scheme to rip players off.

    Can't your developers do something so we can have our purchased tanks in both our accounts. It only seems right to m

    17 december 2017 23:32 1

    all it will do is give you the gold amount for the tank, not the same tank so u have 2 identical..

    18 december 2017 23:41 1

    Right, you get the gold value for the tank... not a second copy. This is why a lot of people keep their unused premium tanks that they may not play or need, because if they win them later or get them from missions or other rewards, etc, they will get the gold value plus the garage slot I believe.

    18 december 2017 23:48 1

    You can't have two Patriots... it would just give you the amount of gold the tank is worth.

    you CAN however have a Patriot, and a T26E5 as well as you can have a Defeder and an obj 252U you can have a Liberte' and an M4 MLE ,

    You can have the tank, and the skinned varient of said tank... just not two identical vehicles.

    18 december 2017 23:49 1

    As every one else has said it gives you the gold equivalent plus the garage slot, the crew, and anything else if you get a bundle. Usually you don't save any money by getting gold this way, but if you want gold anyway it usually is a good way to get the extra stuff in the bundle or any special crew that comes with the tank for almost nothing.

    18 december 2017 23:51 1

    you won't get a second tank you'll get the tank vaule in gold or in credits

    18 december 2017 23:53 1

    You CAN, however, get a second CREW. In the case of a special crew, like the Zero-Skill BIA crews, you can buy the tank again, get the gold and garage slot, AND get the second BIA crew to retrain for any other tank.

    I verified this a couple days ago when I bought the ISU-122S on day 13. I got the gold and garage slot, but since I already had the tank, I got the BIA crew in my barracks....

    I will watch out for other tanks with special crews (like the Cromwell B) from other nations to stock up on better crewmen. Since I'm buying Gold anyhow, I may as well get a bonus for it.

    18 december 2017 23:54 1

    Good idea!!! :-)

    18 december 2017 23:56 1


    18 december 2017 23:58 1

    No you cant buy a permium tank ot twice

    15 august 2018 13:23 1

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