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    Gamehag review

    In this article, I would like to summarize the GAMEHAG platform. I have been visiting this site for about two weeks and I want to share my experience with you.

    1. What is Gamehag?

      Gamehag is platform where you can earn games giftcard etc. by completing various tasks. For completing them, you will recieve Soul Gems, which are used as currency here. You can choose a reward (skins, in-game currency or even money). As soon as you reach level 3, you can withdraw them.
    2. Tasks

      Tasks is the mot common way how to earn gems. Most of them are simple and sometimes well rewarded too. 
      • Pros: Maybe most rewarding way to earn gems
      • Cons: Some of these tasks are difficult + they are not accepted sometimes. There is not enough tasks in game
    3. Leveling up

      As told before, you need to level up, before you get your reward. There are existing lots of levels, but noone has ever achieved the highest.
      • Pros: none
      • Cons: Slows the farming procces a lot! Many people create spam to earn xp faster. Sometimes frustrating. Low rewards for ranking up
    4. Contests

      Contest is like some kind of draw. You join the contest with other people and oay some gems. Only one gets the contest reward
      • Pros: Fun way to earn items
      • Cons: Probability of earning is most of the time low
    5. Articles

      In community section, you can read some articles, such as this one!
      • Pros: Creators can get some extra gems for  content. Most of them are quite fun to read and they are nice looking.
      • Cons: I really don't see any!
    6. Community

      Yes, even site like this has its own community
      • Pros: Can be creative and helpful
      • Cons: Lots of spammers appear here to earn xp.
    7. Support

      When you are in a tight spot, you can ask "Misty" and she can aswer you immidiately. If you cannot find answers, you can contact support.
      • Pros: Wery friendly and helpful support
      • Cons: Misty's answer is mostly obvious and dont tell you much
    8. Chests

      You can buy (or recieve free) chest, which include reward. There are many types of chests (csgo skins chests, fortnite chests, steam key chests...)
      • Pros: For extremly lucky people
      • Cons: Chances of getting more expensive item from chest, than chest itself are wery, wery small
    9. Rewards

      Lets look on rewards in here.
      • Pros: I have not expirienced any errors with getting reward.
      • Cons: CS:GO skins come in random quality, mostly battle scarred (ie. price is reduced a lot)


    To sum up, i think Gamehag is one of the best websites, where you can get rewards "for free". On the other hand, its only for patient people. Unfortunatelly you can find some errors (task filure etc.) When i found out, that i need so much xp to get my reward, i quit this site for a few days. Then i came back i worked trough level 3. Smallrecommendation for everyone else - to get chests and rewards from them, you dont need level 3! So yes, i think it isnt so much wort it to spend time on this website, but if you have time, you can give it a try!

    Thank you for reading, I will be gratefull for every recommendation of this task!

    18 november 2020 20:14 1625

    Its literally one of the best.

    22 november 2020 06:47 1625

    If somone has 1000 sg pls send me your code

    22 november 2020 07:20 1625

    My code is Fishstick

    22 november 2020 07:20 1625

    nice website but a lot of problems with the task completion

    22 november 2020 08:36 1625

    good articke

    22 november 2020 23:01 1625

    yeah brude

    23 november 2020 06:08 1625

    bro thats legit

    23 november 2020 06:08 1625

    Very good but very very Hard the level up

    23 november 2020 07:34 1625

    hi guys my name is aliyannka whats your name

    23 november 2020 10:33 1625

    Thank you.

    23 november 2020 10:57 1625

    how to level up fast?

    23 november 2020 18:34 1625

    thx for the review.. but what happened w the gh discord no one helping there all mods and admins seem to be gone?

    23 november 2020 19:24 1625

    I like gamehag.

    23 november 2020 19:27 1625

    I consider this review helpful and I can see it as a tutorial being very happy about this result.

    23 november 2020 23:20 1625

    I can't write to much

    24 november 2020 00:55 1625

    hay thats nice

    24 november 2020 05:18 1625

    man thats cool

    24 november 2020 05:18 1625

    its one of the best

    24 november 2020 05:18 1625

    fore sure man

    24 november 2020 05:19 1625

    But still good though!

    24 november 2020 10:38 1625

    thanks for the usefull info

    24 november 2020 10:40 1625

    is misty a chatbot??

    24 november 2020 10:40 1625

    just had that doubt

    24 november 2020 10:41 1625

    in gamehag if you are new its a bit hard to get diamonds but then you complete many surverys you become a god with a lot diamonds!

    24 november 2020 11:01 1625

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