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    Assassin's creed Valhalla is the next-gen of the assassin's creed game series which recently Ubisoft has shown us. this game tells a historical story that combines Vikings with some other cultures that happen in the 9th century during the English worst Ages.


    Eivor, the main character of the story, will lead his clan through different battels in different places during the time of Vikings (873 AD). representing his homeland "NORWAY" that was damaged from the dark ages wars.

    this character will find so much resistance from Alfred the king of Wessex (The Kingdom of the South) who claimed that the Vikings are killing his people with cold blood just to kick Eivor and his clan out of their homeland.
    this resistance made Eivor struggle and finds some difficulty moving on against them, so he comes in contact with assassins. that decision started a war between Assassin and Templar begins.

    -Alfred the king-


    nothing changes for the play mode because it will continue the same role-play game mode that was in the series before but there are some new features. even tho Ubisoft promised every player that he will feel like a Viking warrior playing this game, other ways all the players will control the story by choosing multi dialogue options like the witcher 4.
    two killing modes will be available for players, either playing in silence mode by killing your enemies stealthily with your hidden knives or playing in Brutal mode by killing your enemies with a war ax.
    assassin's creed Valhalla comes with new features that will make the players sees the consequences of their actions like :
    • The development of settlement: expand your clan( village) by upgrading it
    • they will put you in some situations that you find many enemies facing you in one-time
    • village raids: through raids, you can pillage enemy towns and fortifications in England.


    Game map

    The map remains quite a mystery even tho every player will be able to visit 4 English kingdoms during that time: Wessex, Northumbria, East Anglia, Mercia.and some smaller towns. The trailer did, however, highlight some of the various environments through which you could adventure. In the earlier, more calm part of the trailer we have seen a number of different shots. Which involve settlements in frozen land covered in snow, and warm rolling hills.
    Assassins Creed Valhalla Map The variety on view sets high expectations for a very entertaining map which is going to be a lot of fun to explore and battle on.

    additional information

    I give the game 8/10

    this game will be released on all platforms in the holiday of 2020 and it's available to everyone to pre-order now for 60$. It will require a high specs pc due to its high graphics and character animations.for the game I really like what they did, about letting the players choose dialogues it will be something new  for us,

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    Commented subject VALORANT [closed BETA] ,review.
    5 months ago

    valorant is an upcoming video game that still in the closed BETA version. every gamer is waiting for it to officially release, and all of them knows that it will defeat all the competitive games due to its popularity, I have collected every information and put it in this article.
    i hope you like it :)

    1/ what is valorant ?:

           in October 2019 a company named [Riot games] has announced a new upcoming game named [ VALORANT ] with the codename [PROJECT A] during Riot's 10-year anniversary stream. and on the 7th of April 2020, the same company launched the closed beta of the game to test it.

    valorant is a mixture game between [Counter strike global offensive] gameplay mode and [Overwatch's] graphics and even characters with some little changes. and everyone can play it for free as soon as its gonna officially release in the summer of 2020.

    2/the gameplay of VALORANT :

    VALORANT is a multiplayer first-person shooter [FPS] game so it allows the players to join either the attacking or the defending team in a casual or competitive [5vs5] matches. the attacking team has a bomb called the spike, that they have to plant on a side, and the defending team has the kits to defuse the bomb. each attacking team turns to the defending team after 12 rounds and vice versa. the first team that wins the best of 24 rounds wins the game

    • Game rules are:
    1. if the attacking team protects the spike effectively, and it explodes, they get a point.
    2. The defending team will get a point if the Spike disfigures successfully or the 100 second round time-box expires.
    3. if all defending team members are eliminated, the attackers gain a point and the other way around


    3/ the characters and their skills

    There are 10 established characters (agents) up to now and every agent has four special skills. most of them are inspired from Overwatch with some changes in the animation, you can choose one of the agents to play with every round, and the agents are classed like this:

    • Raze
    • Cipher
    • Jett
    • Omen
    • Sova
    • Breach
    • Viper
    • Phoenix
    • Sage
    • Brimstone

    and each agent has 3 abilities to damage the opponent .these abilities are

    1. one signature ability each round is free,
    2. two optional abilities you may buy (but you hold it for multiple rounds until you've used it up),
    3. one ultimate ability to get fatalities.


    4/ Ranking system

    The ranking system is based on Valorant points [VP] and it called with league points [LP] as well. Such points may be won or lost by the players winning or losing a game.
    The amount of LP earned depends on a hidden Matchmaking Rating, The higher the Matchmaking Rating the more LP a player earns.
    all the ranks are classed like this:

    5/ Valorant Weapons

    Six types of weapons are included in this game: shotguns, snipers, SMG, handguns, medium, and sidearms.
    Unless you're familiar with just about every other game you'll know what these key roles and ranges are so I WILL not going to confuse you with that.
    Throughout any time, players can carry three weapons, a main, a secondary gun, and a knife. and they can lose weapons on death and can collect them when someone else dies
    At the beginning of each round, players buy weapons that will keep them alive if they finish the round alive. You may also ask a teammate at the beginning of the round to drop you a weapon.
    Alternative Fire modes are present in some weapons and sometimes a zoom mode feature, as weapons in zoom mode have a slower but less spread rate.

    Summary & Additional Information

    I rate the game with 8/10.

    nice graphics and character animation. I'm sure that this game will have a big esport community and some exciting tournaments
    I would recommend this game to people who played CSGO and Overwatch, it totally gave me the fun that I need when I started playing this game for the first time sometimes the game lags a lot for no reason. but that's not bad for a game that still in the closed BETA .who knows what's will change in the upcoming updates. The game is really easy to play until you rank up to a higher rank then you require some skills, but I bet y'all won't face any problems while your gameplay


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    6 months ago

    if it is for kids then why there is tournaments every season

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    Commented subject PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW.
    6 months ago

    its been a while since that

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    Commented subject PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW.
    6 months ago

    someone tell misty to put it in the article section

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    6 months ago

    hey gamer, as you see in the title of this article I will talk about an exciting game named [BRAWLHALLA].i will give you every information you need to know about this game starting from the definition to the gameplay and then the legends and maps

    First, I know that every single gamer has a wrong idea about 2D games due to the development of the world of gaming, but believe me, you will change your mind after you try this game.

    1/ what is Brawlhalla:

    Brawlhalla is a 2D multiplayer fighting game that is comparable to Super Smash Bros. it's available in all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo switch) to play for free with full cross-play and that means that a pc player can play with a PlayStation player and etcetera, it was developed and published by a company named { Bleu Mammoth Games } in the 1st of April 2014.
    the community of this game is Noticeably increasing due to its popularity until now there are over 20 millions of players all the time and over 30k players a day

    2/ The gameplay:

    when you enter the game for the first time. a tutorial will be given for you to know the basics of the game starting from how to jump to how to damages your opponents. the objective in this game is to knock the opponent off the stage. It can be done by constantly destroying them. Harm can be seen on the show of color around the character icon of the enemy, which goes from white to red to black as the player continues to get hit. The closest the color is to Red, the more the player gets knocked back before inevitably they get knocked out. Getting knocked off the stage means the player loses a life. The match is won either by the last player standing or by the player with the most points.


    3/ game modes:

    brawlhalla gives you the chance to play locally by creating a lobby and using multi keyboards or multi controllers in one PC or playing online with friends or random players in casual or competitive matches
    A/ casual modes
    • Free for all (this mode is recommended by the game): is a casual mode that allows you to play against 3 other players to test your capability. the most players you knock off the stage the more points you get
    • Strikeout 1vs1: this mode allows you to pick 3 legends to play with, each legend changes after the opponent knock you off the stage the first player end all his legends lose the match.
    • Friendly 2vs2: it allows you to play with another random player or with your friend in a duos casual match. but the friendly fire is off 
    • Experimental 1vs1: it gives you the chance to try your skills against a higher rank player in a 1vs1 casual match
    B/ competitive modes
    • Ranked 1vs1: it allows you to compete against other players in 1vs1 matches to get more ELO rating .the more ELO you have the higher rank you will get at the end of the season
    • Ranked 2vs2: in this mode, you have to choose a partner to compete against other duos to win more ELO rating

    4/ Legends:

    in brawlhalla, there is in total 39 legends in the game and there will be more in the upcoming updates .but when you enter the game for the first time. just 8 unlocked legends will be given for you to choose from before you start any match.until you buy them all with real money by buying the legends pack that costs 19.99$ or buying each legend alone by collecting 5700 games coins which you win by winning matches. all the legends are classed like this:
    Bodvar, Cassidy, Orion, Lord Vrax, Gnash, Queen Nai, Hattori, Sir Roland, Scarlet, Thatch, Ada, Sentinel, Lucien, Teros, Brynn, Asuri, Barraza, Ember, Azoth, Koji, Ulgrim, Diana, Jhala, Kor, Wu Shang, Val, Rangir, Cross, Mirage, Nix, Mordex, Yumiko, Artemis, Caspian, Sidra, Xull, Kaya, Isaiah, Jiro, Lin Fei, Zariel, Rayman, Dusk, Fait, Thor, Petra, Vector, Volkov, Onyx


    5/ weapons

    in this game, each legend has two specific weapons that you can't find them together in another legend. these weapons are available to be pickable during the match to damage your opponents with certain combos. all the weapons are classed like this:

    Rocket Lance, Spear, Sword, Pistols (blasters), Gloves (gauntlets), Axe, Scythe, Cannon, Orb, Grapple Hammer, Katars, Bow

    6/the ranking system:

    the ranking system in brawlhalla is based on the ELO rating which is given or lost by winning or losing a 1vs1 or 2vs2 ranked matches, and at the end of every season, each player will have his rank avatar and some glory points to buy exclusive colors. ranks are classed like this:
    • first, when you enter the game for the first time you will find your self in the first rank in the game named [TIM] with 0 ELo
    • and then by winning ranked matches, you will be given more Elo to rank up to the next rank named [BRONZE] with 800-900 ELo 
    • the same thing to rank up to the next rank named [SILVER] with 1000-1200 ELo
    • the next rank named [GOLD] which require 1300-1400 ELo
    • after that, a rank named [PLATIN] which require 1600-1700 ELo
    • and the final rank is [DIAMOND] which require 2000+ ELo


    7/ personal review

    first, from my experience in the game, I see for a 2D game that is worth playing due to its pure fun and also because it has a really nice graphic design and character animations.
    I give this game  8/10, and I would love to hear yours in the comments

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    Commented subject PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW.
    6 months ago

    every comment gives you 1% + wow i didn't know that

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    Commented subject PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW.
    6 months ago

    Donald Trump is a doctor

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    Commented subject PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW.
    6 months ago

    your name is not the best

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    Commented subject PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW.
    6 months ago

    nope you are not the best

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    Commented subject PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW.
    6 months ago

    guys can you ask misty to move the article from the forum to the article section .please

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    Commented subject PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW.
    6 months ago

    Hey, gamers . recently sony surprised us with what we were waiting for :[THE NEW CONTROLLER FOR THE PLAYSTATION 5] 
    I have collected some of the information for y'all and put it in this article.
    I hope you like it.

    1/ How do we know about the new PS5 controller?

           It all started when sony tweeted about the upcoming PlayStation console, which is expected to come out for the holiday of 2020 .as you see in the picture Playstation also shared a blog post with all the details about the PS5 features cdbllKdRxwFXZhugTtzxGgZMcr5Txd.png

    2/ the PS5 controller features

    For its new power, Sony has detailed some features. Ryan and system builder Mark Cerny set out the features of the PlayStation 5 controller in an interview, such as advanced haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers to alter gameplay resistance.
    the sony console's controllers are typically named [DUALSHOCK] but not this time, Sony revealed that it's called [DUALSENSE].
    This name comes with a lot of special features some of them :
    •  a similar button layout, with a touchpad and an options button and a, create button 
    •  a built-in mic 
    • haptic feedback that will give players a better tactile feel 

    3/ the designed of the PS5 controller

    Despite the new features, the team worked to reduce weight, maximize battery life, and tested the controller in different sizes. This last part is especially significant because Nishino clarified further that Sony wanted its new PlayStation controller to feel a player hand extension, making it very easy to forget.
    the designers of the controller did well this time and made updates for it like :
    1. they changed the angle of the hand trigger to make the players play comfortably 
    2. they make the controller feel smaller than it looks 

    4/ The design of The PlayStation 5  

         the thing is the look of the PS5 still has not released yet but the CEO of Sony said that the design of the PS5 will come out soon in the next few months but considering the pandemic virus COVID-19 I think there will be a delay.
    This latest edition comes in kind from the senior motion and 3D designer Dan Pearce from Future Publishing (and our publisher), who created the smart designs based on leaks and rumors he has heard so far. As stated by T3, the design is strongly influenced by the controller DualSense of the PS5, which has been demonstrated by Sony.
    The PS5 is designed for Pearce with a fairly flat rectangular console with a curved edge and a choice of pseudo-two-tone color, white dominant on the top of the base of the console with a black and a dark grey at the bottom. Blue LEDs, similar to those seen in the DualSense controller, then highlight edges and lines.

    Future PS5 concept design

    5/ PS5 facts 

    1. PS5 is the next-gen of PS4
    2. PS5 will have the VR service
    3. it's gonna cost around 500$
    4. it's expected to be released on the holiday of 2020  in the US (20 Oct to 20 Dec )
    5. it will have the majority of PS4 games

    6/ PS5 games :

    Ghost of Tsushima, The last of us 2, Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, New god of war, Watchdogs: legion, new assassin's creed, rainbow six siege, starfield ........and the most of PS4 games


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    Commented subject Rate this game.
    6 months ago

    4.5/10 just its hard to rank up

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    Commented subject Why pushing levl is too hard ?.
    6 months ago

    **** that's so hard

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