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    PlayStation 5 ,REVIEW

    Hey, gamers . recently sony surprised us with what we were waiting for :[THE NEW CONTROLLER FOR THE PLAYSTATION 5] 
    I have collected some of the information for y'all and put it in this article.
    I hope you like it.

    1/ How do we know about the new PS5 controller?

           It all started when sony tweeted about the upcoming PlayStation console, which is expected to come out for the holiday of 2020 .as you see in the picture Playstation also shared a blog post with all the details about the PS5 features cdbllKdRxwFXZhugTtzxGgZMcr5Txd.png

    2/ the PS5 controller features

    For its new power, Sony has detailed some features. Ryan and system builder Mark Cerny set out the features of the PlayStation 5 controller in an interview, such as advanced haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers to alter gameplay resistance.
    the sony console's controllers are typically named [DUALSHOCK] but not this time, Sony revealed that it's called [DUALSENSE].
    This name comes with a lot of special features some of them :
    •  a similar button layout, with a touchpad and an options button and a, create button 
    •  a built-in mic 
    • haptic feedback that will give players a better tactile feel 

    3/ the designed of the PS5 controller

    Despite the new features, the team worked to reduce weight, maximize battery life, and tested the controller in different sizes. This last part is especially significant because Nishino clarified further that Sony wanted its new PlayStation controller to feel a player hand extension, making it very easy to forget.
    the designers of the controller did well this time and made updates for it like :
    1. they changed the angle of the hand trigger to make the players play comfortably 
    2. they make the controller feel smaller than it looks 

    4/ The design of The PlayStation 5  

         the thing is the look of the PS5 still has not released yet but the CEO of Sony said that the design of the PS5 will come out soon in the next few months but considering the pandemic virus COVID-19 I think there will be a delay.
    This latest edition comes in kind from the senior motion and 3D designer Dan Pearce from Future Publishing (and our publisher), who created the smart designs based on leaks and rumors he has heard so far. As stated by T3, the design is strongly influenced by the controller DualSense of the PS5, which has been demonstrated by Sony.
    The PS5 is designed for Pearce with a fairly flat rectangular console with a curved edge and a choice of pseudo-two-tone color, white dominant on the top of the base of the console with a black and a dark grey at the bottom. Blue LEDs, similar to those seen in the DualSense controller, then highlight edges and lines.

    Future PS5 concept design

    5/ PS5 facts 

    1. PS5 is the next-gen of PS4
    2. PS5 will have the VR service
    3. it's gonna cost around 500$
    4. it's expected to be released on the holiday of 2020  in the US (20 Oct to 20 Dec )
    5. it will have the majority of PS4 games

    6/ PS5 games :

    Ghost of Tsushima, The last of us 2, Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, New god of war, Watchdogs: legion, new assassin's creed, rainbow six siege, starfield ........and the most of PS4 games


    25 april 2020 22:20 1625

    Nice its look goood

    4 july 2020 08:39 1625

    really goood

    4 july 2020 09:19 1625

    im not the biggest fan of these designs

    4 july 2020 10:44 1625

    I don't have the PlayStation so if I play that become số hard

    4 july 2020 10:46 1625

    thank you for letting us know this. very much appreciated

    18 december 2020 22:31 1625

    That's nice :D

    18 december 2020 23:00 1625

    PS5 goods i like white colors

    18 december 2020 23:08 1625

    in my opinion PS5 is a big inovation on consoles, this is the best till now. I like the designe which combines with that beauty clean white, with that nice controller, headset and also webcam!

    18 december 2020 23:20 1625

    It looks very good

    19 december 2020 10:46 1625

    thank you for letting us know this.

    19 december 2020 11:12 1625

    Thats actually looks good

    20 december 2020 12:27 1625

    noice review

    20 december 2020 15:44 1625

    ps 5 is cool but i cant afford it and i want pc

    20 december 2020 16:49 1625

    uhh i dojtn have money so i cant buy it and im a pc user

    20 december 2020 16:49 1625

    Wow cool ps 5 its good

    20 december 2020 16:53 1625

    i have a playstation but it is not PS5 it is PS4 Pro

    20 december 2020 16:58 1625

    can i buy ps5

    20 december 2020 18:06 1625

    I never had a new console I dont know

    20 december 2020 18:15 1625

    in my opinion PS5 is a big inovation on consoles, this is the best till now. I like the designe which combines with that beauty clean white, with that nice controller, headset and also webcam!

    21 december 2020 10:27 1625

    i have a psp4 and its my favourite buddy for gaming

    21 december 2020 14:25 1625

    sure thing i am gonna buy the psp5

    21 december 2020 14:25 1625

    great review

    21 december 2020 23:30 1625

    very useful

    21 december 2020 23:30 1625

    thnks bro so much its help me a lot thkn u

    22 december 2020 09:28 1625

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