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    About Roblox

    Please keep in mind that the offer is ONLY for the new users!

    Do whatever you want, wherever you want in Roblox, a free-to-play MMO social gaming platform, where the creativity makes the imagination come to real!

    In this game, it's up to the players to create their own, virtual worlds and games, as it is up to the players which game they want to play. And the choice is really diversified, just as the imagination of the ones, who created all those places to play in! If someone would want to have a proper description of Roblox, you should tell them that it's a real mix of Minecraft, Lego and Garry's Mod - nothing more, nothing less, but it's more than enough to have lots of fun while playing all these productions. 

    The creators have done everything so that no one would be bored, so they created tools which can be used by anyone to create their own world. They also made you a possibility to change your character's appearance! You can look unique, you can change every cloth, you can purchase more if you want, you can change your haircut and even your body! Don't be upset by the graphics, those may seem a little bit outdated, but they don't detract from the fun we have during our epic Need For Speed-like races, PvP medieval combats or lots of various mini games.

    As you can see, it's nearly impossible to describe it in words. You have to check it by yourself. Join Roblox now!

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    Roblox has some realy good games to play and it's also fun. I suggest you to give it a try

    10 december 2019 16:38

    Roblox kinda crazy I ain't even gonna lie

    10 december 2019 16:27

    i like roblox and i need robux so i come to here

    10 december 2019 13:06

    i like roblox and i need robux so i come to here

    10 december 2019 13:05

    somebody playing pubg or something?

    10 december 2019 12:15