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    schnootzel, 17 july 2020 17:50

    How to GameHag! Beginner's Guide: The Magic Shield

    Hello, my name is Theodor and today I come with an article about a feature that was added due to the new GameHag Terms of Service recent changes, a feature that caused controversy and havoc on the forums of GameHag for a short period of time and that caused the loss of several GameHag users, due to lack of misunderstanding of the actual feature.



    Well, in my opinion, this feature was brought here to keep people active and to eliminate any inactive players that “abandoned” the webpage. I don’t think there are any signs of Gamehag being greedy, as we still get our rewards, but in order to keep our rewards at the highest rate possible, we must, indeed, meet some requirements as such us completing one task per week at least in order to keep our Magic Shield up. If we fail to do that, we will be turned into a frog, as a way to “protect ourselves in the world of witches” until we can reset the timer on the shield, and if we yet fail to maintain our frog aspect, we will be turned into a toad. What does that mean? Well, at this point we will need, over the course of 7 days, to sacrifice 50 Soul Gems unless we mobilize and complete, once again at least one task per week (7 days).


    So far with the basic explaination, let’s jump straight into the bread, as I always dare to say :).

    ?1. How Can I keep my shield up?
    ?2. What happens if I am away and can’t complete any tasks?
    ?3. What debuffs do I get from being a frog?
    ?4. What happens when I become a toad?
    ?5. Why are they doing that?

    How can I keep my shield up?
    Well the shield replenishes from Game Tasks such as Star Trek Online, World of Waships, Warthunder, and from Offers from Wall of Offers, such as surveys and such.

    What happens if I am away and can’t complete any tasks?

    You can talk to misty trough a ticket and explain the situation, I am sure that someone might help you with that little problem.
    Don’t know how to contact Misty and submit a ticket? No worries, just click on her avatar in your friends list, then click on “I have a problem with the platform”, then “technical problem”, “other”, then you are free to write your ticket and submit it.

    What debuffs do I get from being a frog?

    You only get some small debuffs that go away in a poof once you complete either a task or an offer from the website. The debuffs will be, as I said, somehow insignificant, depending on what you do in order to get your soul gems. While being a frog, you are unable to earn Soul Gems from daily login, you will get minimum 100 Soul Gems from creating articles, you will be able to sell for -10% of the original value of a reward and you will be unable to receive Soul Gems from voting on articles and reporting posts.

    What happens when I become a toad?

    While being in the toad form, you get very limited. For the first 30 days, nothing will happen to you at all, but you will start to sacrifice Soul Gems every 7 days to maintain your form once the 31st day begins. But, as I said, everything can go back to normal in just a snap of fingers, as completing at least one task, will bring back up your Magic Shield, and will also give you a +5% bonus for the first task you managed to complete. This counts for both frog and toad form.

    Why do they do that?

    They do that in order to restock the rewards for us every time we demand it. If they don’t have active player bases or tasks not being completed, then, they can’t get the money needed to maintain the platform and to restock the rewards that we demand.

    I asked a couple of members of the community, what is their opinion or suggestion regarding this feature:

    from Discord suggested that they could change it into something more rewarding on both sides: “They could change the frog status a bit. Since many users in different regions don't have enough tasks/contracts, instead of completing 1 task per week, have the users login daily. Remove daily and weekly login bonus. And after 7 days of inactivity, penalize 50 SG.

    also came with a suggestion and an opinion about the Magic Shield: “I suppose the new update only gives out consequences and no rewards. So now the users are forced to do more work than usual while gaining 'protection' from earning less, which is not a reward. A fix to this would be that if you earn more gems a week than a certain threshold, you'll gain boosters that increases gems income by like 10-20%. So basically over-earning gives the user a reward thus an incentive to dull the extra workload. Right now, even with the huge wall of story regarding this ToS change, it still comes out as a greedy move by Gamehag. The users aren't gaining anything while potentially losing more if they don't participate in this scheme. In my opinion, this change will only hurt Gamehag since there isn't any feature of this update that would make a new player excited. Just faster burn-outs.

    , DarkestTeddy, Sebastian50 and masculinium also engaged themselves in a wonderful suggestion thread that not only is about the Magic Shield,but also about the flaws of GameHag. I recommend reading more here: “https://gamehag.com/forum/t/364228-lets-talk-inactive-penalties-the-magic-shield

    For more information regarding these new features and rules, consult the Terms of Service and the FAQ.

    NOTE: All the information in this article was used with consent and credits for different quotes goes to their respective authors.






    Rate this article How to GameHag! Beginner's Guide: The Magic Shield

    (4.62/5) 335 rates


    You are overcomplicating stuff for no reason, if you really want active userbase just add some autodeletion of account after x number days of inactivity rule.

    2 september 2020 17:23

    gamehag is best friend for gamers our playrs in world tnx gamehag fo anyting ????

    30 july 2020 22:23

    I agree and disagree with you.
    My opinion is that they added this because some people are getting daily, steam and weekly chests and trying to get the rewards. If those users do that they don't get money, but with Active users they get money, with V.I.P. status they get money. So they added this to make those inactive users pay for their tactic.

    22 july 2020 13:57

    i become frog now what happen for me :(

    3 august 2020 19:07

    They also keep removing my xp so I cant level up to level 3.

    28 july 2020 10:03

    lol I think there is a glitch on my pc and it still says 2 days you will become a frog but its been saying that since last week or so, so lucky me!

    26 july 2020 14:25

    Gamehag... the ****...
    Just imagine how many people with even more stress just because they can't do an offer...

    Sure, it just might be me- but active players (like the people above) don't deserve "frogs" or "toads".

    IMO, if I would change one thing, I would change "do 1 offer" to "comment 1 time". Way easier, more people active, less complaints.

    Hey- Gamehag does have all the control over this website and I do respect that-
    But please think about the users and their own opinions.

    26 july 2020 13:01

    Thank you for the explanation, but tasks are not immidiately accepted, and sometimes it is rejected for no reason. Also, there wont be enough tasks to complete on the long run, if I completed all the available tasks because it updates really slowly. I think there are a lot more easy ways to eliminate inactive members. One would be a warning message to members who exceeded a certain duration of inactivity and then a penalty.

    22 july 2020 05:00

    You know that if some people got all the tasks before, now they can't earn anything except from daily login or ads! Me personally have completed almost all game tasks. Since Gamehag doesn't add new tasks that often, I have to find a way to get gems. Contracts are a bad idea, since surveys here aren't even popular. Minigames don't give you gems. I am left with the Appzone only. This is sad! You should change this feature a little bit. For example I am joining the site every day and I have a streak of like 2 months of consecutive daily login! Make some bonus for people, who get 30 days of login streak for example. Or make people who login every day not to lose gems, since it's just not cool.

    22 july 2020 11:25

    In my opinion, this is a really bad update, it will really hurt Gamehag a lot because now you need to do a lot more tasks to still gain some SG, but if you have done all of your tasks you get debuffs and it's not even your fault. Also, not all people have that much time to spare, and now doing articles is just a waste of time, cause maximum you will get 250 SG and this is not good.

    21 july 2020 19:39