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    Lets Talk: Inactive Penalties (The Magic Shield)

    Welcome to the first topic made by me! Today, we are going to be talking about the new feature that Gamehag decided to make, the restrictions. Personally, I don't like it one bit since Gamehag had a chance to fix up this site and add more tasks, fixing some stuff that don't give you soul gems, and buff the article rewards but instead, they decided to make this and provide a distracting story that doesn't even help get to the main point. In 30 days of not completing a task, you will get need to pay 50 gems each week in order to maintain this "spell." I think people should have the freedom to do whatever and if they don't complete a task, fine. They don't get anything from it and creating this feature when other major things could have been fixed is extremely unwise considering that this "spell" will affect most people cause of the drought of game tasks that is happening. Wasting your time with a story isn't helping either since that's clearly not helpful to explaining this feature and it doesn't get right into the point. I was really confused when I was reading that and honestly, that shouldn't be there. Either make this feature more reasonable or remove it entirely. Comment down if you have an opinion about this.

    15 july 2020 20:56 8369

    It surprises me a little that you started discussing this just now, because warnings and a kind of preview already took place a few days ago. At a minimum, users received emails with notifications and a summary of the innovations; the rules section itself has changed just a couple of days ago. Actually I absolutely agree with you that this is all wrong, that the site has many of its small flaws that should have been fixed for a long time, and instead such an inconvenient and limiting system is introduced for some reason. Well...In brief, now users will really have to work for the site in order to receive their previous minimum bonuses. For many, this is extremely inconvenient and in its own way can even be humiliating. However, I force myself to look from the third side and there are at least two options for further situation development:

    a) Gamehag will have a huge loss of users, including regular ones, and a quick arrival of new players who will not stay in place and thus the imitation of life flow will be created, with constant activity and possible income. And in the end, the site will either be lost in the “crowd” of other platforms, or will be abandoned and become a useless obsolete project;
    b) The site will see errors in its new action policy in practice and only then the actions will come. But in order to have that, we all have to be active in our speaking out. Things just can't become mutually comfortable at once, especially in business.

    Remember moderators are also users of this site but with a larger set of features, functions and responsibilities (at least, it seems to me, I simplified it here). And I’m sure it’s not they who come up with such huge changes ideas and rules somehow affect their work, too. And most of all I'd like to read their position about the changes and future. I really hope they will answer you - and me, because I intervened in your thread, I'm sorry for that and for my possible tone, too.

    15 july 2020 23:08 8369

    Dear Kabash,

    I know you are the only one who read this thread right now and I know you are a user like us but we don’t have other choices since we can’t directly contact the developers of this site. Sending a message to Misty is also not the right way, because it’s about Terms of Service and not a technical problem or bug or something. So, I apologize for my comment here in this section.

    Dear Gamehag Admins,

    Firstly, I should thank you for creating this wonderful site. I really enjoy using this platform for a long time, the environment is designed perfectly, the rewards are great and there is not much to complain about…

    Secondly, we (Users) understand that Gamehag is a business company and for existing needs to make more money. We all know how this site works and if we are here to play, chat, do the tasks, or… we have already accepted all the terms (Includes the new ones) but please listen to our words. Surely like you, we want to continue this enjoyment process too and the main goal is to improve it.

    Point N1) Back to the Terms of Service, there is no line that explains why we get only 10% of the original value of the rewards when we want to sell them. It just suddenly appeared in the About Us section and I don’t understand it since it does not even exist in Terms of Service.

    Point N2) Due to new Terms, users should do at least one task in 7 days, otherwise we will become Frogs that affect most of the ways that we can earn SGs such as writing articles, daily login, and much more… It is okay if we get enough tasks here to complete but not with few tasks that doesn’t even worth trying them since they are not valuable enough for putting our energy, time, and spending the internet connection on them. For example, [World of Warships – Bonus] Task number 1: Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then achieve 5 level of your account to earn 24 Soul Gems!!! Who would do this?

    Point N3) I know tasks are really depending on which country we are, and in my country, there are only 7 Games that I can earn SGs from them and only one of them is good enough to be completed. I’m doing that task right now but after that what will happen? I’m forced to do some tasks that are not even close to good. [P.S. the link of that task was also broken in my country and I reported to support. After almost 1 month they add a new link and I started playing the game.]

    Point N4) What makes Gamehag unique from other sites? Surely there is not only its look. Gamehag is not just a DO-TASKS-AND-EARN money site, it’s a big community that we can do lots of stuff in it, such as writing articles. For creating content, users MUST put lots of effort into it and the standards are almost high to see your work on the main page. In the past, we used to get 600 SGs for publishing our articles on the main page, so if we want to order a simple 10 Euro steam gift card, we must at least create 10-11 articles. But what about now? 250 SGs is the highest amount that we can earn! So for ordering that reward again we must write 25 articles and see them get published on the main page? Who will do that?! Reducing this amount to 10% SGs when we are Frogs, make it worst! [P.S. there is a rune that brings 50% bonus of SGs but it’s really hard to gain since it’s not purchasable for a long time.]

    Point N5) There are also walls of offers, but most of them won’t give you the reward, so why users waste their time on them? These tasks are weird, sometimes they give you SGs, sometimes they are not! We can’t even contact Misty about them since Gamehag is not the offer provider, contacting the wall of offers support is annoying too. Every day, in the Discord channel, I see many complaints that users say we did the tasks but we haven’t earned any SGs.

    Point N6) The users who live in a developing country have good tasks but as I said before the number of them is so limited. So if they do all of them they should watch and see how their SGs will be decreased in the future? Or they will stop doing them in a row because they should be worried about the Protection Shield time limit and these kinds of stuff?

    In the end, if I miss something please forgive me, but by applying these changes Gamehag will lose many users! Many new users won’t join this community since they will notice they are forced to do game tasks in a limited time. Many will leave because they don’t have enough tasks to complete and Gamehag will go backward in the growth progress.


    16 july 2020 10:48 8369

    I absolutely agree with @Sebastian50 and join his words.
    (sorry I still can't put active tags here like you do).

    Although some of the points have already been discussed in many ways.
    And it was strange that I found one of the biggest and most informative threads about it only on Spanish localization of Gamehag. It was OK for me to realize there are no such thread in my 'native' Russian side here, but strange that the English one showed only several little general threads and a couple of suggestions on this forum... Either the threads were removed, or people really didn't care much until today.

    Well, as for the business part, then yes, it sometimes has not much in common with the UI \ UX in such cases. We, as users, may see this platform as a huge gaming society aimed on getting the rewards; the website owner, in their turn, are interested in getting the profit in the way only they know how. Ads, promotions, VIP payings and so on. And, as I have already written, I guessed that the website still needed many things to be performed and updated, but it remained a quite unique platform. However, the new changes are not something the users would really appreciate. Especially those who have been here for long or who lave a little ability to fit the new system. Many of us work or study, and the region separation - I mean the terms of contracts and tasks availability \ affordability - is really frightening. This will cause the reducing of active users, especially from European countries, and the platform can really lose much more than it is going to earn in terms of its popularity, support by users and activity overall.
    (I'll continue in the next message)

    16 july 2020 13:25 8369

    (continuing of the previous one)
    For me personally, it looks a bit like betrayal, but I can only judge from the side. I liked this platform, I liked to try, I liked the opportunities provided to it, although there are very few tasks for my region, both in games and on the walls of offers. Moreover, they are still not synchronized among themselves in terms of devices for execution - the PC version of the site still shows more available tasks than it actually is on mobile devices (both iOS and Android)! The quality of separate tasks is not so great, too, as well as not many of them are able to be checked and rewarded; I even found some messages across the website, where moderators themselves prove that not every game tasks can be successfully done and accepted without no problems, which lows the trust in the system even more. Same is with articles, plagiarism, unique matherial, authors suffering from that and low rewards for huge work. But you know it well yourself (as an author or spectator, it doesn't matter in this context), so I'll better stop here.

    All that remains for me to do as a user is try to get what I can still, for my part give this website what I can and leave, occasionally watching the development of affairs here. Learning from your mistakes is extremely useful, but it is bad when your thirst for money suppresses the human factor and those who believe in you suffer from it.

    16 july 2020 13:32 8369

    I agree with all of yall. I get that Gamehag nerfed the article rewards since they don't get money out of it, but this isn't the right way to do this. And the frog/toad idea is really stupid. I'm sorry, but you just gave us this out of nowhere without any warning whatsoever and when we have more things to worry about such as new game tasks and buffing articles, you spend time to create a story which is a bunch of fluff and it doesn't get to the main point of this feature. Here are the list of problems I have with this website:

    1. Chests:
    I get that free chests should only give a steam key, but please make it more realistic by adding the percentage rates for each reward instead of giving emails and articles to people saying that you can win a PS4. It's obvious that those are there for baity reasons and people are going to get mad if they get a steam key 5 times in a row so please put the rates at least in order to prevent people from getting tricked.

    2. Articles:
    Now I get that. You have to make money and articles don't give you money whatsoever but you have ads. Those aren't going to lose you any money so you might be able to buff articles if you have extra money. (Idk how this works tho) Again, just nerfing them out of nowhere makes no sense and it's really annoying. Also, be more responsable and don't just accept articles for being "good." Actually check if another user did a similar thing cause plagerism isn't fun at all and sometimes, people actually get rewarded for copying something which upsets me so much.

    3. Surveys, Minigames, and the Guessing Game:
    Surveys should give out more rewards since on other sites, they give SO MUCH more stuff than just like 100 gems (in terms of Gamehag currency) so at least buff those cause NO ONE wants to do these things.

    16 july 2020 15:48 8369

    (Part 2)
    Like what Sebastian said, they don't give the rewards half of the time and I wouldn't even do these things that will offer like free giftcards for signing up or adding my credit card info in order to pay for something that I WILL NEVER EVER use such as medince. Chances are that these providers are just scams as well. The minigames honestly suck as well since these game companies obviously just want to advertise their games for money and they are just rip offs of other famous games. The games don't even GIVE the gems and if you're going to include them, actually give us the payment instead of asking us to contact support for something that is your responsability. The guessing game should give out the percentage rates and by the looks of it, that just might be like the chests as well since I never WON gems from a single game even though I just clicked on the same option several times. Fix those things.

    16 july 2020 15:52 8369

    (Part 3)
    Support and Responsablity:
    To me, this just seems crazy. If you're going to hire people for being support, actually make them useful people cause sometimes, they just assume things. One time, I asked someone about a task and they said I had to BUY something from this site and I couldn't just do it for free which was COMPLETELY WRONG and it didn't make sense at all. Support should solely be people that have experience and not just people that are straight up giving a simple answer, yes or no. I went to the Discord Server and I know that there are people out there who complained that some people at support were just everday users who just gave a bad answer to their questions so actually hire good people such as more moderators instead of people who just don't even know what I'm talking about 1/8 of the time. Now the time that they respond is also pretty insane since the issues that aren't solved for a very long time should be dealt with and have a better response time than the issues that just appeared first. If you have a non valid code, that shouldn't take 5 days since you waited for 48 hours and you still haven't gotten your prize. Those people with invald prizes should be dealt and responded first and they should be quicker than 24 hours per reply. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

    16 july 2020 15:58 8369

    To @masculinium: Writing original articles for 25-250 gems, arguing for their right to be recognized as non-plagiarism anh high chance to meet my article in a forum instead of the corresponding section... Not the best solution for me, especially now with new conditions. If they could at least give experience or protection from a new “debuff”, it would be of much sense for me, but otherwise it doesn’t even seem to have a profit for the site itself.

    With regards to the new conditions: yes, this is a site about games in an opportunity to win some of these games and other prizes...however it is primarily a business platform that needs funding and profit. Perhaps the management decided that it would be more profitable for them to create an ongoing stream of new users so that there would be more new players who would come and go quickly than to encourage those who already are. It is like a stream of buyers in the market. Not everyone loves to have regular customers, because for these customers they have to make concessions, make discounts, and so on. Therefore, what we see as an adequate and honest attitude, business owners can see in a completely different way, and this situation is disadvantageous for them. The understanding of not only that “we seem to have been betrayed” is very poor, but also sad forecasts in general: a lot of honest negative responses that will later be replaced by bought positive ones, a decrease in interest and a final decline.
    I would not like to panic, but such examples already exist. I just hope that after the “punishment” they will give us the equivalent “encouragement”, or all this is really very pragmatic and will not make much sense further.

    P.S. A similar discussion on the Spanish-language part of the website has been removed. It is very sad to realize that this thread can meet the similar fate, too, and that all this is just human words and thoughts thrown into the void.

    16 july 2020 18:47 8369

    To @Aonb: If they are going to remove this forum, then they aren't doing their job because the moderators at the Discord Server said we could give feedback to them about this in a civil way on the fourms. Removing this would be no good at all so if they do that, they aren't going to be helpful at all.

    17 july 2020 16:39 8369

    Alright so I just finished reading through all the comments above and I have to admit that I agree with the majority of them. I'll give a detailed reply soon but just letting you know that I've seen this thread.

    >Removing this would be no good at all so if they do that, they aren't going to be helpful at all.

    Yes, that is true. Highly unlikely that this thread would be deleted since the comments and critique are mostly civil, and I'm sure the team would appreciate the constructive feedback. However if it does occur, not to worry as I've made a backup of all the comments within this thread.

    18 july 2020 06:15 8369

    The comments that i read trought are right and that i agrea. Do they want to shut down this site, do they want to lose money, do they want to lose users beacues that's how they should do it. If they want new users they should lisen to there users on what they want and take critisis what they don't want. Ps give us a heads-up when they going to give us a new system.

    18 july 2020 11:07 8369

    I agree with the majority of them. Changes in the regulations are not good for us users because we get restrictions that even repel from further use of the site, but you must remember that Gamehag is a company whose main goal is to gain the highest possible profit. The creators hope that the changes introduced by them in the regulations will attract new short-term users who would give them a quick profit. You have to remember that regular users provide publicity about the site by encouraging their friends to set up an account because they can get rewards, while after the changes, most regular users will leave because they will not be satisfied with the change in the regulations and the site won't receive "free advertising" that was provided by users. In my opinion, the changes to the regulations are too strict. The best option is to undo these changes, but it's unlikely they will, so I came up with a milder version of them.

    18 july 2020 13:32 8369

    I hope our statements won't be ignored.(continuing of the previous one)

    1. If for seven days in a row you fail to accomplish any task, you don't get soul stones through the apk zone or or write any article, in the act of self- defense you will turn into a frog. (you need to anticipate different scenarios when creating recipes that users must follow ,, eg it may happen that some of the users will not get soul stones and turn into a frog because they have completed all tasks from browser games and cannot download the game to the computer because it has not enough internet and can't afford to buy a better package with more GB) I gave one of many such cases.

    2.If your power level continues to drop for the next 30 days and you don't complete any task, you won't get soul stones through the apps zone or write any article, eventually you'll become too weak to keep the frog character. Then you will take the form of a toad. This is a critical condition for your body.If you don't raise your power level, you'll gradually become weaker.Every 7 days you will lose 7% exp from your account to maintain the transmutation spell. (This is a better option than losing soul stones when users see that the number of kd decreases they will stop using Gamehag and we do not want it, eg level 6 and 84% expa and after the allotted time you will have level 6 and 77% expa) If this way we reach levels 1 and 0% exp, the user is considered dead and cannot get soul stones or spend them, cannot create articles and cannot write forum posts for the first 7 days, after reaching level 2 the user will be able to use Gamehag normally.

    I hope our statements won't be ignored.

    18 july 2020 13:43 8369

    To @Mirathis:

    > you don't get soul stones through the apk zone,

    There are many complaints towards its general availability all over the Gamehag on at least three language localized areas of the website. Even performing the game tasks may not guarantee its proper work with showing ads or giving SGs for watching. And it's currently missing on IOs. So this zone should be totally reorganized in order to follow the terms you've suggested.

    > If this way we reach levels 1 and 0% exp, the user is considered dead and cannot get soul stones or spend them, cannot create articles and cannot write forum posts for the first 7 days, after reaching level 2 the user will be able to use Gamehag normally.

    Not a good idea as a whole, I think.
    If you offered this as a variant of the veiled requirement to complete the game tasks to get the 2nd level, then please keep in mind that not every task gives an exp, as well as it cannot give you the needed amount of exp in a short time for you to level-up. This is just one of the possible reasons I'm not agree in your suggestion about the level context.

    For any of the scenarios to work, the current one or the suggested by users, all its points and terms must be agreed upon with no contradicting to each other and be successfully implemented without huge errors.
    As well as the website system should really provide the sufficient variety and accessibility of interactions on the site to successfully follow the established rules for everyone who wants to comply with them for mutual comfort and profit.

    18 july 2020 16:18 8369

    Cause the problems that we are talking about in this thread is very important (another thing that Gamehag should improve is the chatting and fourms system cause it's kinda weird tbh)

    18 july 2020 17:58 8369

    Hi, I appreciate you making a whole thread discussing this change and I see the comments have been rather professionally constructive so ama join in lol.
    First off, as you guys discussed, This update is worst for people living on less developed country. For example, I live on algeria and been on this site for 3 years. I've been seriously active throughout 2018 and 2019 and only managed to get 3194 SGs. The games back then were giving you at limit 100 SGs, so the only choices I had is daily logging, rating articles, and writing them. So now with the addition of this update, of course I'm gonna be mad! All it did is make the harder things EVEN harder!
    Anyways, The new system of bringing back users is more like a "DO IT OR ELSE" system. All it does is punish you for dumb reasons and doesn't even give you great rewards if you do their tasks. Humans do not enjoy being forced by others especially from a darn company, therefore, I don't see how this update would bring or even keep most people on the site.
    The easy fix for this is to remove the limiations as a whole and just give out worth-while rewards for active users so they can work towards it. Maybe the more you are completing tasks the more SGs you are gonna earn and the lesser the reward are gonna cost. That should easily make people more active on this site cause It's essentially "play games, earn more, pay less". As you probably guessed, the rewards ain't gonna be too great but they should be at least to the point of making you go "welp ama stay more here ****"
    Hopefully Gamehag are gonna rethink this change.

    19 july 2020 09:26 8369

    The bussines model is lets add a new feature wich will drain 50SG every "X" time that will force users to compleate new offers regulary wich will bring us revenue. But the problem with this is most of the offers are shitty ones that requiere tons of time for not that much SG and some of them are just imposible to complete even with months of game. For this model to work we need more offers added weekly preferbly pc games!!!.

    But they should have fixed many of the problems the platform has before adding such feature:

    1. We need more PC games.
    2. Restock high value rewards (Master card 20€ and 50€, Kinguin 15€ 25€ 50€)
    3. Add more payment options like G2A, PayPal , etc.
    4. Wall update needed:
    a) Each wall to have a contact form with their support
    b) We need a way to tell wich offers have been finished, ongoing or failed
    c) We need a information about the device used (google user, device model, something) you may ask why we need this? Well there are games that have multiple offers for the same game on different walls.
    When i started on the platorm i used my 2 phones to start 2 offers on 2 walls for the same games and on each wall it had at least 2 offers for the same game, the devices i used where old ones they broke so i didnt fish the offer so when i decided to continue the offers later couldnt find any way to check what offer i started on what device

    19 july 2020 19:59 8369

    @nhammen You're quite right, the question about adding more tasks to perform have been risen several times during at least a couple of weeks till today :)

    Moreover, I am totally agree as for the possibility to complete them in time and \ or in general. There are already examples given by @masculinium with surveys and mobile app tasks (His message above starting with "Well, actually I'm agree with..."). As for games, there are some tasks that need donations in order to finish them quickly and fit the time measures, and there are some tasks that have a really low chance to be approved due to the issues with game providers.

    we need guarantees for the tasks, both for games and contracts, to be able to perform and approved as a whole; without that, just representing more tasks won't help much.

    So, to sum up, there is quite a big problem touching the very ability of successful performance of any game tasks or contracts, as well as of their chance to be approved, so it is need to be fixed as much as possible; without that, no expanding of tasks amount would be helpful. That's why it is one of the first issued that needs to be fixed urgently.

    19 july 2020 20:52 8369

    Hi! Thanks for making this thread DarkestTeddy.
    Here are the points that should've been made earlier, but we are still in the process of introducing them to the website:

    1. By "tasks" that protect from enchantments (Frogs and Toads) we mean all the tasks that can be performed on Gamehag:
    - offers from Offerwalls,
    - in-game tasks,
    - special tasks from Dashboard (f.e. downloading Gamehag extension and so on),
    - Soul Gems purchases.
    a) This should be very significant for users from countries that don't have that many in-game tasks available, or users that have completed them all, and may change your overall perception of the newly introduced system
    b) This will be made more clear in the upcoming changes to the FAQ and Misty bot.
    2. No, this thread obviously will not be removed!

    As for the rest of the points raised in this topic, obviously I can't refer to all of them individually, but we will take into account every bit of your such well-formed feedback. Also, please remember that if you have something important to say that is not necessarily related to this topic, you can also send it through our Discord on #suggestions.
    Cheers 😏

    20 july 2020 14:52 8369

    Hi, I must thank you for replying to us! I expected to see no replies from you guys but that wasn't the case so I appreciate that. I do however have stuff I do not agree with.
    We do know the exsistince of tasks other than in-game tasks but again, as we were saying, all of the tasks you mentioned are either hardly approved (offers, in-game tasks...) or already completed (special tasks). For the soul gems purchases part, who in the right mind would pay with their SGs so they can keep their SGs? You forgot the biggest problem is the fact we can lose Soul Gems if we ain't active for just a month? Gamehag needs to realize that even if they have the rights to take away anything we earn, They do not have the rights to force us to remain on their site. Take aways my SGs and you see me heading out from the site.
    One improtant question, Why did you not mention appzone? It seems like a task to me.

    20 july 2020 16:06 8369

    I get that every single task you see on Gamehag will count to resetting the thing, but eventually, we will run out of these tasks and if we don't change the overall system, many people will just quit and do something else besides this cause there isn't a reward for being active and instead, it just only punishes you for being inactive. This update overall doesn't have anything good and we have to change that somehow.

    20 july 2020 16:43 8369

    No one is going to buy soulgems in here cause that's obviously not smart. To me, Gamehag probably just thinks we will still be active because of the variety of tasks we have but we did mostly everything except the offers which are buggy and sometimes scams even so I'm just gonna say that as a side note for you guys.

    20 july 2020 16:45 8369

    We really need something like a new task every week or a nerf to the frog/toad system cause this CLEARLY isn't working for anyone and just thinking and assuming that we have enough tasks isn't how we can solve this problem. There are bound to be people who have completed everything on this site so maybe everytime you complete a task, it will add to your overall time before getting turned into a frog and it can stack up for each time you be active (not just tasks but making articles, commenting, etc cause doing tasks and paying gems isn't good enough and people will run out of those so we will need to find an infinite source that will prevent us from being turned into frogs/toads)

    20 july 2020 16:49 8369

    And while we are talking about nerfing the system, I suggest removing the story and pictures ENTIRELY from the info section of the system cause they aren't very helpful at all and they are just mostly distracting people from knowing the main point of the system. The story isn't true in any way and it's just fluff so please, do something about that cause it's honestly annoying that you're spending your time to create a story that no one really asked for/wants.

    20 july 2020 16:51 8369

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