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    Misty, 20 september 2021 15:55

    Earning WoW TBC gold with Warrior class

    Looking for a PvP class that suits you? Check out the WoW TBC Warrior DPS PvP guide.

    What is the Warrior DPS PvP class, and what exactly is it capable of?

    When we aren't stressing about methods to make more WoW TBC gold and finding the best ways to engage in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade power leveling, we are often trying to choose the best class. If you are looking for a choice that will help you with PvP, then you should take a look at the Warrior DPS PvP class.

    About Warrior DPS PvP

    If you have experienced the Warrior already, then you will know the sheer amount of damage they are capable of in battle. They have primary abilities that are a devastating part of the Warrior's arsenal. These are known as Hamstring and Mortal strike, which offer physical debuffs and can be very useful indeed. Since your focus is on melee, you'll find that mobility is going to be an issue. With this lack of movement, it means that one particular race stands head and shoulders above the rest. This of course is the Gnome. The reason as to why it is so much more of a better choice is that it has the Escape Artist ability. You will be able to cast this instantly when you are playing The Burning Crusade, and it will get rid of any slows over a period of 105 seconds for you.

    How Good Are They in PvP?

    When you are starting out in player vs. player combat, you aren't going to find Warrior at the top of the picks. That said, it is still a pretty popular option to go with. You will find them a lot more useful when you are able to craft the likes of the Stormhherald. With weapons like this, you'll be much more effective in PvP. This is because of the stun effect it has, so any weapon that you can find with these traits will help out.

    What Gear Should I Use?

    You will find that Resilience is going to be a huge factor of this class. Generally, you are looking for WoW TBC Classic items that will help you, such as getting plate gear. However, the Resilience trait will mean that you can mitigate the damage that is coming towards you in the form of critical strikes. This is vital, as you are going to need to cut down as much damage against the likes of Mages. Their ability to hit guaranteed critical strikes is the weakness of many Warriors. That said, you don't want to sacrifice too much of your offensive strategy either. Your goal should be to get as much of a balance as you can between Resilience and your ability to pull off powerful attacks.

    Should I Use Them in Arena?

    For the moment, it might not seem like the best choice for Arena. But that I more down to the support, or lack thereof, that the Warrior gets in situations like this. If it does eventually get the support necessary, you will see that it will be one of the best choices in Arena. When more aspects of PvE are brought in, as well as better gear, there will be Warriors out there that will be forces to be reckoned with.

    Warriors in Battlegrounds

    When it comes to Battlegrounds, the Warrior fares much better. In fact, you will be reliant on the Warrior to get the fight started when you're in Battlegrounds. As a Warrior, you should be the priority class for your healer to be focusing on. This will allow the Warrior to concentrate on dealing as much damage as possible to those in front of it.

    So does this answer the burning question of whether or not you should play is the Warrior DPS in PvP situations? It is clear to see that there are many positives to playing as the Warrior in general. After all, it is one of the more popular classes in World of Warcraft TBC the entire game. It might require some investment of WoW TBC Classic gold to get the right gear for it, but it's still a formidable force. Even if you had to buy WoW TBC Classic gold to get it to where it needs to be, it's bound to be worth your investment.

    That said, it does have drawbacks that you're hopefully now aware of. At least you can now make an informed decision, and start thinking of ways to approach WoW TBC power leveling, or how you're going to get gold to pay for that flying mount.

    Are you planning to play as the Warrior in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade? Let us know in the comments section below!

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    Rate this article Earning WoW TBC gold with Warrior class

    (4.49/5) 415 rates


    ion play this game but ok

    31 october 2021 07:39

    Learn a Lot aBout BEing aPowerful ?Goblin

    15 november 2021 00:11

    Hmmm interesting.i might try this game tho

    23 february 2022 23:43


    23 november 2022 20:59

    very gud my friend well made

    13 october 2021 08:43

    Yo, I plan on continuing to main my DPS Warrior into TBC (I’m getting glaives or I’m gonna die trying) I’m currently mining/engin, and plan on staying with these profs until 70, where I’ll drop mining for blacksmithing

    7 january 2022 10:42

    Warriors have always been a pain to play for me mainly because of the gear but this guide helps.

    2 november 2021 03:46

    Thanks for this article. I played a Warrior Tank, and that worked out well, quite fun. Please include images in your future articles though.

    9 october 2021 18:58

    I think it's transferred I don't want it that's bad man...

    16 october 2021 21:06

    Hmm, no images. Would have been nice if images were added.

    10 december 2021 08:42