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    Rate this article "Warframe Fishing Guide"

    (4.36/5) 11 rates
    Shedevil88, 16 october 2017 19:18

    Warframe Fishing Guide

    With the new Plains of Eidolon update, a fishing mechanic has been introduced in the game. This is a basic fishing guide with a few hints on how to make your fishing experience just a little bit easier.

    Fishing Spears:

    At the moment there are 3 different types of fishing spears you can use. You can buy a fishing spear from Hai-luk, who sells fishing equipment in Cetus, Earth. You use the fishing spears to catch the fish with. Types of fishing spears:

    • Lanzo fishing spear – easier to catch fish with smooth skin
    • Tulok fishing spear – punctures armoured plates and carapaces
    • Peram fishing spear – pierces hides of scaly fish


    After you purchase the fishing spear, make sure you equip it, so you can use it. Different kinds of fish don’t necessarily require different fishing spears to catch but it sure makes some of them a lot easier to catch when you do more damage with a certain type of fishing spear.


    Basic Fishing Mechanics:

    Make sure you have your fishing spear with you (equipped) and try to find a water source (lake or ocean). Stand near the water and equip you fishing spear (unholster it). There might not be any fish around at the beginning so just stay patient and wait for a few second for them to start spawning. You will hear a bubbling sound when they start spawning. Just look around and follow the sound and you should be able to find some fish in no time.

    Make sure to aim your fishing spear (with your right mouse button), especially if the fish is a bit far away. It will be easier for you to hit it. Once you have the fish aimed, use your left mouse button to release the spear and throw it into the fish. If you hit the fish you will get a short “cut scene” with your warframe holding up the fish you just caught. It will also include some of the statistics such as the size of the fish (S, M, L), the weights of the fish and the species.

    If you missed the fish with your fishing spear, the fish will get frightened and swim away (it will not despawn). There is also another scenario where you can may receive a “boot” when missing a fish.


    Post Fishing Activities:

    After you’ve managed to catch a few fish there are a few things you can do with them. Make sure to locate the fishing equipment vendor Hai-luk again (in Cetus) where you will receive a few options:

    • You can trade in your fish for standing (Ostron). You can buy various things with it, such as better fishing spears, bait recipes, trophy recipes, etc.
    • You can decide to cut-up your fish and receive fish resources which are required to buyand craft certain items (bait, decorations,etc).
    • You can use your biggest catches (Large – L) to craft trophies.
    • Trade fish as crafting components.


    Different Fish Species:

    You can find different types of fish in different biomes (ponds, lakes, oceans) and different times of the day (day-time, night-time).

    Smaller ponds that are shallow will hold these types of fish:

    • Yogwun (day-time)
    • Khut-khut (day-time)
    • Mortus Lungfish (day-time + night-time)
    • Cuthol (night-time) – Special bait


    Larger lakes that are deeper (big lake in the middle – north of the Cetus gate) will hold these fish:

    • Mawfish (day-time)
    • Charc Eel (day-time + night-time)
    • Norg (day-time + night-time) – Special bait


    The sea side, ocean biomes will hold these fish:

    • Goopolla (day-time + night-time)
    • Tralok (day-time + night-time)
    • Sharrac (day-time + night-time)
    • Karkina (day-time + night-time)
    • Murkray (day-time + night-time) – Special bait
    • Glappid (night-time) – Special bait



    Using bait will increase your chances of certain fish spawning, depends on the bait you’re using. None of the baits are 100% effective and may not attract fish at all.

    Types of bait:

    • Peppered bait – attracts fish that are active during the day
    • Twilight bait – attracts predatory fish that are active in either day or night
    • Murkray bait – attracts Murkray fish
    • Norg bait – attracts Norg fish
    • Cuthol bait – attracts Cuthol fish
    • Glappid bait – attracts Glappid fish


    Extra tips:

    • Volt – his passive adds bonus damage to spears. It can be useful for rare, high level fish which require you to deal more damage to them.
    • Zephyr – Augmented Jet Stream effects the projectile speed of the spear, increasing it’s range.
    • My favourite fishing spot is the pond with a geyser nearby. It’s located left from the Cetus gate. It depends what kind of fish you’re after but that location certainly has a lot of fish spawning.
    • Fish can swim through some surfaces such as rocks most of the time, which can be quite annoying but sometimes they get stuck. It can be quite handy to get them stuck and just throw your spear at them to gather up some easy kills, especially if it’s one of the rare fish that requires more than 1 hit to catch.


    Some of the info in this guide might change in the near future, since the update just got released. But for now it should be quite accurate. Hope you liked my guide so go get fishing!

    Rate this article Warframe Fishing Guide

    (4.36/5) 11 rates


    very helpful its funny i never knew i could even do finishing in the game until i saw this and now i finally know how to get hhat fish oil to build my archwings ♥

    8 june 2020 04:30