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    (3.75/5) 24 rates
    Zackalakz, 19 october 2018 15:17


    Toribash is a free to play online physics based fighting game. Players control their Tori, a human resembling character, by moving different joints around the Tori's body. This movement system can be incredibly difficult and unforgiving for beginners, but once you get used to it, there are barely any limits in the game. Toribash can be a very fun and pleasurable experience where anything is possible as long as you put time and effort into it.

    • Movement and Combat

      The combat and movement system of Toribash are very connected and if you are good at one, you are bound to be good at the other. There are 20 joints on your Tori's body which can be changed into four different states. The first state is the relaxing state. In this state, the joint doesn't apply any force and enters a rag-doll mode. This stage is incredibly important if you want fluid movement that can resemble a human's. The second state is the holding state. In this state, the joint is being held and tries to stay in the same position without moving. However, with enough force applied, the joint can still be moved while in the holding state. The last two states are contracting and extending which can also be called right rotating/bending and left rotating/bending for certain joints. Each joint can move in two opposites directions and these states each make the joint move in the positions. Each joint has a limit to how far it can move just like us humans. In order to attack or move around, you control joints by changing them into these four states. In every match, your Tori starts off in a T-pose position with all joints on relaxed mode. You could either click on each joint to cycle them through the four states or use certain keys on the keyboard. Pressing C changes all joints on your Tori between relaxing and holding. Holding your mouse over a joint and pressing Z on it switches the joint between moving in each of the two directions. Doing the same with X switches the joint between holding and relaxing.
    • Matches

      Matches are played in a turn-like sequence. Each player has a certain amount of time(usually around 20 seconds but varies depending on mod or settings of that match) to change the state of joints without seeing each other's actions. This adds in the need for the skill to predict your opponent's actions. There is always a shadow for each character that shows what would happen next with your current joint positions which can be disabled in the settings. This helps out starters incredibly. It updates every time you make adjustments to your joints and still constantly pops up otherwise. Of course, it does not update with the opponent's movement and instead uses the opponent's joint positions last turn to predict the movement. As turns go by, the actions last longer before they stop for you to adjust to keep matches from being too long. For example, at the start of the match you might get to change your joint movements every second but near the end each turn could last up to three seconds without you changing your joints. The normal ways to lose are if you touch the ground with any body part that is not your feet or your hands, or if you touch ground that is out of bounds. Those result in an instant loss, but the player that inflicts less damage by the end of the match can also lose. The time limit of matches varies between matches and mods but are usually long enough for somebody to win by then. Damage is calculated with a skeletal system meaning it depends on where you hit and how hard you hit. You could also hurt yourself from hitting other players or objects giving it a more realistic feeling. Body parts can also be ripped off causing every joint to turn into relaxing mode which could be changed back to something else and joints could be broken which causes you to be unable to adjust them which stays relaxed for the rest of the match. Each lobby can hold multiple people who take turns fighting. Winners of each match stay and the losers go to the end of the queue.
    • Mods

    Mods for Toribash offer a very wide variety of gameplay. Mods could do basic things like creating a new map, adding objects, and change various settings(match time limit, time to change joints, gravity, how easily body parts rip off;etc). However, they can also change the characters entirely. One mod could change the characters into racing cars and another could make them gigantic and have blades for hands. You get an unmeasurable amount of mods with the game itself.
    • Parkour and Tricking

      With a movement system with this much freedom and help from a low gravity mod, many cool tricks are possible. I myself have a done a triple back flip with a proper landing before with the help of a mod.
    • Customization

      Toribash customization is very wide and detailed. There are textures for every body part and colors for the main parts. Colors are provided by the game but textures can be made by anyone. There are a wide variety of textures you can mix and match to make your avatar. There are also flames and auras which can be bought and customized. A few items are also available in the shop. All of these are bought for Toricoins, the in-game currency, which can be earned while playing, daily rewards, and selling things you design.

    • Conclusion

      Toribash is a very underrated game with a small, positive community. I recommend you try it out. It may be hard at first, but it will definitely be worth it. Also, please consider rating this article and using my referral code: GH1995202

    Rate this article Toribash

    (3.75/5) 24 rates


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