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    (3.9/5) 21 rates
    KayZeeSlayerCsgo, 29 december 2018 19:37

    Top 5 Glock-18 Skins For CSGO

    Hello guys today i am going to help you guys to choose a beautiful and sick looking skin for Glock-18. Glock-18 is a weapon that is used by the terrorist sides and it is a default weapon for the terrorist sides that's why i choose glock-18 for you guys to help you get a skin for this weapon.

    The skins are for every type of budget so everyone who is reading the article to choose a glock-18 skin will definitely find this article helpful.
    these skins are for all low,medium,and high budgets.i did not include StatTrack or souvenir weapon because the prices get extremely high.
    So here is the list :

    1) Glock-18 Water Elemental :

    Glock-18 Water Elemental is in my opinion the best beautiful looking glock skin.Me myself use this skin in the T side.This skin has a very bright texture and i like the cartoon type skin.The red back ground and the water on the skin is very beautifully made.I really like this skin and this is also a very cheap skin.Mostly many people does not have glock skins but after looking this skin in more detail you will definitely love to get this skin in-game.Getting matching stickers for this skin is also a very good choice.Get this skin in any type of wear it will not matter but as the wear increase to factory new it gets more brighter so if you want a brighter water elemental then go for higher wear but i use field tested and i will also recommend you to get this skin in field tested wear.Starting from $9.13 to $3.77 is a really cheap price for such a good skin.

    2) Glock-18 Fade :

    This skin is a very beautiful and very attractive skin.This skin actually is very bright looking skin.I recommend you to only put stickers on it's handle.The price of this weapon is very out of hands.Only extreme budget people can get this skin or the people who are really lucky and get it from a case opening.it has a really great red,yellow, and purple colors.All the colors mix and match perfectly with each other.Starting from $450 to $338 is a very expensive skin but the factory new is actually cheaper so i recommend you that if you are willing to buy this skin so buy this in factory new.

    3) Glock-18 Reactor :

    This skin in my opinion is a very gorgeous looking skin and a very cheap skin too.This skin has a shiny texture and a great yellow back ground and on the yellow back ground it has some black spots which really like.This skin in my opinion is a very different and unique looking skin.Theirs nothing more to say about the skin but i really recommend to not to get stickers for this skin as this will ruin the whole skin.Starting from $5.26 to $1.29 is a very cheap skin.

    4) Glock-18 Waste Land Rebel :

    This skin in my opinion is a very different and unique looking skin.This skin has a very dull looking texture.The brown looking back ground and the words written on the skin with white color just makes the gun look very different and unique.I really want to try this skin out and i will also recommend you guys if your trying to get a unique and a dull looking skin with a very different texture.Starting from $10.53 to $6.68 is a cheap skin.

    5) Glock-18 Moon Rise :

    This skin in my opinion is the best looking skin for a very cheap price.I would recommend you to get this skin if you are on a low budget.This skin is a very bright looking skin.I would not recommend you to get stickers on this skin because this will ruin the skin.If you are a casual player or not not good at the but then also you want to get skins so this is definitely a skin for you.Starting from $2.44 to $0.58 is a very cheap skin you can get that is actually is also very good and attractive.

    This is it guys i hope it helped you to get a glock-18 skin.

    Rate this article Top 5 Glock-18 Skins For CSGO

    (3.9/5) 21 rates


    The texture is amazing

    14 february 2020 09:48

    Good and interesting article

    5 march 2020 13:09

    Article has no pictures. I'm thinking of some skin for Glock.

    6 september 2020 16:27

    i would love to have all those skins man ! They're just beautiful

    6 march 2020 13:46

    very nice Words, I mean article

    25 march 2019 09:09

    cs go is a disease

    9 april 2020 09:37

    I liked the skims so why not me

    9 april 2020 09:36

    I personally really liked the Sacrafise, why isn't it there?

    4 may 2020 01:54

    i love glock-18 skins with stickers
    it's cool

    21 march 2020 17:06


    10 march 2020 11:56