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    blank4, 25 september 2018 18:18

    Top 10 Less than $15 A Must Have Dota2 Set

    If you are planning on loading up your steam wallet to purchase in-game sets then I have a perfect list for you.

    Buying in game cosmetics cost money and some of those cool looking one are so expensive, but for the sake of your favorite hero you will still buy it instead. I have collected 10 customized or bundled sets that you might consider buying because it’s not that expensive and it looks cool.


    • PRICE – Well it’s about not so expensive set, but I just don’t based it on the price it should have more that to it to be included in the list.
    • POPULARITY – Who doesn’t want things that almost all players have?
    • EFFECTS – Some Mythical and Immortal Items are cheap and had awesome ambient effects that make it so unique from a default set.
    • Pro Players Signature Set – Some cheap sets now on the market was created in collaboration with some pro players which I still find very awesome.

    10. Dragon Knight Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest

    What I can tell more about this set besides perfection. I mean the set is what a Dragon  Knight should looked like. The set includes ambient effects and 2 types of Style Normal and Executioner.

    - Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest  - $ 10.01

                                                        Total  - $ 10.01

    9. Treant Protector Bark of the Ageless Witness mix with Immortal

    This Treant Protector Set is too good, it is like this immortal is made for this set. The ambient effect of this set and immortal is more stunning once you unlocked the 2nd style of the set and immortal that makes Treant Protector look like a majestic walking purple tree.

    COST - Bark of the Ageless Witness - $ 3.33

                            Stuntwood Sanctuary - $ 0.28                            

                                                      Total  - $ 3.61

    8. Batrider Apex Explorer

    There are a lot of good bat rider set in the market but what makes it more awesome than the other is about the unique ride which is an Owl, so should we call this hero Owlrider now?

    COST - ApexExplorer      - $ 1.98

                               Total      - $ 1.98

    7. Pudge Murderer of Crows

    One of the most popular hero, which means there are more cosmetic items for this hero compared to other heroes. I choose this set because the price is more reasonable than other sets/items and the other reason is this set is made in collaboration with a pro player Dendi. The set has ambient effect and unique hook action, and teleportation animation.

    COST – Murdere of Crows - $ 8.88                           

                                       Total - $ 8.88

    6. Earth Shaker Binding of Deep Magma

    The legendary set of Earth Shaker, a cool volcanic themed set that have customized ability icon and ability effects, it’s like have an immortal in a set. This item is one of the most popular earth shaker item out there.

    COST - Binding of Deep Magma - $ 10.61                              

                                           Total      - $ 10.61

    5. Bloodseeker All Immortal Items mix with Primeval Predator

    Another perfect set for a hero named Bloodseeker the set is literally filled with blood. The item’s contain customized ability icons and effects and let me tell you the effects are so cool Bloodseeker looked like a running grim reaper once the effects activtes.

    COST - Maw of Eztzhok                      - $  0.65

                Thirst of Eztzhok Blade            - $  5.22

                Thirst of Eztzhok - Off-Hand    - $  4.88

                Primeval Predator                    - $  3.13                          

                                                       Total  - $ 13.88

    4. Omni Knight Undying Light mix with Infused Crown of Sacred Light and Immortal Weapon

    What would a knight that can cast healing magic look like? The answer is this set, Omni Knight looked like an holy angel sent from heaven in this set.

    COST - Undying Light Bundle                   - $ 3.99

                 Adoring Wingfall                            - $ 0.46

                 Infused Crown of Sacred Light      - $ 0.39                 

                                                          Total      - $ 4.84

    3. Juggernaut Balance of The Bladekeeper Plus Kinetic Gems

    One of the favorite carry of almost all players. This set will make your Juggernaut into a mysterious looking samurai, in short bad-ass. The set contain ambient and ability effects on all skill once Kinetic Gems is applied.

    COST - Balance of The Bladekeeper    - $  9.69

                Kinetic Gems for Bladekeeper   - $  1.70    

                                                          Total - $ 11.39

    2. Axe All Immortal Items plus The Blood Chaser

    You probably seen this set a lot in Dota 2 tournaments and the answer to why might be obvious, because one look and you can see how bad ass axe in this set a raging warrior themed really suites the berserker Axe.  

    COST - Mantle of the Cinder Baron  - $   1.31

                Rampant Outrage                  - $   2.38

                Molten Claw                           - $ 10.18

                The Blood Chaser                  - $   1.10                        

                                                      Total  - $ 14.97

    1. Anti-Mage All Immortals mix with Legacy of the Awakened

    Finally the king of all carry Anti-Mage who wouldn’t want to have this set, if you always use this hero you can discard the non-immortal items but the immortals are a must have.

    COST - Origins of Faith                           - $ 3.14

                Offhand Basher of Mage Skulls   - $ 1.48

                Basher of Mage Skulls                 - $ 1.38

                Legacy of the Awakened              - $ 0.30                 

                                                           Total   - $ 6.30

    I hope you enjoy this top 10 and I’m sorry if your favorite heroes are not included in the list. See you the next article.

    Rate this article Top 10 Less than $15 A Must Have Dota2 Set

    (2.91/5) 23 rates


    its a good game

    7 june 2020 03:55

    good job!!

    22 april 2020 21:17

    pls robux pro games

    7 march 2019 13:51

    After so many years, I still dont get the lure of ingame items 😇

    21 february 2019 11:56

    i love RIKI 👍

    2 march 2019 22:59