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    Auradean, 30 july 2018 21:24

    Sword Fighting Guide

    Sword Fighting has been on ROBLOX almost as long ROBLOX itself has been. A lot of you on this site may have picked up an interest on ROBLOX through the many tasks you may of done related to ROBLOX, and maybe even gained an interest in sword fighting. This basic guide should help you become a better sword fighter.

    First of all, what even is Sword Fighting?

    Sword Fighting is where two or more players fight with a sword, usually a linked sword (classic sword). This is quite common on a lot of sword fighting places, such as Auto Duels, Sword Fights on the Heights, Sword Champions, and many more places.

    Let's start with the sword itself. The linked sword.

    This is the most common sword you will see. The bread and butter of sword fighting. While there are many other swords you may see on places, such as the Darkheart and Venomshank, those are not going to be used most of the time, as they have additional effects and are way less common than the linked sword, and definitely aren't used in a defence, raid or scrimmage. In this guide only the Linked Sword will be covered, but a lot of the guide will apply to those swords as well.

    There are three key states of the sword:


    Without clicking, if another player touches the sword, it'll deal 5 damage to each body part that makes contact with the sword. It doesn't matter if the arms, torso, legs or even the head makes contact, each part does the same amount of damage. This applies to all of the three states of the sword. Your sword will return back to the idle state after a lunge or slash.
    And no, you can't cut limbs off to disarm an opponent or cripple their walking speed.


    By clicking once, you'll do a slash animation. This increases your horizontal reach and does increased damage. Some sword fighters will time their clicks to constantly slash in between lunges to deal extra damage before a lunge.
    Slashing inflicts 10 damage per body part the sword makes contact with.


    By double-clicking in quick succession, you'll do a lunge. This greatly increases your horizontal reach and does massive damage, even more than slashing. This is the animation you'll most commonly use for dealing damage and finishing off targets. Be careful though, once the animation ends, there is a delay before you can lunge again. You can use this to your advantage against other players as they will be open to be attacked.
    Lunging should not be underestimated, as it inflicts a massive 30 damage per body part the sword makes contact with.


    Your base health in ROBLOX is 100. This means you can't tank hits and be a juggernaut against your foe. Treat you and your opponent as glass cannons. You can inflict hundreds of DPS (damage per second), but one mistake will kill you instantly.

    Keep an eye on your health and your opponents health. The opponents health bar will change from green at high health, to red at low health. You will also slowly regenerate health every second, although this is less than one health point every second, it can add up over a long sword fight.

    You can memorise the damage values to help your odds of winning in a fight. Knowing how much damage you can inflict and how much you can take is one of the keys of winning a duel.

    A good way to remember the damage values is by checking the script of a linked sword in ROBLOX studio. Here is the part of the script that determines how much damage is inflicted.

    Sword Fighting Animations

    Sword Fighting also has two different animations : Old Animations (OA) and New Animations (NA)

    Damage is the same for both of these animations; but there is one major difference between OA and NA.

    In OA, jumping while lunging will make your sword go up vertically, instead of horizontally in front of you.
    This punishes you for jumping (most of the time). It can help while climbing on truss or killing enemies above you, but it is quite situational.

    In NA, you'll just lunge the same way as on the ground, so it is a lot more common for players to jump during a sword fight.
    You can use this to your advantage by predicting when they are going to jump forward, as you can punish them greatly for doing so.

    How to enable mouselock (shift lock switch)

    To enable mouselock, join a game and press the esc key on your keyboard. Click the settings button besides the player button.
    Then click on the arrows to enable Shift Lock Shift from Off to On.

    Press the esc key to return back to the game. Now when you press shift, you have enabled mouse lock.

    The benefit of enabling mouselock is to give you additional control when using the sword. By pressing the A, S and D keys, you will still move to that direction, but you will be facing where the camera is instead of turning your entire character to that direction.
    This means that you can lunge in front of you while retreating backwards, or strafe in mid air much better.


    Sword Fighting will take a lot of practice to get used to. There are many places to practice on though. For both animations, Auto Duels is a great place to go to. By default, you'll join the NA server.

    To join the OA server. Just walk past the player board and tree and stand on the green square with the text "Teleport to OA" on it.
    You'll get a notification on the bottom of the screen to join it.

    You will be in an OA server. You can go back to the same spot to go back to NA.
    Sometimes, the server will be empty. This is because of the OA server(s) being full, or no one is currently playing at the moment. Try again later if that is the case.

    To duel someone in Auto Duels, stand on the grey pads. A notification will pop up to allow you to duel.

    Clans & Groups

    If you sword fight enough, you may see some players try to recruit you to join their group. This can be a great way to find others to sword fight in the community, and you can take part in many sword fighting events. Some groups host trainings to help train members.

    Some groups will have a fort they will defend against other groups. This is easily one of the best ways to train your sword fighting skills, as you will fight dozens of players on the opposing side usually (this varies on fort to fort, some forts may only allow 20 players, but some may allow more than 40.)
    Let's take Atrox Empire's Outpost Livia as an example.

    Outpost Livia can have up to 35 players. Usually this will be split in half. You may think this would be 17 v 17, with usually raiders having an extra player. This isn't always the case though, as groups don't need to set a limit of players on the defending or raiding team.

    The defending side will usually have a minor advantage and more experience on the fort, with a few seconds of spawn advantage, however, raiders usually have more players to compensate for this.

    Some forts are equal on both sides though, so if you want to fight on equal footing without tons of up and downsides, those forts would be the best for you.

    Groups will of course, raid other groups. This is also great for training your sword fighting skills.
    For more advanced sword fighters, you may be able to join a group's scrimmage division. This is basically a 5v5 duel usually, commonly on a terrain-based map such as "meadows".

    There is also a Sword Clan Community discord server. With enough digging, you can find the discord server.

    A lot of the people in these groups are really helpful, so feel free to ask about any questions you may have about sword fighting to them!
    To join a sword fighting group, you need to use the group feature on the ROBLOX website. Just go on the groups page and search for the group there. If you are struggling finding a group, you can check another users groups to find the group if they are currently in the group you are looking for.

    This shouldn't be mixed up for the 'clan' feature though. Some groups will have 'clan members'. This doesn't really have any major effects though. On the off chance you may be invited to a clan, you will get a pop up once viewing the group you were invited by.

    You will be featured on the group page on the clan section if you do join the clan. You can only be in one clan at a time, and for non-builder club users, you can be in 5 groups at a time.

    Some groups will focus on a certain animation, and some groups are hybrid/dual-animations, meaning they do both OA and NA.
    Find a group that suits your preferred animation for sword fighting.

    There is a lot more to what I mentioned about sword fighting. Feel free to ask the sword fighting community about anything else you want to know about sword fighting!

    I hope this guide helped you in some way, now go out there and sword fight!

    Rate this article Sword Fighting Guide

    (4.52/5) 96 rates

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    help very good

    11 april 2020 15:21

    I used to sword fight a lot on roblox so iI can tell this helped out some people.

    16 june 2020 17:41

    another tip is to go for the opponents side where they dont have the swords

    23 april 2020 03:03

    just dodge and dodge and attack its the more simple way (also shift lock is very very good in sword fighting)

    17 may 2020 09:23

    oh woah a actual article a that isnt terrible good work dude keep it up

    1 march 2020 02:05

    Cool artical, never have I done sword fighting on Roblox but it sounds fun.

    1 february 2019 02:56

    just dodge and dodge and attack its the more simple way (also shift lock is very very good in sword fighting)

    21 april 2021 09:31

    THANK YOU nice article

    18 april 2020 12:34

    ı agree very helpful

    22 april 2020 11:19

    Thanks For The Help!

    27 may 2020 12:48