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    (4.37/5) 353 rates
    aSthy, 8 december 2019 12:23

    ShellShockers review

    Hello guys and girls! This here is an article about an online game called ShellsShockers. Hope you enjoy!


    ShellShockers is an online FPS game in which players can join different servers and hop into immediate gameplay. You play as eggs (yes, eggs) and you can shoot each other. That's it.


    There are quite a few maps that can be found in this game, each having different paths and covers to play around.
    There are 3 gamemodes in ShellShockers:

    • Free For All: Literally the biggest chaos you can imagine (if there are many players). Everyone can shoot anyone. Go for kills!
    • Teams: The map is split now. On one side are the reds, while on the other the blues. Same concept as FFA, but with teams!
    • Captula the Spatula: 2 teams killing each other and fighting for a spatula. Does it make sense? No. Is it fun? At most definitely.
    In each map there are ammo packs and granades that can be picked up from the ground if you run out of any of them.
    There are 6 different weapons (for now) in the game:
    • Shotgun (Dozen gauge): Powerfull weapon at close range. Becomes weaker the higher the distance gets.
    • Semi-auto rifle (CSG-1): This is probably the most well balanced gun. It can't oneshot anyone, but it has 15 bullets in a magazine and it has a scope.
    • Automatic rifle (EggK-47): Very effective at middle range, however, in my experience, it's the hardest weapon in the game to play with.
    • SMG (Whipper): It's a small weapon that doesn't deal much damage, but shoots at an increadibly high speed with relatively low scatter.
    • Sniper rifle (Crackshot): The strongest weapon in the game (in my opinion). It needs ca. 0,5 second for the crosshair to focus in the middle, and it needs to be reloaded after each shot, but it can very easily oneshot others, and the reload time is quite low.
    • Rocket launcher (RPEgg): You can try out this weapon, but i don't recommend it. It has only got 4 ammunition, and you can't pass this limit. It has a really weird hitbox system, where sometimes you hit a player with a rocket in the face and it doesn't deal damage.

    Skins and stuff:

    For each kill in game you get 10 Egg Shack. You can spend this eggs on several new stuff that has came into the game very recently: skins. They don't effect the game, but they look super cool.LuZvn75yiIjaPMXmDu2dDwkApE3iJ7.png


    Gameplay: 5/5. Honestly, for an online browser game, this is by far incredible. I recommend for you to try it out with a few friends and flame each other with stuff, like "How did that not hit?".

    Graphics: 5/5. The weapons are a bit too pixely, but the overall feeling of the game is not comperable to other browser shooting games. (If your computer can't handle these insane graphics, you can also turn them to low).

    I suggest you to head to https://shellshock.io/ immediately and jump into instant fun of gameplay.

    Rate this article ShellShockers review

    (4.37/5) 353 rates


    I like it

    8 march 2020 20:43

    eggsiting lol looks eggcerlent

    2 february 2020 02:36

    Sick am UFC ex FC GB in on on yeah of

    18 february 2020 02:04

    hello everyone who i like this game go and play and enjoy and i hope all like it :)

    15 march 2020 06:11

    If you still go to school and it's blocked by your administrator, you can go to ioground.com, click Shell Shockers, and switch the proxy site.

    14 february 2020 15:15

    You should add more pictures next time. Is this game Free-to-Play?

    7 july 2020 18:57

    idk this article but is so good

    31 january 2020 16:47

    your articel is really god 💯

    31 january 2020 15:49

    bad... not cool bro!

    24 february 2020 20:46

    ive played this game before and this article is very good for starter of the game and people who want to get better at this game

    27 december 2019 22:57