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    Rate this article "Pacify - Game Review"

    (4.19/5) 194 rates
    BlueBliss404, 21 june 2020 04:15

    Pacify - Game Review

    Today, I will be talking about a game that has received a lot of attention in the past few days. You have already understood which game I am talking about today in this article. So, get ready because things might get very much darker. Without any further due, let's begin.


    Pacify is a horror multiplayer game that released on February 22, 2019. SKH Apps developed and published this game. After releasing the game got many positive reviews and responses. Many YouTubers played this game, and their reaction encouraged people to buy this game. Besides, the price of this game is also very reasonable, and it does not require a high-end device to play. I will be talking about the requirements later, let's jump into the main discussion.


    Pacify is a multiplayer horror game. So, you can play this game with your friends in two modes. You can play with them in CO-OP mode and against them in the PVP mode. Besides, there is also a single-player mode. The game begins outside an old haunted house. You and your friends will have nothing except a torch. A ghost of a small child roams around the haunted house. The child is harmless, but if it doesn't get its doll, then things might get very wrong. In the house, there are many rooms, but they are locked. All you have to do is to find all the keys and find the boiler in the basement. You have to burn down all the cursed dolls of the child to win this game. But if you get caught, you will have to become a doll and have to stay in the haunted house for your whole life. The child will become unconscious when you burn down all the puppets. Then, you have to carry her and take her to the research center. That's all about this game.


    Graphics & Sound Effects:

    The graphics of this game is not too bad nor too good. The quality is very much average, but the game is very much detailed. The shadows and other graphical effects are good. Sound is the soul of this game because the sound effects are very much good. The sounds of the ghost and footsteps are enough to take away your sleep of night. Overall, the graphics and sound quality of this game is outstanding.



    The ratings of Pacify is impressive. It has been getting very positive responses from Youtubers, game companies, and many gamers. The review of Pacify in steam is 9 out of 10. Thus, it is a must-try game for all the horror game lovers out there.


    Personal Opinion:

    I am not a horror game lover, but this game impressed me. The graphics and sound quality is impressive, and the concept of this game is a pure masterpiece. I enjoyed playing this game with my friends, and they loved it too. I would rate this game 8.5 out of 10 and recommend you to try this game.


    I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article. Please leave a comment and rating. Your ratings will help me to write more game reviews in the future. Thank you.

    Rate this article Pacify - Game Review

    (4.19/5) 194 rates


    *** the background image give me a jumpscare Lol

    29 june 2020 14:27

    This Game so cool

    18 october 2020 07:06

    Put some more effort in this ill be giving u 3-4 stars for this :D

    22 june 2020 20:57

    It is an excellent indie game focused on a simple gameplay accompanied by an atmosphere of silence and full of suspense, the bad thing is its short duration, although this game is worth trying.

    29 june 2020 00:29

    uww i like scary articles i read it later

    8 july 2020 15:03

    This game is not for me.. I found it very boring..

    2 july 2020 16:23

    almost pooped my pants reading this dx

    22 june 2020 23:25

    it looks like a bad japanese terror film

    24 june 2020 01:16

    The game became legend after the update

    23 june 2020 08:36

    This game very horrible. This game must play with 3 friend. Otherwise you don't enjoy. Thanks for article.

    21 june 2020 14:44