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    hellicht, 1 october 2018 16:31

    LORDS MOBILE FOR NEWBIES: Becoming a guild leader!

    Playing alone can make you feel lonely. Gladly, early in the game you get a reminder to join a guild or make your own. Both options can sound overwhelming for people with social anxiety and those, who has almost no experience with multiplayer games, or no desire to require a company in order to play a game.

    Additionally, it is hard to pick a good guild right away, and the search system in Lords Mobile is, frankly, not helping.

    So, if you, for whatever reason, do not wish to join an existing guild, and at the same time want to experience everything there is in the game, your best option, perhaps, is to make your own guild.

    Wait… What? Starting your own guild to avoid the guild?

    I know, I know. Sounds counterproductive. But hear me out.

    First, you can do that after some time in the game, when you level up a bit. Before that you can experience for yourself the limitations of playing alone or join a random guild and hope to be in luck and join a proper guild to stay for good.


    Still, here you are, wondering, why not to make your own guild? Let me guide you, since I tried all the options.

    Advantages of making your own guild

    • initial present for Joining/Making a Guild. When you start out in the game as a new user, you get a little present for joining a guild or making your own. For those, who do not want to join guild ever, you still better do it for just to get this prize!
    • you are the management. You can see the "backstage" of the guild, all the options, that are available only to higher ups of the Guild. It helps to understand better, how guilds operate.
    • enjoying benefits of the Guild. The problem is, you need to rise with your Guild members from the bottom, to enjoy better benefits. Mostly, it’s guild gifts and event gifts. The stronger and more active the guild, the better gifts you get.
    • you are the Boss. You make the rules. Or don't. You decide, if you attack any castle you want, or if you befriend any castle you can. The gamers are divided in fighters and farmers, and based on your guild rules, you cannot just burn any castle you find an easy pray, sometimes it is against the rules of your guild. And sometimes following the rules if not worth it, if it robs you of the fun game can give you, right? Take your time to explore the game yourself and slowly figure out, which guild is worth joining and has rules you’d prefer to follow.
    • It is better, than not joining Guild at all, because it opens up options you do not see as a Solo player

    Yet, the cons of making a Guild make you wonder, if it's worth it?

    Disadvantages of making your own guild

    • suddenly you are overwhelmed by 100 new members, who can be newbies, just like you. Majority will be weeded out, but the rest will ask you questions about the game. If you are a total newbie, you will be as lost, as them. To avoid this, add in your Guild description information, that you have no experience and just try things. Another thing you can do is make joining guild from green to red, not Open to everyone, which leaves you as a single user, unless you decide to send invitation to players on your map personally, or someone will request to join.
    • other guilds will contact you, and as a newbie you can be totally lost by it
    • at first, you will probably mistake System messages for real people contacting you.
    • guild members will be rude to you for not helping them or because they misunderstand the game, and blame you for that. Members always have expectations from a leader. If you do not have any definition written on the wall, they do not know, what you cannot do and expect you to be an experienced gamer.
    • In some events, members will expect you to log in daily to send out gifts to all the Guild members. Some of the gifts from Events require to be sent manually, so you have to be active.
    • you cannot get guild gifts at first, if all of your members are newbies and have no idea, what they are doing.
    • it is harder to ditch the Guild and get on with your life/Solo adventure, when you made the Guild and have people leaning on you.


    I would suggest to try making a guild and having it for a while, until it gets disbanded by the system (which is easy, if you have less than 10 members, if I remember right). This will help you see the “backstage” and understand what criterias are worth checking out in the guild, while searching for your new gaming family.

    Whatever the case, don’t forget to have fun!

    Bottom line, if you, for some reason, do not want to join the Guild, open up your own. As a leader, you can set your own rules, which can include not asking for your help. But be prepared, that being a leader is harder, than being a member, if you decide to try that role seriously.

    Good luck on your journey!

    Rate this article LORDS MOBILE FOR NEWBIES: Becoming a guild leader!

    (3.55/5) 42 rates

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