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    Rate this article "Is Runescape 3 Worth Playing in 2022?"

    (4.27/5) 888 rates
    Misty, 5 april 2022 15:14

    Is Runescape 3 Worth Playing in 2022?

    Despite being the lesser-played RuneScape game, RS3 is still a very enjoyable game. The third iteration is still playable since it has survived for this long.

    RuneScape, also known as RuneScape 3, has been around for almost a decade, and it surprises many gamers that the game has survived for so long. The game has seen its ups and downs which have, at times, threatened the very existence of the game, yet the game has persevered. RuneScape remains one of the well-known MMORPGs in the genre along with its sister title, Old School RuneScape. With 7,000 active players each day, players are wondering whether playing and grinding for RuneScape gold is even worth it in 2022?

    RuneScape 3 is still playable in 2022 despite its decade-long existence. Players can still make the most out of the game when they buy RuneScape accounts.

    The Evolution of Jagex’s Most Successful Gaming Title

    RuneScape started out as a simple browser game developed by brothers Andrew Gower and Paul Gower using Java programming language. The MMORPG has been regarded as the largest and most updated free-to-play MMO in existence. The first iteration, known as RuneScape 1, was released back in 2001, and its player count consistently grew in numbers. Eventually, the game evolved into RuneScape 2. The second game provided version provided newer and more pleasing ways of grinding RuneScape gold.

    RuneScape 2 was an improved version of RuneScape 1 but was an entirely different game. The second iteration of the game became RuneScape while the old one was known as RuneScape Classic. As the game entered its second phase, more and more players poured into the world of Gielinor. Through enough player subscriptions, advertisement, and funding, the gaming studio developed and released RuneScape 3 on July 22, 2013.

    RuneScape and OSRS

    The release of RuneScape 3 was quite controversial among its player base due to the changes to its previous combat systems and skilling mechanics. Many players were alienated and outraged which caused quite an uproar in the game as hundreds of players protested along the streets of Gielinor. This backlash resulted in Jagex introducing a standalone game called Old School RuneScape which was based on RuneScape 2.

    The two separate versions of the game continued their shared experience as the years go on with each game growing its own communities. However, it is worth noting that OSRS has garnered a bigger reach since the game maintains around 70,000 to 130,000 active users each day while RuneScape only sees up to 20,000 to 50,000 active users. This stark difference in player population is attributed to the players’ preference for the old and robust system than the third iteration’s new and improved systems.

    What are the Differences Between OSRS and RuneScape?

    First off, the main difference between the original RuneScape and the old-school one is its battle mechanics. In OSRS, players are treated with the old robust system from the second iteration where players do not have any skill tree to make investments on. Unlike the old school version, the original game has introduced new combat features such as summoning familiar which were never included in OSRS. Suffice to say, RuneScape has modern gameplay compared to the old one’s simplistic, slow, but nostalgic combat systems.

    Other than their combat systems, battle mechanics against bosses and mobs are more up to date in the third iteration of the game. In OSRS, complex mechanics from bosses were very uncommon since players only needed to use simple mouse-and-click attacks without any micro-movements. Meanwhile, RuneScape offers players more challenging encounters having complex mob and boss mechanics similar to raid bosses in other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.

    Another stark difference between the two versions of the game is their graphics. While OSRS adopts the game’s second iteration’s visuals, RuneScape offers players more visually pleasing environments and designs. While RS3 might have those HD graphics, a lot of gamers prefer the old style of the game due to its nostalgia factor.

    Is RuneScape 3 still Worth Playing in 2022?

    While most people tend to compare RS3 to OSRS to determine whether it's still playable or not, gamers tend to forget why RS3 is still worth trying out when compared to other MMORPGs. There are a lot of features and mechanics in the third iteration that makes it stand out among other MMOs. Despite being the lesser-played RS game, RuneScape still remains as one of the most-well known MMO games out in the market.

    RuneScape is mainly a free-to-play game with some microtransactions that players can engage in. Being a f2p makes it more accessible compared to other games such as World of Warcraft. In order to reach more content in the game, RS3 has one of the cheapest monthly subscriptions which is around $11 in contrast to the average $15 subscription of other games.

    Another feature that makes RS3 so unique is its skilling or trade skills. Unlike other games where trade skills are only auxiliary content and not really a profitable venture, RuneScape greatly rewards players who choose to engage in life skill activities rather than grinding mobs and bosses. These activities let gamers craft specialized items that are very high in demand. This makes farming, lumbering, fishing, and mining very rewarding to casual players.

    One of the game’s biggest features is the Ironman Mode. This quest increases the difficulty of the game by putting on multiple restrictions such as gamers not being allowed to use the Grand Exchange. These types of restrictions force players to gather resources and craft their own gear to complete the challenges this mode offers. The Ironman Mode is one of the game’s most challenging but rewarding features that makes it very interesting.

    What new players should remember is why most players prefer OSRS to RS3 is due to its nostalgia factor. Most of the old-school version’s players have played the second iteration of the game and are more used to its simplistic and robust features. For gamers who are just finding out about RuneScape, it is preferable that they try out RS3 instead since it is more modern and up to date.

    Despite being the lesser-played RuneScape game, RS3 is still a very fun MMORPG and is worth trying out even in 2022. The game offers a lot more than just simple grinding and boss fights. With the game’s accessibility, gamers do not need to buy RuneScape accounts just to catch up with veteran players. RS3 is still one of the best MMORPGs out there.

    Rate this article Is Runescape 3 Worth Playing in 2022?

    (4.27/5) 888 rates


    nice, this article made me pla the game.

    6 january 2023 04:01

    this game very bad and i dont know what write hearts of iron4 better

    9 november 2022 13:10

    this was so awesome i needed this thanks

    2 october 2022 19:58

    it is fun very nice my friend thi is so beautiful

    8 september 2022 23:29

    never played it but sounds kinda good might have to give it a go

    9 september 2022 11:34

    wow, thanks for the info :)

    7 september 2022 16:11

    Your article made me pla the game. The way you described was just fabulous. Thanks for letting me know about the game !

    20 september 2022 09:36

    I agree whit this statement. RS3 is still one of the best MMORPGs

    24 july 2022 20:12

    wow the way you express this game made me want to play it more. thanks i will surely try to play it

    10 july 2022 21:08

    Thes game is very good as it is really smooth and is so fun!!!:)

    11 april 2022 15:30