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    DarkSoulZXZ, 5 october 2017 07:15

    Is Gamehag Legit? ~Gamehag~

    TLDR; Yes.

                     For months I have asked this question to myself until recently. You see there are other websites that claim to give you Steam Wallets for free. They even provide you with a cool looking generator to sway you. Unfortunately most of the times those websites are in no way legitimate, most of them are scams that will at least end up wasting your time or worse, implanting a virus on your computer or getting important information from you. This is why I was wee bit skeptical when I started using this website. Fortunately for all of us it’s actually one of the few websites that are legit.


                    You see, the difference between Gamehag and all those other shady giveaway sites other than having a backstory for the “Hags” and Misty is that you have to put effort in it. They just don’t give you free steam wallets and keys, everything in this world comes at a cost, and if someone presents you with free stuff you better put on your doubt glasses and be perceptive. The cost for Gamehag is your effort and time. It requires you to do tasks in order to get your rewards in the form of Soul gems, a currency which is used to buy rewards at the reward shop. Though I have heard that the app is quite buggy and the screenshots for turning in the tasks don’t work sometimes. It’s best to read the instructions carefully if you plan on doing these tasks. I just rely in writing articles since I don’t know how to make videos which is why I don’t level up as frequently. I don’t recommend playing the minigames unless you have lots of free time and last but not the least keep in mind that the payout for the tasks depends on where you live, some regions get more than others, from where I live the highest payout is 75 SG for games.

          Some proof of payment. I got this reward a week ago from Gamehag. Don't even bother with the key, I've already used it. Gamehag can refund your reward if it cannot fulfill it. It does give back the soul gems though when it does that. Good luck to y'all!

    Rate this article Is Gamehag Legit? ~Gamehag~

    (3.32/5) 19 rates


    @tag #tag
    when will this be available in the forums...?

    11 october 2017 12:48

    i guess its legit

    13 october 2017 18:46

    Proof... oh my
    I too have the proof but

    18 october 2017 17:26


    11 october 2017 02:50

    Yes it is. I got free games from here

    18 october 2017 17:00


    13 october 2017 16:08

    hmm i think so

    11 october 2017 01:22

    Seems legit?

    13 october 2017 13:48


    10 october 2017 22:30

    Great Article!! Congrats :)

    9 october 2017 21:23