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    Helikiller, 13 june 2021 17:39

    How To Get Bucks FAST in Adopt Me - Roblox

    If you’ve been playing Adopt Me for any length of time you’ll have no doubt found out that your in-game Bucks don’t last very long. There’s so much to buy whether it be the latest outfits for your pets, a new vehicle or you want to decorate your new house. The list grows even bigger as you buy more pet eggs to expand your collection.

    To help those of you who are struggling to make ends meet in the game I’ve pulled together the ways you can make money in the game and I’ve even got a little tip of my own which can double your income.

    You can buy Bucks with Robux

    Whilst this is the least appealing of the ways to generate Bucks in Adopt Me it still exists. Yes, you can buy Bucks with Robux but this can get very expensive very very quickly and given that this game is aimed at kids I wouldn’t recommend it. For any parents reading this, Robux cost real-life money so make sure any online purchases are password protected as your little ones could soon bankrupt you with this approach.

    Complete the pet mini-quests that appear throughout the day

    As you play the game random quests will pop up at the top of your screen and these are incredibly easy to complete. The quests range from feeding your pet, making sure they are clean and go sleep when they are tired. Completing these quests will grant a small cash reward upon completion. There will also be a quest with a slightly larger reward each day which you should make sure you complete. These quests will require you to travel to a certain part of the map and remain there for a certain amount of time to complete. The school is a decent place to hang out as many of the mini-quests can be completed there as there is a supply of food, water and beds. To make sure you have access to all of these quests make sure you have a pet out at all times.

    Play as a baby

    As with the pet-related quests above the same quests apply to babies in the game. The easiest way to access and complete them is to play as a baby. You can still have a pet equipped so you won’t miss out on the pet quests plus you’ll get rewards for taking care of your own needs too.

    The quests with the larger reward also apply to you when you play as a baby and they will always be the same place that your pet needs to go to. Playing as a baby essentially doubles your income.

    Buy a lemonade or hotdog stand

    Other players will constantly need to have access to food and drink in order to complete their own quests. You can capitalise on this by purchasing a lemonade or hotdog stand and sell your ware to other players.

    If you set up your stand in a busy area of the map, outside the adoption centre is my go-to space, players can purchase items from your store and you get all of the money they spend.

    These stands do cost Robux, so bear that in mind, but they are far from the most expensive items available and can be a great boost to your income. At the time of writing the lemonade stand costs, 50 Robux and the hotdog stand costs 95 Robux.

    Log in every day

    Every day when you log into Adopt Me you get a login reward. These rewards start at 25 Bucks but increase each day. If you log in for four days in a row, you earn up to a total of 375 Bucks and the next day you get a gift too. With each daily log in you will also receive a star reward which can be used to unlock some very rare items.

    Stay online

    Yep, you read that correctly, you can make Bucks by simply staying online and in the game. At the start of each day/night cycle, you’ll receive a reward of 20 Bucks just for being in the game. Be wary of just leaving your character idle though as if you remain still for too long you’ll be kicked from the server.

    Play with a second account at the same time

    This is something I’ve just started doing and it works a charm and effectively doubles up your money. All you need to do is set up a second Roblox account and carry out all of the things I’ve suggested above. To do this you will need more than one device that can play Roblox.

    I use my PC plus an iPad on my desk making it easy to keep track of both accounts. When you’re ready to transfer the money from one account to the other the easiest way is via the lemonade or hotdog stand. One of your accounts simply buys from the other and the Bucks are transferred.

    This brings my list of money-making tips to an end. I hope you’ve found it useful. :)

    Rate this article How To Get Bucks FAST in Adopt Me - Roblox

    (4.42/5) 248 rates

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    I love roblox and lately it is calling my attention adopt me, I hope there are more the same for other roblox games or other platforms

    14 december 2021 02:11

    Even tho i dont play Adopt me so much this will be really helpful for others
    5 Stars!

    11 december 2021 12:12

    thank you this helped so much :D

    13 march 2022 19:58

    I love Roblox and Adopt Me is some good game, this article is helpful, thx :D

    20 october 2021 16:05

    I use my PC plus an iPad on my desk making it easy to keep track of both accounts.

    4 january 2022 12:06

    i love adopt me

    9 march 2022 18:58

    This game is too demanding, I don't think I'll play it but the article made me realize that

    13 november 2021 16:11

    well when I am playing this game i'm always roleplaying as a baby to get more money...

    28 september 2021 10:31

    I love Roblox and Adopt Me is some good game, this article is helpful, thx Good article That game looks awesome and has kinda similar graphics to Zelda.

    4 october 2021 06:30

    I love Roblox and Adopt Me is some good game, this article is helpful, thx :D

    27 september 2021 17:25