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    Vaaren, 11 august 2018 22:32

    Gem Guide and Game Overview: Fiesta Online

    GAME: Fiesta Online

        Getting the gems in this game is rather easy. However you have to pay attention to the tasks otherwise you could miss the opportunity to take a screenshot and if you pick the wrong class you won't be able to complete the last task. This is a colorful cartoonish MMO, the company describes it as a free to play 3D Anime MMORPG. Fiesta has been around for a while and was published in 2006, due to its cartoonish style it doesn't look half bad. It has an emphasis on the social aspect of the game.

                                                      FIESTA ONLINE

    Earning Your Gems:

    Before you do anything make sure you do everything right so you get your gems:

    Look for Fiesta Online in the game section of Gamehag, get to the "Play for Free" button and click it.
    Register for the game with the same email you used for gamehag, I find I have less issues later when I do this for any  game.
    Make it easier for yourself by making your in game nickname the same as your gamehag nickname.
    When you finish downloading the game switch it to Windowed Mode through settings so that you can use your screenshot  software.
    If you have problems send a ticket.


    The Tasks at Hand:
    Task 1: Finish Quest Delinquent Imps

    Task 2: Finish The Dinner For Children

    Task 3: Finish Condition for Strong Man 1

       Before you start completing the tasks it is important to note that to complete task 3, you must pick a Fighting Class. Do not become a cleric. You pick your class at level 5.
    Also there is no way to see previously completed missions. This means that you have to pay attention to when you complete the missions for each task. When you complete a quest TAKE A SCREENSHOT. If you don't you will miss your chance.


    In this screenshot that was accepted, I took a screenshot of my screen right before accepting the reward.


    This screenshot was also accepted after I accidentally accepted the quest before taking a screenshot. The dialogue box in the bottom right says that the specified task was completed.

    Try to get something like example 1 to make your life easier. And don't try to use these screenshots they won't work.

    TASK 1
    Delinquent Imps
    Level 5
    Kill 5 Imps

    This one is simple kill 5 imps, that's it.

    When writing this I created another account and didn't see this quest. In my screenshots I saw that I submitted Imp Leader and it was accepted. If you don't see Delinquent Imps at level 5 try Imp Leader at level 7-8.

    TASK 2
    The Dinner for Children
    Level 14
    Obtain 12 Tough Meats and 1 Tender Meat

    If you keep picking up items when you kill enemies you will complete the quest eventually.

    If you keep on leveling eventually you will get a tender meat. You will likely already have 12 Tough meats at this point, if you don't you can buy it from any general market vendor.

    TASK 3
    Condition For Strong Man 1
    Level 20
    Bring Marty's Apology Letter to Skill Master Ruby

    If you didn't become a cleric you can complete this. If you did become a cleric try submitting the equivalent quest Path for Learning and see if that works. Just grab the letter from the NPC and use a teleport scroll to Roumen, the starting area. After this you should be done with your gem earning for this game.

    A Look at the Game:


    There are six classes to choose from in Fiesta. They include
    Archer: bow and arrow
    Cleric: support class
    Crusader: two handed blades
    Fighter: swords, axes and shields
    Trickster: the thief class
    Mage: Umm... a mage, magic user

    Each class advances at level 20, 60 and 100.
    For example
    The Archer becomes the Hawkarcher at level 20
    The Hawkarcher becomes the Scout at level 60
    The Scout becomes either a Sharpshooter or a Ranger at level 100

    What Do I Do?
    Once you pick your class you can continue questing, and if you can find a party you can do some dungeons. This game isn't that different from other MMO's of its era. It differs in how it focuses on the social aspect of the game. In my brief experience with the game I had many random players come up to me and try to start a conversation or a party. If you want some buddies to play this game with you won't have trouble finding some.
    Some social features include:
    Mentorship system

         I would describe this as a kid friendly casual MMO. If you don't like hardcore games and just want something to pass the time you would likely enjoy spending some time on Fiesta. However this game does not seem well suited to hardcore players and the game population isn't the highest. While I did not dislike this game, it is not something that pulled me as an individual. The game is too suited to younger audiences for my taste. There is a lack of difficulty and more dungeons are just stat checks rather than learning dungeon mechanics. I would put this in the same category as games like Wizard 101 or Grand Fantasia. Since this site is giving gems for trying this game you might as well give it a shot. It isn't a large download and the tasks only take an hour or so if you are leveling efficiently.



    Rate this article Gem Guide and Game Overview: Fiesta Online

    (4.3/5) 23 rates

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    I find I have less issues later when I do this for any game.

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