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    AJ_AFK_2, 24 july 2020 03:40

    Flee The Facility Beta: Beginners Guide

    Flee the facility, a really cool game to play on roblox.

    Run, Hack, Survive, Escape! You can also Rescue!


    Genre: Horror

    Creator: A.W. Apps

    Created on: 1st of July 2017

    Maximum amount of players: 8

    Loading into game:

    When you load into game, you spawn inside the small cabin at the big lobby. You spawn as your original roblox character, and everyone has the same default animation.

    (Player joins server)

    (Cabin in the lobby)

    Choosing a map:

    When the current round is over, you can choose the map for the next round, and the round after that. There are 3 choices you can choose from. Overall there are more than 3 maps, but you can only choose from 3 places. Obviously, the map with the most votes will be the map you will go to.


    (Map Votes)

    Spawning into game:

    When the round starts, your screen will go dark and you will spawn into the actual game. When you spawn, you will get 1 out of 2 roles. The 1st role you could get is 'The Beast', and the second role you can get is, 'Survivor'. The instructions of your role will show up in front of your screen. See pictures below.

    (Getting the role as beast)

    (Getting the role as survivor)


    When you get in game, whether you are survivor or beast, you will see computers. They will all start off not being hacked. Hacking them is one of the jobs as a survivor. If they aren't hacked, the screen will be blue, but if they've already been hacked by another player/s the screen will be green.

    (Computer that hasn't been hacked)

    (Hacked computer)

    If you are beast, you don't really need to do anything to them, but if you are a survivor, you have to hack the computer correct. There is a small circle thing that will pop up, and there is a moving bit. Depending on what you're playing on, you have to click (for me) E, to stop the moving bit at the white part.

    If you don't stop the moving bit at the white part, and you make a mistake, your computer screen will go red, and an error sign will be placed above your computer.The beast will be notified of your location. If you don't understand, see the picture below.

    (Hacking computers right. Bottom tab shows your progress.)

    (Wrong hacked computer)

    Being a survivor:

    If you get the role, 'Survivor', you spawn at a random room, and you get a few seconds head start to do your job. Your job is to go around the map, and find computers to hack. At the top of the screen, you will find the number of computers you need to hack. The amount of computers you need to hack depend on the amount of players in the game.

    (Player hacking a computer)

    All you do is hack the computers right, try not to make errors, and help your teammates survive. This means that if they get captured by the beast, you can go and free them from their containment unit. If you don't get to them quick enough, they will freeze and be sent back to the lobby. Their body will turn blue. See below.

    (Frozen Captured Player)

    Being The Beast:

    When you are the beast, you don't spawn in the map. You spawn at your own individual area until you are teleport-ed to the actual map where you will then try to capture the survivors.

    (Spawn place as beast) 

    When you are beast you are entered into first person mode, and your job is to capture all the survivors before they can escape. All you have to do is go up to them and smack them with your hammer. When you are tying the rope to them, you have to find the small red (colour depends on what skin they have equipped) diamond behind their backs. Below is what the diamond would look like.

    (Orange Diamond)

    You go around the map and look for the survivors and capture them. The best places to look for are places where computers are most likely to be. If survivors mess up their hacking, you will be able to see their location by looking for a red symbol around the map.

    (What it looks like to be beast)

    If you do end up capturing a survivor, you have to take them to a containment unit, where they will stay until they die, or until a team mate comes and frees them. Once you do capture them, the screen will show their username and say that they've been captured.

    (Containment Unit)


    As a survivor you need to hack all the remaining computers to unlock the gates. There are 2 gates that you can escape from. It takes a few seconds to open the gates so also keep a look out for the beast. When you are opening the gates, also be aware that it makes a loud noise. Once you escape, you win!

    (Locked gate)


    There is a limited shop that you can buy hammer skins or diamond skins from and they don't cost too much. You can get coins from surviving rounds and escaping. 

    That's the beginners guide for Flee the facility so enjoy the Game!

    Rate this article Flee The Facility Beta: Beginners Guide

    (4.27/5) 128 rates


    bad roblox game bad dont play it its just a bad game!

    1 october 2020 15:40

    Nice artice i was just a beginner in flee the facility but this teached me the basics :)

    1 march 2021 04:15

    The game was better in alpha

    3 february 2021 14:34

    Your artice good

    19 september 2021 20:28

    nice game tnis is very good

    2 november 2021 10:08

    Great effort great article.

    28 november 2020 10:37

    amazing game

    18 november 2020 10:47

    Hi everyone im a BTS ARMY in the wrong house by the way listin to telepathy by BTS😍

    20 november 2020 14:36

    flee the facility is lowkey fire and imma go play it after reading this article

    15 november 2020 23:02

    fantastic article, makes me wanna know more about flee facility :D

    21 october 2020 10:37