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    IlayDavid, 12 august 2019 10:32

    Competitive play in Overwatch.

    After you reach level 5 in Overwatch, you'l unlock an option to play a new mode. "Competitive play".
    This article will describe and tell you anything you need to know before you start to play.

    So, you reached level 5 in Overwatch.
    Aside of the free loot box you get, you unlock
    "Competitive play". 
    Competitive play is a ranked game system. 
    The lowest rank is "Bronze" and the highest one is "Grand master", the 500 highest ranked players are in a different tier called "Top 500" .

    The "SR":
    The "SR" means: skill rating.
    You gain SR when you win games, according to your performance and medals that game.
    It goes from 0 - 4000+. Your SR indicates your skill, and it will define in which tier your going to play.



    your tier is defined by your SR.
    Bronze: 0 - 1500 SR.
    Silver: 1500 - 2000.
    Gold - 2000 - 2500.
    Platinum - 2500 - 3000.
    Diamond - 3000 - 3500.
    Master - 3500-4000.
    Grand Master - 4000+.
    Top 500: The 500 highest SR players in your region and platform.

    The seasons:
    Every two months, the season will reset. You'l need to play 10 placement games to be ready to play competitive games.
    After you finished all your placement games you get an SR ranking and you will be placed in a tier.
    Your SR will be effected by how well you did in your placements(and your previous season end stats), Play your best!
    Every season you'l get rewards by participating. 

    Elo Hell:
    This title may a little bit terrify you, but don't worry, it happens in every game with a ranked system.
    Elo hell is usually the lower ranks, in Overwatch case its Bronze and Gold. those ranks are super hard to climb from them to higher ranks.
    Why? Players in this tiers are usually new players, they may stick to only one hero and will refuse to switch. they don't really like to co-operate with anybody. some of them maybe think that they are super pros, and will try to do a team kill alone while playing Ana.
    So,how to get out of those ranks? Find a friend or two to play with you.(If they are in higher rank then you, you might be queued with higher ranked players.) 
    Don't have friends? totally fine. there are a lot of websites who can find you friend for gaming together. 
    If you have a microphone, Use it!

    Important things to remeber:

    1.Play for fun. Its only a game!
    2.Never leave a game early! you will lose 50 SR no matter what, and get a temporary ban.
    3.Be a nice team mate!
    4.Don't be toxic!
    5.Do what your team needs, not what you want.
    6.Main at least 2 characters from EACH CATEGORY.
    7.Never get angry, everything takes time and practice.
    8.Don't play when angry.

    My Mains:

    I personally main:
    Tanks: D.va, Orisa.
    Damage: Hanzo, Solider 76, McCree.
    Support: Ana, Zennyatta, Baptiste.

    Now, go play your placement matches, HAVE FUN!

    Rate this article Competitive play in Overwatch.

    (4.47/5) 32 rates


    overwatch is very good

    19 august 2019 16:08

    this is so helpful

    15 august 2019 02:20

    good game ever

    13 august 2019 10:55

    my computer will explode if I run overwatch

    18 august 2019 03:59

    tnks soo gooood

    17 august 2019 11:07

    крутая игра но скучная

    17 august 2019 11:06

    i'm love overwacht

    13 august 2019 20:14

    i can't play OW becasue idk whose the enemy and the friends lul

    13 august 2019 14:04

    wow!!! the game so much on streaming and more ads :D. how about the game requirements?

    14 august 2019 09:19

    I really like to try overwatch

    15 august 2019 18:46