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    (3.92/5) 25 rates
    KayZeeSlayerCsgo, 19 december 2018 10:33

    Best CSGO AK-47 Skins

    Hello guys this article includes the best AK-47 skins in my perspective.These are the AK-47 skins that are so attractive that you just have pick them up in the middle of a gun fight.These 5 skins are the AK-47 best skins in CSGO. After reading my article you will come to know that what AK-47 skin suit you. These all skins are originally in the game and are not custom skins. You can buy them on the steam community market as well. 

    These items are not numbered by popularity  or item wear but these are just my thoughts about these AK-47 skins that they are the most attractive skins in the game.I even did not included the StatTrack Weapons prices.Some of the StatTrack Weapon's prices are so expensive that not all people can afford it so that's why i excluded Statrack weapons and included all types of Weapon's prices so every person can afford at least one of the skins.

    Steam Community Market :

    First of all if your are new to the topic, you should come to know that these skins are sold on the steam market.There are many items of some specific games that can be sold and earn some decent money. Steam prices are always changing so you need to be careful to when to buy and when to not to buy.

    1)Fire Serpent :

    Number one at the spot is the AK-47 Fire Serpent.Starting from $107.92 to $705.82 in price is the best skin to have in this price. If your willing to THROW your money on skins so the FIRE SERPENT is for you. Cartoon style looking skin but a very attractive looking cartoon skin.This is only for extreme rick people!

    2) Asiimov :

    Coming at second spot we have the AK-47 ASIIMOV. One of the best looking AK makes it way in second spot.In my opinion that valve made a great decision to add AK-47 in the asiimov collection.I really like the asiimov collection and if your like be so definitely buy this skin.
    Starting from $51.75 to $434.18 is the best price you can get this skin.And the fact that this is the latest AK-47 skin in the game you will definitely have fun teasing your teammates with this attracting skin.

    3) Vulcan :

    Now coming at the spot number 3 we have AK-47 Vulcan with the bright stripes and beautiful designs.I would also really recommend to buy this skin if your not into the asiimov collection. This would really be an awesome alternative for asiimov collection.Starting from cheap $16.30 to $89.56 is the best skin for AK-47 if your on a medium budget.

    4) Fuel Injector :

    Now Going further into the list we have the AK-47 Fuel Injector with a nice Yellow Skin.I would really recommend you guys this skin if you are making a yellow inventory load out.Starting from $23.24 to $99.04.If your really interested i would recommend buying Minimal wear condition as there hardly any difference between factory new and minimal wear and there is a huge price gap in between.

    5) Frontside Misty :

    This skin is totally the best if you really want a cheap AK-47 Skin.If your on a low Budget,like 50$ inventory. Definitely get this skin.Wonderful pattern of White in Blue, it really match the AK.Starting from $9.25 to $31.98 in price.Really awesome skin with a great price.

    I hope you enjoyed and i hope it helped you guys out for your AK-47 Skin selection.I did not included StatTrack Prices so its up to you to buy them in StatTrack or not.These were my opinion on the top 5 best AK skins but there are a lot of more skins in the market.

    Bonuses : Elite Build :

    AK Elite Built is a Cheapest Best Skin in the game.Even StatTrack field tested is under $10.You should really try this skin out.Awesome looking cheap skin and getting some fanatic stickers on it just look so beautiful.Starting from $1.87 to $5.48.


    This skin is so gorgeous looking and the design is awesome. The owner of this skin have done a lot of hard work in his project.Starting from $34.17 to $105 is the price for such beautiful skin.if you are on a high budget, do buy this skin for a real experience for csgo AK history. 

    Rate this article Best CSGO AK-47 Skins

    (3.92/5) 25 rates


    thanks man it also incudes my friends fav the frontside misty but i would like it if you have included a bloodsport skins LOL

    27 august 2019 23:00

    this is for forum

    19 december 2018 17:52

    yes these are all great ak skins

    29 april 2020 11:34

    I might agree with the comment about the poor writing (and, maybe, the 'partially poor' content aswell) . But suddenly it's okay for me. At least just because the author seems to be non-native English speaker (If it's not true, sorry for my mistake), and it's a good result already. And the article is pretty laconic and easily inderstandable for the youngest CS. Additional explanations and 'beautiful speech' may take a huge part of the text, while this article looks like a simplifiled table of prices and ratings of in-game weapons :D

    However, it's a good example in terms of the GameHag articles' quality now and then.

    5 july 2020 14:24

    Hmm ok looks good to me

    19 december 2018 17:40

    sry ill try to fix this, check my second article i tried to fix my pics and write more detailed.

    21 december 2018 12:39

    ok thanks you bro!

    19 december 2018 15:42


    20 december 2018 02:59

    Good and interesting article because my favorite gun in csgo is AK47

    9 march 2020 16:59

    blurry pictures, and pretty poor writing.

    "Hello guys this article includes the best AK-47 skins in my perspective.These are the AK-47 skins that are so attractive that you just have pick them up in the middle of a gun fight.These 5 skins are the AK-47 best skins in CSGO."

    You said the same thing three times.

    19 december 2018 18:07