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    Rate this article "A brutal pixel art gladiator game - Domina {Steam]"

    (5/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 28 february 2018 18:02

    A brutal pixel art gladiator game - Domina {Steam]

    A pixelated graphics art game where you train your gladiators to excel in the arena, that's DOMINA game for you. This game is as brutal as it actually feels, well the brutality is shown in the pixel art graphics due to which this game may seem as not so violent but in reality the game is equally violent as a noraml PEGI 18 rated game, only because its in pixel graphics. This game DOMINA is similar to your favourite wrestling game except that it has gladiators instead of buffed up people.

    Lets find out more about DOMINA...

    This is not a free to play game, this game is involved with a little bit of strategy and loads of fun while excluding all the gore and bloody brutal scence that are involved while you actually use your gladiators in the arenas. You'll have to get your gladiators and then train them hard in order to make them ready for the battle in the arena where you'll witness them fighting. You'll have to choose among the gladiators for training and for the fights, while the game itself might not seem that much of an interesting game, while playing this is equally interesting as it is in the movies. So, what's all about the Domina game...

    This nice pixel art game actually has some real good physics involved in combat and most of the time looksl like an indie game but you'll notice that this game actually has something more to it than just an indie game. It actually falls under the category of management in gaming like the Adventure Capitalist where you'll just have to manage the quantities and do all the clicking stuff and the rest is done automatically either RNG with the management you've done or the according to the stuff that you already made in the game.

    The gameplay looks as in the above picture and it feels more like the same most of the time. So, lets check out some of the information from steam about this game Domina...

    • Single Player
    • Very positive reviews
    • Release Date: 3rd April, 2017
    • Developer: DolphinBarn
    • Publisher: DolphinBarn
    • Tagged as violent and brutal game under management games category
    • Has Steam Trading Cards [There are 6 trading cards where you'll get 3 by playing the game]
    • Has steam achievements [a total of 34 achievements are available]
    • This game is quite a good game and growing to trending category on steam
    • Even though the game is pixel graphics game, it looks absolutely good

    The game is pretty much not that easy to understand when you play the game at times, well its pretty basic but you're likely to get confused at times of combat. Its more like a game where you are given some of the top of the line gladiators to bet and you use one by one of them only to know that you're runing out of gladiators as they tend to die if they don't fight properly.

    So this game with pixel graphics run on my system? Well, this game sure has pixel art graphics but those are not potato graphics to run on potato computers... You're likely required to have a medium end PC or laptop to be able to run this game at its full pace. Well, quite fortunate to run this game at low if you're having a low end PC or laptop. Here are the minimum requirements for this game:

    > A Quad Core or a Dual Core processor [2.5 GHz and above]
    > 4GB of RAM
    > Game takes or occupies 600MB of hard drive space
    > Integrated Graphics are not supported as stated by the steam's page but we can try to run this game with sacrifices made in resolution section and graphics section
    > Dedicated GPU is required to experience smooth gameplay

    This game is pretty fun as it can be said that you're required to get a gladiator and then you train him very well, and do all kinds of things that are required to make your gladiator invincible but only to find out that your gladiator will be dead in the arena as he isn't quite strong enough to combat in the arena with the enemy. 

    The game can be described in a couple of easy phrases,
    > You get your gladiator
    > You train him pretty good
    > You treat him more than you treat yourself
    > You think he'll win any battle in the arena
    > You send him in to the arena for battle
    > He dies
    > Rinse and repeat

    Very addictive game. Gets hold of a lot of things that are quite superfluous to describe than to be experienced. A pretty good game so far according to the things that you can do in this game. Domina...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A brutal pixel art gladiator game - Domina {Steam]

    (5/5) 3 ratings


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