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    About Throne: Kingdom at War

    Become a Lord in Throne: Kingdom at War and prove yourself as a powerful leader and skillful city builder. Experience a whole new adventure and lead your army to the victory in this fictional medieval world. Improve your town and watch it grow with your character.

    It's up to you, which path will you take in order to ultimately become the King. Make alliances and fight your common ennemies together, in dynamic real-time battles, or show your unstoppable force and destroy every last of them alone, without anyone's help! Create a mightful Order to show your real strength or join one, to take part of an organization that really counts.

    Improve and modify your town and make your army even stronger. Every kingdom needs resources, so you'll have to remember to upgrade your mines, farms and lumber mills. Enhance your troops along with your hero, by advancing to a higher level, spending points for different perks and getting new equipment from dangerous quests. And all this shown in a beautiful graphic setting accompanied by an atmospheric, catchy music.

    Become THE Lord in Throne: Kingdom at War now!

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    Comments for Throne: Kingdom at War (71) -

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    15 october 2017 23:06

    confirmed: it redirects to spam, scam and trojan sites.

    16 october 2017 15:37

    Redirected to malware web - again and again ...

    18 october 2017 16:11

    It works now but the game does not work if using Opera nor Firefox, with Chrome It loads Ok but the images are so messed up!

    26 october 2017 23:47

    At this time it redirected me to the right page 🙂 ...

    26 october 2017 23:50

    But the page is in the Russian language ...

    27 october 2017 08:01


    4 november 2017 17:27

    At this time it redirected me to the page for mobile game (??)

    4 november 2017 17:29

    But I will not buy some new mobile - for playing this game ...

    3 december 2017 15:00

    this game is similar to the viking game engine but 20 level is too much high its hard to reach :/

    9 december 2017 15:23

    its hard lvl 20 its the same as the vikings ....


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