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    Are you tired of all those great, but repetitive MMORPGs that you can find everywhere? Skyforge tries to remedy those issues! This free-to-play science-fiction MMO was shaped with the hands of Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment. The first one being the creators of Allods Online and the second one of one of the greatest cRPGs from this decade - Pillars of Eternity. What could possibly go wrong? Well, we couldn't find anything that would prove it to us.

    Skyforge stands aside from common standards and makes everything in its own way. First of all, there are no levels to achieve. You're a human, but not even a simple human - you're immortal. You walk the path to the glory and divinity, you gain your prestige in order to become recognized by other players and the inhabitants of this fantastic world, full of dangers. The second thing is, that the classes aren't locked to your character. You can change them at any moment, well... Sometimes you HAVE to do it, as sometimes you'll have to choose different tactics in your combat! At the very beginning, you'll have only three of them, but you'll unlock more while playing. As for the combat itself, it has nothing to do with the old-fashioned numeric skillset combat. It's simply action-based, dynamic, satisfying. You'll have to dodge your enemies attacks, perform the counter-attacks and grow your combos!

    Get help from the followers which are worshipping you, send them on missions or turn them into Missionaries helping you to convert more people and join your Order. Fight off the Invaders threatening the known world, Explore the immense, beautiful universe of Skyforge, with its delightful, full of details graphics and breathtaking music. You'll be surprised how many surprises have been prepared by its creators.

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