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    Rail Nation

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    About Rail Nation

    Lay the tracks on the way to your own railway empire!

    Rail Nation is a browser strategy game coming from the Bright Future studio, that lets the players become one of the railway magnates.
    As the president of a small company in North America, we’ll develop our business to finally become a transport giant. However, we’re not the only one with such ambitions. There is a mass of other, competitive companies expanding around us.

    Our train's main objective is to transport goods between cities, so it is extremely important to develop our tractions and to skillfully arrange the timetables.

    At it’s for our income increment, we can make use of developing new technologies and our own stations, while the speed of our trains can be tested through numerous races.

    A balanced micropayments system is indeed a huge plus to this game, as it allows us to enjoy an entirely free gameplay.

    You have to create a new account by the "Play for free" button in order to receive Soul Gems! Turn off your AdBlock if you can't reach a website!

    The task for Rail Nation

    Play and Research at least two upgrades for the Swallow

    Reward for this task


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    12 august 2017 04:24


    13 august 2017 22:11


    13 august 2017 22:49

    what has to be printscreen?

    14 august 2017 19:45

    @nestorko Use the snipping tool, click new and drag it from top left corner to bottom right

    14 august 2017 21:43


    15 august 2017 11:39

    @TheRealLopic ??what did u mean?

    15 august 2017 15:01

    How long does it take before i get the reward?

    15 august 2017 21:06

    i researched 2 upgrades,used 17 research points and getting refused(

    17 august 2017 12:59


    23 august 2017 09:08

    Denied again


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