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    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is a must for all battle royale mode fetishists. Even though the game is still in its "Early access", it still gives its players lots of fun from the gameplay. Besides, the Bluehole Studio does not rest on their laurels and despite the enormous success they had, they are still working to cater to the cravings of the players, as they listen to what they have to say.

    The rule is very simple - kill or be killed. The game begins while being in a plane from which, after having chosen a proper landing zone, we have to jump and land with a parachute. When we touch the ground, we're doomed - we can't count only on our ourselves. Well... Or on our team mates, as there are two other modes such as duo and squad, the last one having a possibility to create a team from up to 4 players. It doesn't matter though if we are in team or alone, as one aspect is always the same. At the very beginning, we have nothing with us, except for our clothes. We must then find the items needed to get closes to the victory by scratching around yet another room in an abandoned house, block of flats or a hangar. The most important, of course, is a weapon - and there are many of them. Starting with ordinary melee weapons such as machete or crowbar to end with pistols, machine guns and sniper rifles. Also add to that the possibility to find and put various modifications as a bigger clip, suppressor or cross-hair and you can see there a big range of options. Don't forget to assure a proper defence against the bullets! For that, you will need a flak jacket and a helmet. And if it happens that we won't have enough place, then we can always find a backpack. If we were so unlucky that we were injured by live ammunition, we can use bandages and first-aid kits.

    The main goal is to stay alive till the very end - it is ours character who must kill everyone on their way in order to survive. It's a brutal fight for survival on a huge, isolated island. The developers made sure that it stays differentiated. We can visit quarries, abandoned farms, a military base or towns, where there may be an enemy lurking on every of its corner. Moving from one location to another can be assured with motorbikes or off-road vehicles. The landscapes we can see sometimes let us forget that somewhere afar may couch a sniper just waiting to shoot us in head.

    However, there is still something that makes every round exceptional, an other adventure we will talk about with our friends.

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