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    Legends Online is a combination of free-to-play strategy and MMORPG by browser. We can choose between three classes: a mage, a warrior or an archer. We’re visiting and exploring locations, one by one and at the same time, completing quests we’re receiving. The combat system is turn-based and after the victory we receive experience points, which are necessary for the character’s development. During our adventure, we’re also collecting different kinds of loot, which may be used as an equipment upgrade. The graphics aren’t too fairytale-like, we could rather say they’re dark. The animations are smooth and pretty for a browser game. The music is various. One time peaceful and delicate, just to become more dynamic and fierce during the fights. The Legends itself is actually a musical instrument designed by the Spirit of Creation. It’s not, however, an ordinary instrument. Playing it may change the shape of the world. The power of this artefact is so big, that the Spirit of Creation decided to destroy the Legend before falling asleep. So it shattered into seven fragments. Each fragment of the Legend became a powerful artefact and game’s story revolves around these seven elements. Join the Legend Online today!

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    5 august 2017 15:28

    good game

    6 august 2017 18:54

    bad game

    17 august 2017 13:07


    18 august 2017 09:59

    refused? how Im lvl 15

    27 august 2017 22:29

    not bad

    30 august 2017 10:58

    not bad

    31 august 2017 12:37


    11 september 2017 21:58


    24 september 2017 11:05


    24 september 2017 12:27

    took me like 29 min


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