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    Join Elvenar today and join the forces of Elves or Humans in the eternal rivalry between the ancient magic and sword and ax.

    Elvenar is an other browser game created by InnoGames, who created such games as the Tribal Wars, Grepolis or Forge of Empires. "An other browser game", yet not worse than the others and the creators are doing everything to convince us about it at every turn. Unlike in the other games of this team, in Elvenar, we have to choose a race we want to play as ruler of. Our goal is the expansion - to develop our settlement from a little village to a mighty city.

    If the titles which were mentioned earlier have caught your attention, then you have to play Elvenar now!

    Newest players from Elvenar (in total 9650 users are playing)

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    24 september 2017 02:04

    what's wrong?

    24 september 2017 06:20


    27 september 2017 16:25

    When I click on "Play for free" button, it redirects me to the random advertising sites (!!!???) - but not to "Elvenar" page 🙁 ...

    29 september 2017 22:58

    gg wp

    29 september 2017 23:56

    cool cool

    7 october 2017 12:40

    super easy didn't take more than 10mins will update if accepted

    8 october 2017 17:03

    got refused even tho I am hoverd over the STEEL MANUFACTORY and you can see it's name

    9 october 2017 12:18

    accepted thanks Misty

    11 october 2017 00:45

    2 times refused...

    15 october 2017 23:22

    for ages i tried to get my reward for this game. it took that long, you dont even get a reward anymore. gg gamehag 😡


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