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    About Elvenar

    Join Elvenar today and join the forces of Elves or Humans in the eternal rivalry between the ancient magic and sword and ax.

    Elvenar is an other browser game created by InnoGames, who created such games as the Tribal Wars, Grepolis or Forge of Empires. "An other browser game", yet not worse than the others and the creators are doing everything to convince us about it at every turn. Unlike in the other games of this team, in Elvenar, we have to choose a race we want to play as ruler of. Our goal is the expansion - to develop our settlement from a little village to a mighty city.

    If the titles which were mentioned earlier have caught your attention, then you have to play Elvenar now!

    You have to create a new account by the "Play for free" button in order to receive Soul Gems! Turn off your AdBlock if you can't reach a website!

    The task for Elvenar

    Play and Build a Steel Manufactory

    Reward for this task


    Newest players from Elvenar (in total 8273 users are playing)

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    16 august 2017 09:13

    Refused for no reason, this website is a scam. DO NOT USE THIS ****.

    16 august 2017 09:36

    I got refused instantly and I have now waited for verification half a day ://

    16 august 2017 20:47

    ( Waiting for verification 08/ 15 / 2017 )

    17 august 2017 03:16

    Refused FFS

    17 august 2017 04:22

    Refused Againnnnn.

    17 august 2017 22:37


    18 august 2017 21:41

    Steel Manufactory = Refused! Why??

    20 august 2017 20:56

    Good game...................................

    20 august 2017 21:24

    Steel Manufactory = Refused!

    23 august 2017 18:43



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