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    Dragon Ball Z Online

    (4.13/5) 198 rates

    About Dragon Ball Z Online

    "Dragon Ball Z Online" is a game based on the famous anime created by Akira Toriyama and a new approach to this universe as a free browser MMORPG.

    This time, we do not have to deal with a typical fighting game but a MMORPG in which the players have to create their own character, recruit their team and fight against characters known from the anime series. Gather your team and recruit characters that will help you during the matches, grow stronger as much as they do!

    Dragon Ball Z Online is not just about fighting, even though this is the core of this world. Besides that, we can also take part in a great variety of tests, complete dungeons and - of course, demonstrate our stength in intense PvP battles.

    Dragon Ball Z Online presents itself with good 2D graphics and charming, detailed sceneries such as the well-known martial arts arena. The original Japanese soundrack resounds through the integrality of our gameplay and creates tension during the matches. Meet your favorite female and male characters and join the wonderful world of Dragon Ball!

    45655 users are playing Dragon Ball Z Online

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    Opinions about Dragon Ball Z Online

    Good game.

    4 november 2017 08:55


    23 november 2017 22:16

    I luv dragon ball but i getted blocked .-.

    9 december 2017 14:34

    Okay game

    28 january 2018 15:00

    refused at Lvl 45

    29 november 2017 18:41

    News about Dragon Ball Z Online

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