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    8 Ball Pool - Review

    (Attention : The following review is NOT a plagiarised content and is an improvement of my previous article)

    There are plenty of pool / snooker games out there in the Play Store, that isn't surprising considering that quite few individuals relish playing pool from time to time. That being said, plenty of those games that are available are quite similar, we are gazing either 3D or 2D pool games which provide somewhat similar gameplay. Still, some games are higher executed than others. But 8 Ball Pool is the best among all.


    8 Ball Pool is the only Android game that I play now. I started to play this game when I was 11 years old and I still play it. I find this game very interesting and sometimes addictive. I highly recommend this game to especially those people who like sports but don't want to leave the comfort of there bedroom home. 

    So let's talk about the rules of the game. There are several rules in the game. Some of them are taken from real life and some of them are created by the developers to make the game a little interesting and hard. There are two modes in the game, 9 Ball pool mode and 8 Ball pool. Lets talk about the 8 Ball pool mode's rules first.

    Rules of 8 ball pool mode :-

    • You cannot pot the cue ball (white ball). If you do so, you will commit a foul and your opponent will get the ball in hand.

    • Once you have your balls chosen, a text will appear on the screen saying you whether you are stripes or solids. When it's your turn, you need to touch one of your balls first. If you fail to do so, you will commit a foul and your opponent will get the ball in hand.

    • While hitting your ball, you have to make sure that you make that ball touch the cushion at least once. If you do so, you will commit a foul and your opponent will get the ball in hand.

    • You cannot touch the 8 Ball (black ball) first before touchinh your balls. Again, If you do so, you will commit a foul and your opponent will get the ball in hand.

    • At last , you need to pot the 8 ball (black ball) without letting your cue ball fall in one of the pockets. Also you need to take care that if you pot the black ball before potting rest of your balls, you will lose the match. The same rule follows for you opponent too.

    Now there is a 9 ball pool mode. This mode also follows the same rule as written above but it has some minor changes. These changes are stated below.

    Rules of 9 ball pool mode :-

    • There are only 9 balls on the table instead of 15 balls.

    • You have to touch the lowest numbered ball first. You can win the game by potting balls one-by-one until it's 9 ball's turn. The lowest number ball will automatically start to blink.

    • If you pot the 9 ball after touching the lowest number ball, you will win the game. Yes, that's the twist in this mode. Looks quite easy but when your opponent does the same, it is really irritating.

    Now let's move on. Lets talk about what can we buy from the shops. We can buy different cues and chat packs from the shop which cost some coins or cash. The shop has everything except skills that you need to buy to improve your gameplay.

    There are also leaderboards in the game. Leaderboards are of two types , club leaderboards and player leaderboards. If you join a club you will see your club leaderboards which can give you great rewards if you finish up in the top 3. The player leaderboards also follow the same.

    You can also play this game with your friends by simply adding them in your friend list and challenging them.

    I personally really like this game and I will continue to play it a few more years.

    Thanks for reading.........

     ____  __.              __  .__ __     _______   ________    _____  
    |    |/ _|____ ________/  |_|__|  | __ \   _  \  \_____  \  /  |  | 
    |      < \__  \\_  __ \   __\  |  |/ / /  /_\  \  /  ____/ /   |  |_
    |    |  \ / __ \|  | \/|  | |  |    <  \  \_/   \/       \/    ^   /
    |____|__ (____  /__|   |__| |__|__|_ \  \_____  /\_______ \____   | 
            \/    \/                    \/        \/         \/    |__| 

    17 march 2019 08:27 1625

    8 pool is a cool game to play when you get bored waiting somewhere by just taking out youre phone

    27 april 2019 20:47 1625

    Good job! It's a very good article! :)

    2 june 2019 14:05 1625

    I've been playing it for 5 years, very accurate review.
    Thumbs up!

    30 june 2019 13:39 1625

    why every comment has so many thumbs down i dont understand

    30 june 2019 19:27 1625

    Yeah, I'm also curious about those people who thumbs down? is this for soul gems for reporting them as spam? how sad was that.

    1 july 2019 03:03 1625

    @meep26 @mikedee1295 (Yes i know tagging doesn't work)
    Im guessing they are getting thumbs down cuz you can't see the user who gives the thumbs downs.
    Also im pretty sure they report every single comment they see.

    (Give this comment a few hours and it will be reported as spam and have a lot of thumbs down, I can already see it)

    1 july 2019 06:45 1625

    Its good Guide-article and now ik what to do in this game

    1 july 2019 10:32 1625

    one of the mobile games worth to spend your time

    11 july 2019 10:11 1625

    i play it a lot and its so crazy to play..

    13 july 2019 14:24 1625

    so so cool

    13 july 2019 14:25 1625

    very cool my friend

    13 july 2019 15:50 1625

    thanks for the review bro

    14 july 2019 02:52 1625

    Hi i am reading

    14 july 2019 10:39 1625

    nice one bro

    14 july 2019 15:29 1625

    wow good!!! I dont know

    24 july 2019 12:24 1625

    good game!!! I want

    24 july 2019 12:35 1625

    Lol review on 90s game oof

    25 july 2019 05:14 1625

    Nice game

    25 july 2019 20:57 1625


    26 july 2019 00:04 1625

    thanks a lot

    26 july 2019 00:53 1625

    niceeeee bro

    6 october 2019 12:27 1625

    this is verry good game

    24 october 2019 13:03 1625

    chest are not scam I have watched a lot of comrades open chest's if you don't like my writing in English it is not strange to me because I am from Serbia so I do not know English very well.

    24 october 2019 13:15 1625

    roob in blox me

    24 october 2019 14:26 1625

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