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    Do you think roblox is worth playing??

    I think when i was more of a kid it was more fun but now since im older i dont think its worth the time

    23 january 2024 23:27 2173

    yea i play it all the time

    24 january 2024 18:28 2173

    yes for sure !

    7 march 2024 16:41 2173

    Considering you're a Poppy Playtime fan, i assume so, since you have low attention spans.. So, yeah, Im just tryna get steam codes here, so go for it! Ya buffoon!-

    12 march 2024 12:17 2173

    depends of what you think about the platform, you can like it or dislike it but I personally liked it because of the good games that I can find like combat initiation, item asylum.

    16 march 2024 14:17 2173

    No roblox is a perfect game for children

    1 june 2024 19:06 2173

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