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    Agar.io - All you need to know.

    Introduction: Hello everyone at Gamehag! Today, I will be showing you another Io game because you loved the previous one about Slither.io so much! So, what is Agar.io? Well, it is a multiplayer game released on the 28 April 2015 and it has been popular ever since. What are you waiting for? Read this article to know more about it! As usual, I would love to receive any creative comments and ideas from you! Don't hesitate and write it down on the comment section! Thank you!


    Note: This is not plagiarism or spam. (Pls accept this article, spent hours doing it) This article is written by me and it has been rejected. (this is a reupload) Thank you.

    Short Summary:

    Agar.io is a cross player (Multiplayer) platform where players can play as a cell (avatar). In this game, we get to challenge each other by growing in size through eating colourful pellets just like Slither.io! This game is available across all platforms like iOS, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux and even Classic Mac OS! You get to win by eating the pellets or kill other players. This will give you more food points to grow in size. There is also a leader board where the hugest player is displayed. Of course, you want to be on the leader board and that's what this article is going to tell you! Read further for more exciting tips and tricks on Agar.io and became the best player on this platform!

    Agar.io overall gameplay should look like.

    More Information:

    Agar.io isn't an average kind of game you usually play at home. But, it is completely different from Minecraft or Slither.io. The way the game is designed for all ages from young to old. Despite the similarity from Slither.io, it is unique in different ways. For example, Agar.io have no bots and all of the players are real and that's what makes it such a decent and fun game to play with when you are bored. (especially now) There are many things to talk about in this game so buckle up and let's dive into it!


    The first thing to take note of is how do you play this awesome game? First, you will have to create a username like Mike or XxHappyxX (whatever you choose) Then if you have been playing it for a long time and earning coins or buy them. You will get customer skins like Dodge or the steam logo. When playing this game, you will require to move your cell with your mouse cursor hover over the direction you want to go and it will just follow where you point at. You will begin the game as a small cell and grow gradually by eating the attractive and colourful pellets just like Slither.io. As you get bigger, you will realise that many other cells are smaller than you. Well, in that case, you will be able to move right towards them and just like that! You kill the player and get bigger! But, don't get too excited, you must take note of those nasty big ones as all your hard work will be wasted if they decided to end you.

    Stay away from those big ones!

    From the picture below, you will notice those attractive green spiky balls. These are the one that will help you split your cells into many groups. This helps you to get more food points (additional 100 points when consumed) as this would increase the intake of the pellets due to the exposed are your cells have. However, do not make this risky move if your still a small cell as this would end up in a disaster.  What disaster you may ask? Well, your cells will be eaten and your game is over! Here is how a splitting looks like in the picture below as you can see if the cell hits the spiky green ball, it splits and it gains 100 size points!

    Agar.io Survival Guide: Tips & Tricks For Ball Enlargement | Agar.io
    Splitting by green spikes.

    There are also many strategies to become the top of the leader board and here are some tips and tricks to help you!


    Tips and Tricks:

    • Be quick and Careful: Start moving in the server! Don't move in a straight line as big fellas will catch you easily! Watch out on where you are going and be careful! Nobody can catch you if you are smaller than them SO RUN!
    • Eat as many pellets as possible: You will have to eat many pellets to grow in size and not rely on just eating others when you are just enough to consume staters. Just like what mommy says: " Always eat more to stand up to bullies!" (just a pun) Do not be a prey of others by mistake!
    • Do not split: You may tend to split yourself but stop your itchy fingers! Not at this early stage! Be patient, focus on growing your cell first before advancing to the next.


    However, the fun doesn't stop here! There are customisable skins too! It varies from memes to even planets and countries too but it requires some work to earn the points needed to purchase one cool skin! Check out the many varieties of skins below!

    Amazing skins to check out!


    Overall, Agar.io is decent and fun gameplay. If you think you want to be known to the world, I suggest you give it a shot and see how do you like it. Maybe you are just tired of browser games due to their instability and start playing on steam? (Yes, the Steam version is coming soon why not check it out now?) Just like Slither.io, Agar.io will bring you closer to your family through gaming and having fun together. So what are you waiting for? Become the top on the leaderboard today! Compete with your family and friends! Remember to stay safe! See you till the next article! :D

    A note from me: Hello. I am sorry that this took me so long to write this article for you. I have encountered the same problems with my article from bad grammar, rejection and some other problems. (happened multiple times >﹏<) I am so careless and I am sorry that I have released this article late. Thank you so much for understanding. :)

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    nice work man this has to take alot of time

    19 august 2020 13:36 1625

    Agario my best game before yeh

    19 august 2020 13:53 1625

    I like this game

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    Şike this game nice

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    Thanks bro.
    This is actually helpful.

    19 august 2020 23:34 1625

    I always split, it helps me gather more dots to gro bigger. Except i harte those slimes.

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    nice article thank you so much for your work

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    I like this game

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    oyun müq

    2 october 2020 18:52 1625

    how old is agario?

    2 october 2020 18:55 1625

    tihs game is good but not that I always rage quit on it when I play

    8 october 2020 10:26 1625

    this game is very beautiful with friend ...

    9 october 2020 01:23 1625

    hi am new in here

    9 october 2020 01:43 1625

    я помню я играл

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    Good internet game

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