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    How toxic is the game?

    I mean i never played with this and probably i never will because how it looks and from what i heard this game is easily bout 10 year old kids who are addicted to this, and when i say addicted i mean it- they asking for V-Bucks doing cringy fortnite dances in schools and so on, so overall this game looks like a cringe bomb for me, is it true?

    8 january 2021 23:34 2830

    Personally, I believe the community is very split. The community is mainly very nice and supportive, but there are the few people that are toxic.

    12 january 2021 19:20 2830

    Forntite is a good game .

    13 january 2021 09:11 2830

    100% toxic dont listen to ppl there kids they like fortnight smh

    13 january 2021 09:20 2830

    In my opinion the game has a very diverse community. I would say that around 5% of that community is that cringefest and 20% toxic and 50% are all out no lives playing the game trying to get good. The last 25% are people that play the game for fun.

    14 january 2021 13:10 2830

    Fortnote time

    14 january 2021 13:11 2830

    what is the game you are talking about

    14 january 2021 17:35 2830

    if u get into vc ingame u will commit bad brain movement, but trolling them is a key to anti-toxic them

    24 january 2021 10:02 2830

    I😁 don't really know how toxic it is but come on it is just kids playing so It won't be to good

    24 january 2021 15:16 2830

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