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    So, when I signed first signed up for Neverwinter through gamehag's link, I never received a 'confirmation' email. My initial screenshot was rejected with the reason of my not having a 'new' account with arc or neverwinter or whatever.

    Just recently, though, I discovered that in the arc desktop client, if you open notifications, you will find one that asks you if you want to send a confirmation email. So, to those who are wonder why they haven't received such an email, it's probably because it's not automatic.

    I uploaded a new screenshot for gamehag and hopefully I won't get rejected this time :D

    EDIT: That seems to have done it. My task was accepted. If anyone is facing a similar rejection and hasn't seen any sign of a confirmation email, check the arc software client.

    19 july 2019 11:53 2148

    wait does it have to be in wondow mode or can it be a fullscreen screenshot?

    23 july 2019 06:41 2148

    I've always uploaded fullscreen. I use the windows 10 Snip app.

    23 july 2019 23:31 2148

    Wow, nice game ,realy

    24 july 2019 09:16 2148


    26 july 2019 13:27 2148

    теперь стало все ясно спасибо

    27 july 2019 19:30 2148


    27 july 2019 19:40 2148

    I can understand the downvotes on one of those replies...but why are the Russian replies downvoted?

    28 july 2019 05:35 2148

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