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    (4.2/5) 137 rates
    Senhs, 13 april 2017 00:54

    War Thunder - Game Review

    A Short / Medium game review of War Thunder, A near accurate - military flight / tank simulator.

    What Is War Thunder?

    War thunder is a military simulation that simulates both flying and driving. You can play as either an attack plane or a ground tank, the game
    is mostly focused around the flying however. You fly around shooting at enemy pilots until they are killed or they retreat, alternatively you can
    play the game objective of destroying enemy bunkers full of artillery and destroying ground units advancing into ally terrority.

    Is The Flying / Driving Realistic?

    In the game, there are four different variations of controls.

    1) Mouse Aim
    -  This gives you complete control over the aircraft / vehicle by only using your mouse, if you move the mouse to   the right, your vehicle will move to the right, Vice Versa.

    2) Simplified
    -  This mode provides you with a virtual instructor to help control of the aircraft in the air. Unlike mouse aiming mode however, it allows you to assign the controls to any device. Meaning, you set the controls to whatever you want / feel comfortable with.

    3) Realistic Controls
    -  You are able to assign the controls as you wish, but you are not given a virtual instructor to help you with the controls, there are more mechanics to your vehicle that you may also add into your controls. (being able to use more mechanisms built into the vehicle.

    4) Full-Real Controls
    -  You are able to control every little mechanism of the vehicle with no help at all. These mechanisms range from : The flaps of your plane ;  the trim tab ; the propellar pitch and many more. You are not given a virtual instructor so you must learn the controls yourself (This is recommended for advanced players only).

    Is It Easy To Learn?

    The basics of the game are very easy to learn, these being, controlling your vehicle and fighting enemys. These are the main things you need to learn in the game in order to play.
    It is very easy to learn these as the In-Game tutorial covers both of these and some extra tips aswell. This means that it is easy to play the game no-matter how experienced that you are at video games, whether you are good or bad!

    Is It Pay To Win?

    Alike most free to play games, there are micro-transactions, but in War Thunder it doesn't make as much of a difference than a player who does not spend money on the game. The main reason people purchase gold (The Premium Currency) Is to speed up upgrading proccess and purchasing new planes.
    However, if you are to play the game for a little bit longer than a player that purchases gold, you will still be able to get all  these upgrades and planes for youself !
    So be happy that it isn't pay to win and enjoy the game without having to worry about "Premium players"

    Is The Combat System Good?

    The combat system is a fast pace shooter, whether you are the one tailing another enemy aircraft, or yourself being tailed. There is always a way to turn the fight into the other persons favour, such as slowing down your vehicle down so the enemy goes infront of you, or by using dodging techniques until your teammates come to aid. In other words, the person who engages in a fight is not always likely to win.

    Additionaly, when firing a bullet projectile, it may have to be fired slightly infront or above the enemy (due to bullet speed and bullet drop) this is what adds to the realism of the game making it fun and enjoyable.

    What Different Types Of Vehicles Are There?

    When choosing an aircraft, you may choose between 3 varieties of aircraft. (Small / Medium / Large)
    The small aircraft is usually fast and can deal small - medium amounts of damage.
    The medium aircraft has a slightly slower speed but can deal alot of damage to other aircrafts.
    Lastly, the Large aircraft is very slow / hard to manoeuvre but can take a beating and deal a very large amount of damage.

    There are seven different nations to choose from when deciding what vehicle to choose from.

    Great Britain

    Each nation focuses on a certain type of aircraft.

    Is It Worth The Wait Of Downloading It?

    In my opinion, Yes. It is, for a free to play game of such high standard you would be lucky to find a game as good as War Thunder that you have to pay for.
    The options to play realisticly or easily, makes it accessable for both new players and advanced players. And if you like mixing it up a little bit, you don't always have to be in an aircraft,
    You can play as a ground unit aswell!

    I hope you enjoyed the guide and has encouraged you to give War Thunder a go!

    I'll see you on the battlefield.

    Rate this article War Thunder - Game Review

    (4.2/5) 137 rates


    this is a very well-written article. I also like this game

    14 october 2021 18:17

    I'm going to download this later im going to do homework

    11 january 2022 07:19

    This game is legend this game I should definitely play again I thought this game is great mega irradiated legend game do it uncle

    20 july 2020 07:45

    However, if you are to play the game for a little bit longer than a player that purchases gold, you will still be able to get all these upgrades and planes for youself

    27 september 2019 03:10

    A game review about War Thunder.

    6 january 2022 17:43

    This game is cool and all but the soviet bias takes away the fun of the game (russian vehicles do more damage). if they changed that i'd return to this game.

    23 july 2020 20:24

    good game like it a lote

    2 february 2020 16:01

    This is a pretty good review. It has all the answers i needed Thanks Oh and yourwriting is pretty goooodd

    9 march 2020 05:19

    Very good all around article about war thunder! Very nice!

    19 january 2022 13:42

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I hope that this article is gonna help me with completing the tasks easier.

    20 february 2020 11:56