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    Ccds47, 10 july 2018 09:01


    NOTE: Before I begin, I must clarify that this is all my opinion and, in no way, is meant to offend anyone, if you disagree with some of my opinions, that is fine, but please do consider that this article is just how I see Roblox.

    Roblox is a online game where people, mostly kids, can play and socialize together, create games, or just have fun.
    Roblox, however, is mostly for children and as such, most of the developers of the games on Roblox don't dedicate as much time into their work as it isn't necessary; children don't care as much as we do about quality of games and coding, a vast majority of Roblox games are either tycoon games or obstacle games.

    Roblox should also work more on their parental settings, maybe having an application that allows parents to view what their child is playing, I say this because it is unsafe to let your child on online games without the proper supervision or without knowing what they are doing; I have a little brother who very much enjoys Roblox but constantly friends random people allowing them to talk to him and always plays games that frighten him, all of this his mother does not want, so it's my job to monitor him every few minutes while he plays Roblox, Roblox should either allow these games on their website but only if the child is a certain age and if they have parent consent, or just remove horror games and other inappropriate games altogether. In my personal opinion, the Roblox team is doing a lazy job in monitoring the content that gets uploaded unto Roblox.

    Although Roblox has a few problems, it can really help children with their imagination, as suggested by Roblox's slogan "Powering Imagination" and also get children into coding, this is great as coding can really open up many more good-paying, career paths for children, and not only that but it can also help with their self-esteem as they won't have to talk face-to-face, causing less awkwardness, in turn, helping their self-esteem and self-confidence grow, of course only if they are appropriate and old enough for online chat. Online chat is responsible for most of Roblox's problems with content for children as much older people can trick children into giving them personal information or credit card details, however, this usually does not happen thanks to Roblox's chat filtering system, at first you might think it's great that Roblox has a chat filtering system, and you would be correct, if you ignore the fact that Roblox filters anything that is even a little suspicious to the word "Apple" all the way to "Zodiac", Roblox filters any unusual words or names, but they also filter what looks like a generic password or long strings of number to prevent children giving away their parents Phone or Credit card Details, or even their house address. Roblox's online chat filtering can by bypassed though with a few simple tricks that most players in Roblox know about, for example the famous "music" trick where you type the word "music" right before your blocked word, and example of this is the following: "musichey" where the player is saying "hey"

    This was all for my article, please consider commenting and rating me on my article, this was my first one, therefore, I'm not really sure how I went.
    Thank you for reading.

    Rate this article Roblox

    (4.28/5) 129 rates

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    Please keep in mind that the offer is ONLY for the new users! Do whatever you want, wherever you want in Roblox, a free-to-play MMO social gaming platform, where the creativity makes the imagination come to real!In this game, it's up to the players to create their own, virtual worlds and games, as it is up to the players which g...


    Me encanta roblox me encanta y lo juego mucho les doy un comando para ponerlo en el chat de roblox: /e dance

    28 september 2021 20:57

    rbxp is another way to bypass number filters

    21 september 2021 11:45

    tbh i really like roblox

    17 july 2022 09:05

    Am I the only one who wins robux with this page? LOL

    2 may 2021 19:40

    Roblox like a minecraft

    26 july 2018 09:05

    I could say I play it every day + I am kinda pro in many games.

    7 april 2020 13:05

    i really like roblox

    29 april 2020 07:50

    i always like roblox that game is perfect but. rthro sucks

    20 december 2019 02:23

    roblox,minecraft or gta 5 online

    27 august 2019 13:18

    every day i play ROBLOX to rich in other game and i chat all my friend to join me :)

    27 september 2019 08:15