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    (4.41/5) 94 rates
    TheRealBreezeHD, 12 june 2017 01:32

    Gamehag.com Review

    This is my first article, and what else could be more appropriate to start on than the site itself!
    Throughout this article I will be discussing not just my thoughts but other peoples thoughts regarding the site of gamehag.com.

    Games (Tasks):
    Most tasks are accessible and provide fair rewards based on the play time needed to fufil the criteria of the task.
    - Almost all of the games are fun and addictive, I sometimes lose myself in time whilst playing these games to earn soul gems.
    - A plethora of genres for every gamer - this allows for any type of gamer to enjoy the reasonably large catalogue of tasks available.

    - Some tasks can be unfairly refused leading to confusion and overall displeasure.
    - Tasks can mysteriously change criteria (An example of this is the Hunter X task jumping from level 25 to level 30)
    - Not enough tasks...

    - Allows users with a low amount of soul gems attempt for a desired prize.
    - Great concept in itself, this can go far.

    - Some contests will take ages to fill up, due to unwanted rewards, too big contest audience needed to begin etc.
    - Issues are occuring at the moment only reward is a paysafe card??

    - Very easy way to earn soul gems, as some only require you to download the app and you're done!
    - More accessible towards the site audience, as it encourages the use of smartphone compatibility along with the app.
    - Lots of contracts exist allowing users to stack up lots of soul gems.

    - The referal site is sometimes down.. (As of now it is - 12/06/17)
    - Sometimes completing the contract does not work.?
    - You have to pay to complete some contracts.

    - Massive amount of rewards to pick from.
    - Users can browse for what they want to redeem; suggestions from users for rewards allows this section to have large potential.
    - Gives users the incentive to earn soul gems.

    - Random CS:GO skin qualities (WW etc), users should be able to redeem high quality skins if they want. (Will obviously be a higher soul gem cost)
    - Euros being the only currency? (In future add pounds, dollars etc)
    - Some rewards are listed as unavailable

    - Potential is there for the future.

    - Everything else (literally).

    Whilst talking to several people on the site they all spoke about two things... Ranking Issues and Customer Support (Misty) but I will get onto Misty later...
    The users described their struggles to climb up the rewards table as players such as 'marruioncu123' earned soul gems which were not counted?
    I also believe that this issue should be fixed if present and also weekly, monthly rewards should be introduced to intice users into completing tasks on the site on a regular basis.

    Misty (Customer Support):
    I myself have had issues regarding the customer support and so have the majority of those I spoke to, Misty the bot is simply unresponsive at times leaving users dumbfounded even though their questions are valid.
    The task acceptance system held by the site needs to be renewed, telling users exactly what was wrong with their proof so users can re-adjust and continue earning soul gems on the site.

    Some matinence needs to happen to fix these common errors, if all these errors are ammended I can see this site being heavily successful; however if these issues are not fixed users will become lost in the site not knowing what to do and end up leaving the site.
    Overall I see that this site has potential and the concept for it all is genius.

    Please leave site feedback below.
    Best regards,

    Rate this article Gamehag.com Review

    (4.41/5) 94 rates


    FIX leveling. I'm losing XP without any reason without any information

    23 july 2019 19:04

    nice site but please add more chances to win with those chest that is rigged. thanks

    18 september 2019 17:50

    Something needs to be done about this whole thing about losing levels. I think people are just spamming report on random things.

    12 january 2021 15:39

    one of the best sites that actually can earn me a tons of cash!

    26 july 2019 08:43

    gamehag is good but they just ban me to much

    1 june 2020 14:12

    Gamehag is amazing i got a cd code and actually got the game wow gamehag is incredible!

    9 may 2020 17:32

    Gamehag doesn't give me my rewards, even when I do what the ask. They need better mini games and the offers aren't fair, we work our butts off to get sg just to get 1 robuck? lol

    7 october 2020 04:24

    this is so cool keep up the good work

    18 january 2021 23:14

    this is a good platform to general virtual currencies and game key

    19 march 2020 14:17

    This is amazing. I am here for levels so I can cash-out but it really is a good web!

    19 march 2020 17:40