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    (4.47/5) 51 rates
    s1na, 14 june 2017 19:23

    Best games from 2000s (2000-2009)

    An article about the best games from the last decade (2000-2009)

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)
    Probably the most iconic game from our childhood. This is an open-world TPS action game from Rockstar. Since it was released back in 2004 that graphics aren't fascinating however the story is phenomenal! I remember playing this game for hours because I was so curios what was going to happen next. There are many references and memes from GTA SA that have stayed alive even to this day! GTA SA is also the best selling game for PlayStation 2 (17+ million copies sold)!

    Half-Life 2 (2004)
    HL2 is a FPS made by Valve. It is the sequel of Half Life 1 which was released in 1998. Just like the GTA SA it features a great story. You will get addicted to this game! You play as Gordon Freeman who is finds himself awake in a world taken by aliens. You fight those aliens using variety of weapons including the infamous object-manipulating "Gravity Gun". HL2 is the 9th best selling PC game of all time (9.5+ million copies sold)!

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)
    COD 4 MW was published by Activision back in 2007. It's an FPS about the war in Middle East and Russia and the story takes place in 2011. There is also a multiplayer game mode available and it features many cool game modes you can try. COD 4 MW was very well graded by critics! The remastered version of COD 4 MW was released in November 2016 and it's called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

    Portal (2007)
    A simple but very interesting game about, well, Portals! It was released in 2007 by Valve. The main focus of this game is to get from one place to another using portals. The obstacles at the begging are easy but they will get harder as you progress the game. There is no multiplayer mode available but the game really offers a lot of fun!

    Rate this article Best games from 2000s (2000-2009)

    (4.47/5) 51 rates


    bu oyu çok güzel tavsiye ederim

    4 july 2020 14:11

    Resident Evil 4 is another good game released on 2005.

    12 january 2019 14:03

    A short article but not a bad one. Could use some extra content like an introduction or opening statement and a conclusion. Plus some pictures or screenshots of the game would make the article look better overall.

    14 july 2020 18:15

    You left out Mafia 1, that was also a great pc game lol

    18 july 2021 17:36

    to many good game we have but you just play these games

    1 june 2020 14:10

    You have a super smash bros pic, but the game isn't on the list. I'm confused.

    24 november 2019 00:58

    Portal is one of a kind, it inspired many games.

    25 january 2020 07:22

    Short but good article...💫🤔

    27 october 2021 14:45

    Pretty short list but those four are definitely among the best of the decade

    17 march 2020 23:58

    all games form 2000s is so awesome and i miss it! :(

    16 october 2019 16:07