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    (4.45/5) 78 rates
    BexDaBex, 27 may 2018 20:29

    Soul Calibur - Leveling

    Just a quick memo on how leveling appears to work in this game! This won't be a very long article at all. I'll just be simply stating how difficult late game grinding is and how easy it is as soon as you start.

    In Soul Calibur, you gain experience points by travelling around several different areas and completeing quests, fighting both enemies and bosses alike or participating in public events. The leveling system is easy to follow and it gets more difficult to level as you get further on. In my opinion, the leveling system is quite bad and could be improved upon. It gets extremely difficult to level up way too fast. You won't even know what to do and where to go still and suddenly you stop levelling up every 2 minutes or so. Woah, what a bad thing.

    Near the beginning, levelling up will be extremely simple. You go around, complete some quests or kill some monsters and boom, you level up, For the first 50 levels or so, this is the case. You can easily just leave auto-route on and you'll go complete quests whilst you're away from your computer. You could write an article about how awful this game is whilst you leave the game playing, like I am right now. I just need gems. Just leave auto-route or auto-battle on and go elsewhere. You'll level up decently fast from level 1 to around 53. Levels 54 and onwards won't be all too hard, but they will take a decent amount of time to grind up to. It's level 60 and beyond where everything basically goes to hell.

    Now, levels 54 and onwards are where it gets more difficult. You need much, much more experience points to level up. It gets to the point where simple quests and killing enemies won't do. Public events, such as Blood Bath, are required. From these events, much more experience is able to be gained due to the experience multipliers set during the event. You can also collect quite nice loot during the events from defeating difficult bosses that have 5 separate health bars - all of which have to be completely emptied until he dies. Seriously. Then they drop loads of chests scattered throughout the arena and it's a hard fight to see who gets what from whichever chest. Though do be warned. These events aren't easy, even at level 60. After the boss(es) dies, you are pitted against all of the other players in the arena in a fight-to-the-death. Lose and you gain no more loot and have to wait another 11-12 hours for the next event. Win and you'll get something amazing. What will you win? I don't know. I haven't won one of these events yet.

    Hope this somewhat helps someone somewhere trying to complete the 3 tasks on this website for soul gems. I seriously need more than 2500 characters for this... Please just get this posted, honestly. I need the gems.

    Rate this article Soul Calibur - Leveling

    (4.45/5) 78 rates

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    27 november 2019 07:13

    very cool and im seriously playing this game because i wanna have more learning

    26 november 2019 00:19

    i love this real game because it gaves me strong every day

    26 november 2019 00:18

    As someone who loves the Tekken and SoulCalibur games, I was happy to find I could be rewarded for playing. This article is particularly helpful so I can achieve my task!

    24 october 2019 01:12

    its bad that i dont level up in 2 min? what do u want to finish the game in 10min and be done with? ofc its gonna get harder so you can keep playing if you like the game you will keep playing and the hard leveling is gonna be keeping you from having nothing to do and stop playing anymore if that makes sense its harder so u can play longer and not just a day or two

    13 june 2019 07:09

    What game I dont No

    13 september 2019 20:03

    and one more thing is hard to level up cuz they want you to pay for that thats how they get their money make game harder so you can pay for that its basically p2w

    25 march 2019 14:00

    im level 56 and its so freaking hard to go 80

    9 april 2019 17:47

    this article is not bad

    15 march 2019 19:03

    I love these heroic games.One of my favorite games.Adventure game made very good.

    21 march 2019 17:05