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    AnimationPr0, 10 july 2020 16:42

    Slither.io - Basics

    Introduction: Hello everyone at Gamehag! I'm back with another article on io games. Today, my article is about Slither.io. This is one of the most popular game in 2016-2020 and you're right even in 2020 everyone is playing this game that is fun and simple too. This is my first article on Gamehag and you're free to leave any feedback (both positive and negative) on my first article. Please do so I will know what to improve on next time for the community. Therefore, let's jump right into Slither.io! :)

    Note: This article is not plagiarism or spam. All of the information below has been verified and confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.

    What is Slither.io:

    Short Summary:
    Slither.io is a free multiplayer browser/mobile game (Phones, Ipads, Tablets) where players can grow their Worm into variety of sizes and be the top on the leader board. Therefore, we can have fun with family or friends as we compared who have the biggest worm of us all!

    Slither.io homepage.


    Slither.io isn't the average multiplayer game you've ever played such as Fruit Snake and Hole.io (ew, who still play these kinds of games?) In fact, Slither.io is very unique compared to other .io games on the internet. We get to control our avatar which resembles a worm. The objective of the game is to eat the colourful spheres on the map.(shown in the picture above) However, this game is never simple! You have to avoid hitting your worm's head into the other opponents. What will happen if you did that? Well, that's simple, your avatar will die and you will have to restart the game all over again. If you are competing with your friends, you will have to keep track of your worm's size on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen or when you die, your overall size will be shown on the home screen. (further details below) The game is basically based on skills and your luck with the game, the better skills you have in gaming, the better chances of winning the game.

    Further Information:

    When you have killed an opponent in the game, the same multicoloured spheres will appear. But, these coloured Spheres are different from the ones spawned randomly on the map. They tend to be brighter in colour and much bigger. But the fun doesn't stop there, they also have the colour depending on the skin of your opponent. If for example, your opponent's worm is in green and white in colour, the colour spheres dropped would be green and white in colour. 

    Colourful spheres shown in picture above after an opponent has been killed.


    There are many different skills you need to learn when you are playing Slither.io.
    • The first skill is called "speed and kill". This requires the opponent to speed by pressing the mouse (double-tapping for mobile). By speeding, you can catch the opponent off-guard. This gives you the opportunity to speed in front of the opponent and kill it with your body. (Always remember to keep your head protected!)

            How a Speed kill looks like.
    • The next Skill is called "circling". It is the bread and butter in preying on little worms. Basically, you trapped your smaller sized opponent into a circle with your worm's body. As the never-ending death circle is closing in, the opponent will have no choice but to die no matter what. This will give you more food (colour spheres) to grow your worm's size.
    • Keep near to big worms. By staying near to them, you get the opportunity to kill them whenever you can. Big worms give out more and bigger colour spheres for you to eat. This allows you to grow in size faster and top on the leader board!
    • If you have topped on the leader board or almost, be aware of those nasty little snake waiting like a tiger trying to kill an elephant. In fact, at any opportunities, they will swoop right under your nose and will kill you instantly. (never attempt to kill those little snakes especially.
    • The next skill is to always check the map on-screen at the bottom-left hand corner. If the map area is grey, this means that it is densely populated with other worms, while the darker areas are less populated with players. This information is useful as it helps you know when you should be at the populated area when you just started and when to be at the less populated area when you are a big worm.


    Like I said before that Slither.io is a unique game, but that doesn't stop the fun of designing your own character. There are many skins available for your character in Slither.io. It varies from different colours like red, green, yellow e.t.c. Besides these colours, there are also characters to choose from famous Youtubers like PewDiePie, Jelly, and Jacksepticeye. 


    Slither.io is a really great game to play with your family and friends if you think that this is your cup of tea, then I suggest giving it a try! Maybe Slither.io will have a better update in the future? Who knows? Maybe your bored and the next day, you're playing it on your phone! It is also a stress-relieving game. Therefore, I really recommend this game to everyone and that is why I have put in so much effort in order to show the positivity of Silther.io. Have fun with your family and friends and stay safe!

    Overall how Slither.io gameplay should look like. 

    Note: Like I said earlier, this is my first article on Gamehag and if there are things that I can improve on, please give me feedback in the comment section! Who knows? I might be playing Slither.io with people like you one day! So until I see you next time, have a great and pleasant day!

    Rate this article Slither.io - Basics

    (4.44/5) 274 rates


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    هَلَّ هِلَاَلُكَ يا رَمَضَانيا رَمَضَانِ يا رَمَضَان

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    good article

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