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    (4.55/5) 86 rates
    Luckzy, 9 august 2019 11:32

    Minecraft Java Edition vs Minecraft Win 10

    There is a difference ladies and gentlemen.

    Gamehag.com has them both, so if you want you can experiment if you've got the gems!
    *or I'm just trying to save your gems, so you don't buy the wrong one*

    There is a difference ladies and gentlemen! 


    Gamehag has both of them fortunately, and if you want you can order them both and experiment further. The windows 10 edition is basically the Minecraft pocket version sensually, so the graphics are the same but not. It's easier to run. But has less: mods, resource packs and just in general. Minecraft Java Edition has been developed for more than 10 years, with the community and Mojang, making more and more updates on it. I believe that Minecraft Java's Edition has an update that goes up to 1.14.4! Which includes more animals, more pets and I believe more DLCs, newer blocks.
    Where as the Win 10 Edition, their latest update their version goes up to 1.1.5. Since it's been released in July the 29th of 2015.
    If you need a video to prove to you (NOT MY VIDEO): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hkyPhJiGrw
    Pros and Cons of the both

    The Pros of having the Win 10 Edition:

    • Easier to run
    • Costs less.
    The Cons of having the Win 10 Edition:
    • Less developed, (less blocks, mods, resource packs and even servers)
    • Can't play with Java Edition players.
    • The shaders, they're not that developed compared to the Java Edition.
    The Pros of having the Java Edition:

    • This version is more developed.
    • Shaders are top tier beautiful.
    • Can play with Java players, and have fun servers with great mods.
    • Can mod your game out of servers.
    • Have more blocks to use.
    • Updates are more frequent.
    • Is actually the Minecraft everyone is meaning to talks about.
    Which one should you buy?

    I believe, if you want to get the most out of your game. The most out of your crafting, mining. Adventure, if you'd like. You should get the Java Edition!
    And this is why.
    There are less blocks, and there are newer blocks on the Java edition, so if you want that sweet mansion looking fantastic, amazing, beautiful. I'd recommend the Java edition, also also.. 
    If you have a friend that plays Minecraft you most likely won't be able to play with him if you have the Win 10 Edition, because she/he most likely has the Java Edition. And unless he does too, then you've wasted your money and it's disappointing. Therefore, I recommend buying the Java Edition, as there are more players and as this edition is more developed: by both community, and Mojang. There are more blocks on Java Edition, more to craft like the shields, you can carry a torch in your other hand or anything else while still holding that Diamond Sword to protect yourself. 


    Minecraft Win 10 Edition is basically the app you download on your phone, where as Java Edition is actually supposed to be for your computer. Is more developed and worth your money/gems. I've sadly bought the Windows 10 Edition, because I didn't know the difference. But one simple youtube search and I could tell the difference between the two, and so I thought it would be a great idea to help other on gamehag. That are grinding for their gems, and would hate to spend their gems on something that's not worth it. Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

    Rate this article Minecraft Java Edition vs Minecraft Win 10

    (4.55/5) 86 rates


    minecraft i like murder or bedwars is op game

    16 august 2019 09:05

    yo man its sooo nice i luv it..

    12 august 2019 23:25

    great article i will keep this in mind if i buy it

    11 august 2019 21:04

    Good artical, learn a lot from it!

    14 august 2019 07:18

    i like shadders pack minecraft and game play

    10 august 2019 18:38

    Nice article now i can play in window10

    11 august 2019 08:32

    thanks i was about buy win 10 edition

    10 august 2019 10:45

    nice one, i learned a lot from it :D

    11 august 2019 19:23

    Good artical, learn a lot from it!

    10 august 2019 15:16

    minecraft i like murder or bedwars is op game

    10 august 2019 18:18