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    Rate this article "Josh's Review [Terraria]"

    (4.62/5) 26 rates
    SquashedDerp, 1 january 2019 13:38

    Josh's Review [Terraria]

    Terraria is a 2D adventure sandbox video game developed by Re-Logic and Published by 505Games. Is currently released on Android, IOS, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and much more! The gameplay of Terraria features exploration, crafting, building, and combat with a variety of creatures in a procedurally generated 2D world. Terraria received a lot of positive reception upon release. It’s priced at around 5$ USD. But is it actually worth it? Many people may think so, others might not since it may not suit their style. Today I’m going to give you a little walkthrough to start off


    Mini Walkthrough.

    In Terraria you’ll start with the three essentials; A Pickaxe, Axe, and a sword. You’ll also start with an NPC whose name is randomly picked. Sometimes it’s Joe, maybe Keith, who knows Even Alexander. You gradually will get your experience up, and you can get Heart Crystals which raise your health and Crystal Stars which increase your mana. Those are useful. As a starting player, you should first make a house. After doing so, you should kill as many slimes as possible then craft as many torches as you can craft since you will need them when going down into a cave. When night strikes. Make a tunnel system going downwards, and then get some Lead ore, and Tungsten Ore. When you come back up craft a Tungsten Pickaxe (It requires 12 Tungsten Bars). Then head back down towards the mining hole. On your way down you might notice some Pots or Chests, you can loot as much of it as you can take. Just remember there might be some spooky traps there which can instantly kill you. When your back on the surface and it’s daytime consider getting wood. Since you’ll be needing as much as possible when crafting torches. To get gel you'll need to kill slimes. You can only find them during day time. They won't spawn during night.  Also when coming out of a cave/mining tunnel you’ll have a lot of dirt, put that to good use by exploring sky islands. They have lots of good stuff like the starfury if you’re in expert mode and bows and Special types of swords. Just keep an eye out for those pesky birds in the sky. You'll also find some chests or explosives when exploring caves. Those are really good you should loot them, also take the statues as they will come handy later on in the game after defeating the Skeletron boss. (Because you'll be able to spawn the corresponding enemy and make a farm out of them.)


    Now for the review part. The Music is outstanding, I personally love it, and I bought the soundtrack. I recommend using headphones to get the full experience out of it. The gameplay is super duper. It’s basically a sandbox game, although the sad part is there is no “official ending/ cutscene” Anyways, the game should run on almost any computer with around 4 Gigabytes of RAM or more. It doesn't require a powerful processor or a graphics card because the game is a small sandbox adventure based game. I also love the art style of it, since it fits my style of 2D and Retro / 8-Bit games. Anyways that was my little short review and walkthrough. Hope you liked it!

    Game Reviewed: https://store.steampowered.com/app/105600/Terraria/
    Game Website: Terraria.org

    Rate this article Josh's Review [Terraria]

    (4.62/5) 26 rates


    One of my favorite game

    17 january 2019 19:10